Willingness Comes When You Are Ready To Be Changed…

You may be able to talk yourself into trying many different things, but that alone isn’t enough to create a change. Willingness comes when you are ready to be changed because you learn why it must happen.

Without a list of reasons, you will remain resistant forever to believe that it’s possible to make a life transformation. It’s a process where you must endure a trial by you in order to see the errors of your old ways.

What exactly are the errors in your old ways? – Those are the old behaviors that cause more suffering to happen. They are the false beliefs that no longer serve your life’s purpose. Habits that you know aren’t good for you but are still there.

They are your attitudes that suggest you don’t really want to do anything differently because it will not be possible to become a different person.

When you set an intention to be different, it means you are making a decision to become better by doing things you know will improve your situation. 

When you become aware of your old behaviors, beliefs, habits, and attitudes which resist change, you will be able to convince yourself of doing things differently.

Ask yourself what change for you looks like so that you can create a narrative about what has to happen. (This is also known as a life story).

Does it mean you will go to sleep at a different hour, wake up with a list of things to get done, plan and prepare to investigate any of your needs that aren’t being met?

What will you feel as your doing the steps… Motivated, inspired, or complaining and making excuses? 

How uncomfortable will it make you to: 

  • start exercising, 
  • how about dressing differently, 
  • asking others for help, 
  • reading more, 
  • writing about yourself more, 
  • reflecting on your past experiences to dig down and find the root of your problems?

Have you felt a transformation before or seen somebody else go through the transformations themselves? 

Did they become a stranger to you or was it a welcomed feeling because you knew it was for the best?

Observe yourself when you tackle new tasks because you will notice how you try to resist things. To get to a point where you know what needs to happen means you must become capable of doing self-evaluations.

To develop a willingness to change means, you want more out of your life and when you are able to learn how to do it, you will be set forward to become it.

A problem that will come up is where you start to find resistance around every corner. So it’s essential that you figure out what you will choose when it does happen.

Willingness Is Your Desire To Live A Better Life!

You will want to live a better life because you understand that your purpose is to grow and develop your abilities. Along with that process, you also figure out where you have been so you can change directions and start moving in the right direction.

It’s all about the sacrifices that you must make in order to gain more than you currently have. What are you willing to give up in order to make yourself change into the complete version that will guide you toward happiness?

Think about yourself as a machine. You are allowed to customize any part of that machine which will make it unstoppable. But to do one area more than any other you must weaken it so that it’s not going to waste your allotted resources.

This is about your choices in life because you only have so much time to spend each day in order to master any skills. What you do with your time is clearly vital to how well you can perform.

Do you pick things that make you more comfortable and don’t actually help you make any progress or do you choose things that are difficult and certainly will make you feel less comfortable?

Ask yourself “what would I normally do at this time of day”? That way you will be able to understand what you can do instead of what you have gotten comfortable in doing.

Think in terms of “VS” So you will be choosing one vs the other.

When you can create a list of tasks for each day of the week, each week of the month, and each month of the year, you will be able to figure out your options to make sacrifices in doing things differently.

Here is an example: At 5 pm you can do two things – watch the news vs read about something important. Whichever you choose to do needs to be beneficial because of the best reasons.

For anything that doesn’t build you into a better version of yourself, you will need to think about why you are willing to do it. 

This will make your life less pleasant in the short term but will allow you to spend more time doing pleasurable things later in the long term.

Sacrifices are the keys to accomplishing more milestones…

A milestone is an important life event that you will be proud to share with others. This means that you would want people to notice that you have accomplished this amazing feat because you believe it’s essential to your life successes.

An example of a milestone is at sixteen you got your driver’s license. That meant you could legally use the car that you saved up to buy. 

You are proud because this gave you a new amount of freedom to explore the world and to see things you used to only find online.

When I was 15 I had a job because I knew I had to pay to get my own car. My parents weren’t able to provide one for me. What they did offer me, was to match five hundred dollars to get a fixer-upper so that I just had to save up what I could to get one.

I was very proud to drive that car around because I worked hard to get the money for it, I also worked with my father and grandfather to do the bodywork which had to be done in order to remove the rust it had.

For me, that car was a two or three-part adventure because I made a lot of sacrifices in order to make it happen. Without those sacrifices, I would not have been able to drive until a much later date.

Needless to say, it’s about one thing vs another thing because I could have enjoyed the money I made on each payday, but instead waited for a longer period of time to enjoy the car.

I want you to think about what things you are willing to give up and which ones you believe are too difficult. This has to be done if you want to transform into a better version later in life.

Taking a course today and making a sacrifice each day to learn will benefit you because it will be valuable later. When you complete it, you make your money back and more since you apply what you have learned.

You also must understand certain limitations…

Just because you make a few sacrifices doesn’t guarantee that you will earn your money back. It also doesn’t suggest that when you suffer more that it will always be worth it.

That is why you absolutely must be able to tell which things will lead to the best improvements. That will reduce your risk of making mistakes but not go so far as telling you not to allow for mistakes to happen.

Remember that life is simply just a series of choices that you get to make for yourself. When you choose the wrong thing it’s not all lost, you will be able to learn something valuable by making that wrong decision.

When you are able to start seeing things differently because you are more experienced, it will help you to remove the wrong things and pick from all the right things.

That is why willingness is important because you understand that eventually, you will do the right things. It’s just a matter of allowing for mistakes to teach you how to make things work out.

Once you have gone through all the changes you wish to have happened, you will become the best version that you can become. At this point, you will want to continue to reevaluate things every so often that way you are doing what is in your best interest.

Don’t be afraid to do things that other people are afraid to do, don’t be worried about things before they are allowed to happen, and don’t be held back by other people’s opinions because those things are just biased.

You will not know until you try things if it will be in your best interest to include it. So, willingness comes when you are ready to be changed.

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