Why This Chicken Crossed The Road

Have you ever wanted something badly but kept finding yourself stuck in one spot too afraid to take action? Or you are about to make a big decision but can’t quite talk yourself into it?

Why this chicken crossed the road is going to explain things for you in a way that changes your complete outlook. For you to first understand purpose and desire, you must take a brief walk with me to know why things are difficult.

Here are some key things to keep in mind:

  • Desire doesn’t mean a damn thing when you doubt your own abilities!
  • Passion can be misunderstood because it changes all the time.
  • A life purpose can and will start with one thing and go in many different directions.
  • Attitude (mindset, belief, or mood) is the way you feel when you wake up and is essential to control if you want to make true progress.
  • Above all else, you need to care about yourself in order to believe that you can do anything you set your mind on.

What is it you really want to accomplish? This is where you place a SMART Goal so you can get to work on changing things.

A Chicken Crossed The Road

A chicken is another way to say coward

When you secretly think about yourself have you ever questioned whether or not you are brave enough? For some reason it’s quite common in people who like to settle for things or who don’t feel deserving enough to have a better life.

I have learned a tremendous amount about myself over the last year or two years. One thing that happened was I became aware that I believed I was a coward when I was really just a reluctant (over cautios) person to try new things out.

Why does this information matter to you? 

First, when you believe the wrong things to be true, you will also make the same silly mistakes over and over again unconsciously. 

Think about how you behave in certain situations and whether or not you allow yourself to get more confident or prevent yourself from it.

Chances are very high that you have scenarios that remind you of how poorly you have done in the past. Those come to your mind automatically everytime a similiar situation arises.

Time after time, you fail to do anything about it so it’s going to repeat that way for eternity. Unfortuanetely for you there is nothing you can do about it for as long as you don’t take the time to acknowledge it happening.

Keep something around so you can write down your thoughts often. This needs to become a habit because it will also help you to identify the different moods you experience throughout the day.

Moods and emotions go hand in hand since you first have to feel a specific emotion before it impacts your attitude and your behaviors.

When I feel unsure about myself I picture a chicken running around with my head on it. That translates into me doing things that gets my attention focused on what it is I want to have happen. 

In other words, I realize that there is no pressure on what ultimately happens. 

Those are merely outcomes. 

The goal is to learn.

When I remind myself that I am always going to be a learner, I can remove a massive amount of pressure that I have misplaced on myself that ruins the way that I feel about who I actually am.

Master the role you have as a student

As soon as you can start to see yourself the true way, you will be able to make yourself feel a little bit better for each situation. That won’t solve the entire problem but it will alleviate a bunch of false beliefs you have about who you are meant to be.

What happens when you realize that your entire purpose on earth is to learn? 

A few things can change because you stop trying to act the way you think you’re supposed to be acting. That means you become less concerned with the way that other people perceive you and more at ease with it being okay to be unique.

I probably should have mentioned this sooner but I assume most of you know what a role is. It’s simply a set of behaviors that you display or that represent the character you want to portray.

Another way to say that is a role is what you come up with after you experiment by trying to obtain different outcomes. Now this is important because you will want to be in control of each character that you have learned from.

The first character you will want to understand is the one you play with most often. That of course is who you truly want to be but don’t always know exactly how to make it happen.

Basically you are learning as you go by taking things from every character you can play. When you have enough different types of personalities you will be able to focus yourself on the most exciting ones which enable you to be happy and fulfilled.

This may be quite confusing if this is the first time you are considering who you are. 

A Master Of Skill

Who you are can be broken down like this:

  • Skills you have and are confident about doing better then most other people
  • Beliefs that you learn to use so you can be the best version of yourself and acquire all the needs you have.
  • Values that are fundamental to you because you will not waiver in your pursuit of upholding them at all times.
  • Control that you have over your emotional reactions, responses, feelings, moods, attitudes, and behaviors.
  • Promises you make to yourself that you must keep in order to stay mentally healthy.
  • Morals that guide you in how you will treat yourself and others.

Now notice what isn’t listed under who you are such as your wants, dreams, possesions, occupations, roles, lies, and religions.

Think about how those six things work to shape the truth about the way you live your life and what you actually desire to have happen going forward with things.

Your Mission Is To Simply Live An Exciting Life

The alternative is to live a life that is boring and dull which will make you dislike yourself every chance you reflect on it. Many times you will find that when you experience any type of unhappiness, that you are not being true to your needs.

Let’s think about how harmful it is to play the role of a coward.

Is it exciting to chicken out from taking a chance to do something that will excite you?

How about is it in your best interest to wonder how much better or worse off you would be now if only you had done this or that?

The idea is to learn from the past so that we don’t have to look back on it in the future. Since it’s a part of the learning process it should be something that teaches you how to do things now to maximize your opportunities now.

Then you will be able to plan ahead for a future that leaves little to no doubt that you will want to wake up tomorrow so that you can get started moving closer to that ultimate vision you have for yourself.

Maybe you have been wondering why this chicken crossed the road? For me it was the best option to get to a place that I hadn’t been to before.

You can have many different answers and all of them will be just fine as long as you can become willing to cross the road.

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