Why Systems Help You With Strategies | (Part Three)

Once again we are back with a new part of the series about self-improvement systems. The key point to remember from last time is that you must understand what your strong desire is.

Without that piece you will not be able to learn why systems help you with strategies. For anyone who hasn’t read both earlier parts, take the time right now to backtrack and read them.

Today we are going to be moving forward with our strategy phase because you have things to do for progress to be made.

There is a key point we need to know about which are the interdependencies that are included when following a system. It simply means that when one thing increases (your abilities) something else is impacted (your ignorance).

But for a product this is seen like (product sales go up) while (competitors sales go down). Simple stuff right?

Why is this important? It’s going to help you know what happens with your audience because this inspires changes to be made.

What is the competition going to do when it’s sales go down? It is going to have to search for the reason which means you will likely be caught in the middle.

Things will come into your sight such as new advertisements and they are meant to distract you from your goals.

As a business owner, this is a very big deal because you will want to know what is happening at all times so you can be prepared for what can happen.

A moving part is simply a product inside a system that only gives you it’s best when it’s done as a team. This should also make sense because teams of people produce better results than do individuals who work alone.

How Can You Come Up With A Wonderful Strategy?

You know that your role is that of a marketer, even if you have other plans for later on. So, when you are in the learning phase of what it takes to be a successful marketer.

There is a new option that comes up which is to combine your talents with that of the competition. That means instead of just fine tuning the system that you use or work on, you can now reduce your work load with the help of your rivals.

When you understand what happens ahead of time, you will be in a power position. This will enhance your ability to make progress because at some point you will not have to worry about money anymore.

This is also a part of the improvement spiral which we haven’t yet discussed.

One of the best strategies is to know every move that anyone makes in your industry so you can specifically target a competitor.

The idea is to get them to work for you rather then you having to work for them. Of course either party can always continue as is and face the unknown because they believe in the phrase “going down with the ship”.

What Is A Spiral For Self-Improvement?

Rather than following a cycle like you would see when you are just using a product, you understand that a spiral is always going to be on-going.

This makes it much easier to understand how a change you make today, is going to directly lead you to an outcome later on.

A cycle is going from one thing to the next only to come back to the start again.

That is why most people get frustrated and confused because they start and stop by looking at the same position.

A spiral opens up the cycle over and over again so there is no such thing as a stuck position.

That is what progress looks like and it’s not what you get when you follow one product alone.

This Is Why A Success Blueprint Doesn’t Work!

There is nothing unique about following somebody else’s strategy and that is often why you see so many people give up.

They not only believe in things that will only work one time but they believe in some fancy advertising that just wastes their time and leaves a sour taste in their mouthes.

People who put out products aren’t necessarily trying to dupe you into failing, they are just trying too hard to help themselves.

That to me is a major defect in the self-improvment industry with another one being a lack of consistency in what each so called expert suggests.

Of course their methods work for them, they got you to buy into their message rather then their evidence. This is one of the main reasons to study marketing so that you can avoid those types of situations.

I didn’t write this series to make money, that will happen as a result of people gain progress. It’s never about making money even though that is one of those interdependencies cause by a system.

I Have Spent Almost Three Additional Years In My Stuggle.

You know what the reason was for this? I wouldn’t settle for things that only are a chance. That means why follow somebody else’s idea to study their mehods when it’s going to be impossible for that to work for the people I want to help.

That is something you see far too often and it’s about time to change the world. AI is one of the biggest and most exciting things to ever happen to the human race.

Do you want to know why?

They don’t have biases, prejudices, wants, desires, or things that will distract them. They also don’t make excuses which means they will tell you the facts even when it’s not something you want to hear about.

My efforts are to be able to reinvest in my own self-improvements so that one of these days, I can rely on AI to do the jobs I don’t want to do for me.

That is what I believe in because humans make errors and make terrible judges.

Have You Ever Imagined Working Side By Side With A Smart Device?

You probably already do it and it’s been working out quite nicely. If only you could remove the people part that likes to spy on you or record, watch, and manipulate you.

There is a very high chance that you could easily move from each activity you love to do without ever having to do anything at all that you dislike.

Imagine what your life would be like when you have servants that don’t require much of what a human needs? Isn’t this as close to a perfect situation as you could imagine?

All you would ever have to study is how to communicate effectively to be around people and all your needs are fulfilled.

Anyway, let me know what you think and if this is starting to come together nicely in your mind.

Why systems help you with your strategies is part three of this five part series. Make sure you come back for the next two parts because those are going to be the real exciting ones.

Putting Plans Down Is Easier With A System

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