What Should I Know About Success Before I Get Started?

What should I know about success before I get started? Is there a typical path to follow, a strategy that works for all, or a system that I need to create to achieve things?

Let’s start with a brainstorming session because it’s necessary to write down everything you already believe that success means.

This way you will gain some insight about what is correct knowledge and what needs to be changed. When I first started looking for things, I had many false ideas about how to apply the information that was available.

Because success tends to mean many different things, we all must be capable of clearly defining the goal we have. Prior to going over the specific goal you have, a great area of study will be the precautionary principle.

What that is about is the law of fear, which simply means the hesitations, the anxiety, the avoidance and the intolerance to certain things.

More specifically, it’s actually the philosophy behind the reasons that people have which leads to the avoidance of taking risks. 

What I am suggesting is that you learn about this principle so you can see why it’s applicable to you or why it’s not. Then, if you conclude that it is for you, it’s going to save you a lot of experimentation on testing your fears. 

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Why Is Success So Difficult For Many?

The human mind is very impressionable as you may or may not be aware. It’s due to the fact that we don’t like to think about things if at all possible because it drains our energy quickly.

Anytime you have a difficult decision to make, it will consume a sum of energy equal to the amount that you have available. If you are trying to do multiple tasks while you are thinking, it’s unlikely that you could concentrate enough to make a quality choice.

Now, why it matters is because our minds work best when it’s under no intense emotions like fear. The same thing is not the case when you are calm, cool, collected, or relaxed.

That is the state in which your mind can fully concentrate on your tough decisions and that is why it’s best to sleep on certain things.

In other words, know what fears you have and figure out a way to relax so you can control the situation. Without that knowledge, you will find far more difficulties than anyone who knows theirs.

It’s not just fear that causes these problems, you can be put on the spot with certain expectations. That will cause panic to happen in some individuals which is also a form of fear.

The difference is one you think about before it happens (anxiety), the other you think about while it is happening (panic), and there is another that you think about after it has happened (regret).

Success is a simple mindset which will get you from point a to point b even when there are obstacles in your path. But let’s move forward to explore those other obstacles now.

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What Makes A Person Immune To Embarrassment?

You have likely seen people who can keep their composure during the most intense situations. Why do you think they have the ability so that it’s not noticeable?

This is where a good amount of conditioning comes into play (practice under extreme conditions on purpose). They know the value that is achieved through practice and have given themselves enough training to absorb anything.

They are always on the lookout for new problems so that they can gain the correct types of immunities. While others simply try to do things spontaneously, these people are the ones who work after work hours.

Think in terms of doing essential conditioning while enjoying some free time. This will help you devote the time necessary to train to be ready for a surprise.

Back to your own goals here, what might you expect to be a cause to worry you? Your credit card gets declined? You spill something on your pants without a spare around?

When those are known ahead of time, it’s extremely easy to plan for them.

Back to brainstorming you go to identify what your weaknesses will be and how you can change them from interfering with your actions.

When you do this, try to get the assistance of other people and tell them to surprise you with challenges. To get a bit more specific tell them ahead of time or ask them ahead of time if you can get their help.

Everyone needs to be able to handle accidents, rejections, and criticism’s if they wish to get ahead of the average Joe.

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What Should My Expectations Be As Far As Results Go?

It’s best when you get started to completely ignore any big expectations. These will just make things less motivating if you aren’t able to achieve results quickly.

Instead of saying I want to earn a million dollars in a year, write this down month by month to focus on each stage. Then you will be able to set realistic goals for a day, a week, and the milestones like 30, 60, and 90 days.

Continue to look at things as if you were on a mission to help others by (blank). This will let you be specific and take enormous pressure off your mind.

That way you do what is best like following a list of daily priorities. This includes a to-do list that gives you wiggle room to adjust for the most important things first each day.

Don’t try to cram things in hoping to do the minimum amount to make it, do the most you can possibly imagine so that you follow the rule of doing it 10x of what you see another doing.

Get that to become a daily reminder and also remember your job is to offer real value to the people who follow you. Don’t skimp on things or put restrictions in place because that will put people off.

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Clear Your Mind And Become 100 Percent Willing To Do Whatever It Takes

It’s one thing to say you are open-minded but it’s a completely different mentality behind practicing it. Because you will be looking for other successful people to follow, you must not decide to pick and chose how you follow their directions.

I am not able to say I like what this guy does here, but I won’t do the next step because that makes me feel horrified. Convince yourself ahead of time by writing down all the reasons you have to do it.

Also, make a list of all the punishments that you will expect to receive when you don’t follow the steps set forth. You will not be reaching the end of the method if you won’t continue moving through each instruction.

That is also how you adjust your willingness because an open mind means to consider something, a willingness means to follow their advice regardless of the outcome.

Adjust your focus and concentration appropriately so you can see the steps as you do them. Don’t focus on the outcomes until you have already moved past them.

That is the time to briefly celebrate what you have just done and in some degree, you are allowed to brag just a little bit.

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Allow Me To Share A Strategy That Is Proven To Work

You shouldn’t ignore this part just because the community I belong to requires a fee to have a membership there. The main reason that I joined was to save myself a lot of time trying to put the individual pieces together on my own.

The idea that I am following is one set up by other successful people who hadn’t had a great deal of knowledge about internet marketing before joining. I believe it’s what makes this community so wonderful to be a part of.

Anyone can join with just a basic knowledge of computer skills. Once inside, they learn from people just like them who have learned on their own with the ability to ask questions.

There is a free way to get started, there is a discount to fully check the place out. The costs are low depending on how much value you see there.

I benefit because I get to host 25 websites on any type of domain that I purchase for use. I also benefit from 25 free websites that allow me to practice before making a permanent change to my main websites.

Alone that was exactly what I had wanted to find when I joined. I knew I couldn’t get the hosting and the website built by using other places because I tried Wix and hated it.

I spent 4 weeks trying to make a go of things on my own but wasn’t learning anything. So, this place came with all the training necessary to get the website, the domain, the hosting and was even able to show me how to use it all.

That was an enormous part of why I have been there two plus years. On top of those benefits, they have it set up so I can make money by simply sharing a link with other interested people.

But the biggest reason I have stayed there is due to the assistance from the community. They can be both a good and a bad thing because too much time chatting with others can be distracting when there is work to get done.

The other side of that argument is that they can also help you because they have experienced every problem that you will need help with. 

So, the community is great, the site support responds in a timely fashion (5mins – 5 hours) which keeps things running smoothly even without all the technical knowledge.

Why two years in you ask? Because I have made mistakes, I have started over a couple of times, and I have gotten 100x times the value I would have gotten anywhere else.

So, the strategy is to start off by learning from somebody else’s system. Pay what you have to pay to learn from real people. 

It’s so much less frustrating than trying to put all the pieces together on your own whether you have been to college like myself or just have a high school degree.

It’s a great place for young business minded people to test themselves and see whether it will be a great fit or not. I have no idea if you will like it, but that is just because I have no idea who wouldn’t like it.

So, there you go, and this is what you should know about success before you get started.

Ask any questions on the topic down below or just state your opinion on what has been said. I appreciate you taking the time to read this because it’s a real time saver if you follow what has been said.

Promise me one thing before you go, give this a try and tell me what you actually think of it? 

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