What Should Be My Top Priorities For Life? Five Things That Need Your Attention!

What should be my top priorties for life? Seems like a relatively easy question but it’s not.

Think about what all has to be working in harmony before you can start to feel happy.

Here are the top priorities listed and why:

  1. How you feel about yourself. Think about every activity you will be doing during a routine day. You wake up, get out of bed, and have a go to method to get started.
  2. Learning how to do the things you must get done. Unless you are feeling up to the tasks of the day, you will likely be full of resistance and it’s usually most often caused by doing things you dislike.
  3. Making use of your time so you can earn money. The best use of your time is unlikely to be spent working for somebody who isn’t yourself. This has everything to do with what you know about and what you feel you’re good at.
  4. Getting help and helping others. Nothing is going to have a purpose unless somebody else benefits and you will need to understand who can help you reduce the work you have to do while also providing enough value for others to satisfy them.
  5. Having a way to automate the work as much as possible. The entire reason that you work so hard is so you can spend some free time relaxing and doing more stuff that you actually enjoy.

Obviously your health, relationships, family, friends, and routines will be impacted by those five things. You may need to adjust your mindset to see how they apply to your situation.

The Five Top Priorities For Life Mean…

What you think about yourself is the very start of everything else. Not only does it influence which emotions you will experience but it also comes directly from your belief system.

When you struggle with any kind of an issue, it’s due to the mind being in a state of chaos.

Chaos is the opposite of order and harmony because it’s simply a mess.

Unhappiness is caused by identifying the situations that you find yourself in as hopeless, confusing, and annoying. This is caused from a belief system that has been sabotaged.

You struggle because you have false beliefs inside of your belief systems that are sabotaging your needs, wants, and desires from being fulfilled.

What can you start changing today so that you remove those false ideas from your brains?

That is what I am going to be showing you in this free course.

The rest of this page is going to be optional because I only wrote it to give you an idea of how much extra value 10 times actually symbolizes.

What You Do Impacts Everything You Believe!

Here is a question, how often do you research things before you start to believe that it’s true?

For a majority this is not happening because they take too many people on their word without ever challenging what is said.

Not only is this a bad habit, it’s also where false beliefs originate.

Do you know why that is?

It’s because people as a whole are lazy, ignorant, and unreliable.

So, it’s important that you take the initiative and train yourself not to be like everyone else. Uniqueness is what people are drawn to because they want to also change their bad habits.

Most of the time they are just not well informed about which actions to take because they get shown too much general information.

The secret trick is to specialize and concentrate on one thing at a time until you have it shrunk down into bite-size pieces.

That will allow you to build your own self-improvement systems. I have already created a five part series on why you should do that which you can find by following the linked phrase.

The first action you will want to take is to start asking yourself questions such as:

How can I find a career that will allow me to make enough money to support myself?

It will almost always start out as a general desire you have, in this case, that desire is enough money. Woman Dressed In Black Pointing To Herself

But this revelation will not help you until you can estimate or predict an amount of money that will accomplish your goals.

So knowing that you want to make enough money needs to be transformed into something concrete.

Let’s say you believe you already possess enough quality skills to earn around one hundred thousand dollars a year.

Now you are getting closer to being capable of searching for a job that will supply that amount of money.

The problem is going to be about for how long you do this and for the amount of work you are willing to put forth.

Do you just want to make that much for a year?

Are you willing to do the job for as long as it takes or just for five years?

In reality, you need to start working on how you convince yourself that your needs can be met.

After that, you will need to convince yourself of what the purpose of going longer should be.

Telling yourself that you will work there for ten years which will give you the right amount of time to plan and prepare for something else.

From that last answer, you will begin to see that something is going to change once you have gotten to a specific milestone.

Since you have already begun to understand why it’s essential to know your priorities, you will be working toward a much bigger goal for yourself.

This is what is known as a purpose because it sets aside an amount of time with a specific goal to be achieved.

Your Top Priorities Will Be The Foundation For Your Life Purpose

Often you will find that your life purpose has changed or evolved as you learn new things. It’s absolutely fine when this occurs because purpose simply means what you are willing to do to make yourself a better version.

What needs to happen when you have convinced yourself as to why you will be doing what you do, is a plan to make sacrifices each day.

From your planned sacrifices, you can create all sorts of things which could be routines, good habits, a network, a relationship, a partnership, a company, and everything else.

Now that you know there will be X amount of sacrifices to make you can also plan for the exciting things to do which makes it more enjoyable.

That means, that your life purpose is all about you. Each challenge you face will keep you balanced and at your peak levels. In order to endure both the good and the bad, you must account for what will happen.

For the sake of this article, what happens is the part that makes it fun to figure things out as you encounter them. Or to say that another way is to expect the journey to have many thrills and many chills.

You can even go a step further and follow along with others as they attempt to make things happen in their own lives. This will automatically give you additional ways to share stories and make friendships.

The question still remains about how, because how are you going to make your priorities possible from day one?

That is where you answer for yourself what resources you have now versus which ones you will need to gain. These can include a coach, mentorship, series of books, website, expertise, and guidance or any place you need to get help from.

Getting the right help at the right times will make or break you along the way. So, don’t fall victim to the false belief which says you can climb to the top all by yourself.

Not only will it back you up into a corner, but it will also prevent you from moving quickly through each individual challenge.Woman Studying At The Computer

Help Is Everywhere And Most Of The Time It’s Easy To Get!

That doesn’t mean it will be free or that you will like the advice you receive. This is going to be up to you how to handle those kinds of things.

But what I can share with you are my own experiences to make this part as seamless as possible. The idea is to go from wanting something to learning how to get it.

Then, you go from knowing how to practicing how before finally getting it done.

Here are the actual steps to take:

  1. You start with a question, a desire or a need for something.
  2. You gather information, look for somebody who has it or comes up with a goal to gain it.
  3. You start to think about any experiments or ways to go about accomplishing it.
  4. When you are uncertain you seek help and don’t let fear distract you.
  5. You gain additional support from those doing similar things.
  6. You once again make it known that you are open to share and receive help.
  7. Once you are certain about achieving your goal, you go back and produce a way to help others.
  8. Finally, you move on to your next objective which will be the desire, need, or want that you have for something else.

It’s actually not difficult to do all these things once you can convince yourself of why.

So, if you need money because you know without money that you will suffer and be miserable. It means you need to figure out your best approach to gaining it.

This will start the entire chain of events that need to happen so that you can find out more about yourself and your life purpose.

After all, the gaining of money isn’t a truly rewarding experience unless you can help others to do the same for themselves. Of course, you can simply change this from money to any resource that’s needed.Money Raining Down From The Unknown

What About Things Which Aren’t Really Necessary But Are Wanted?

Whenever you have priorities there are going to be distractions that you will encounter or be bombarded by. This is an obvious part of pursuing the real essentials that we all need.

Because people are all at different places in their own journies, you must learn to become disciplined in order to resist these temptations.

There are also plenty of tools or ways to gain an advantage over each challenge you come across. After all what fun would it be if there hadn’t already been people who had accomplished a goal before you?

Each tool may serve as a distraction because you must find out whether it works, whether it works well, whether it’s worth the expense, whether or not there are better options, and whether or not you will be able to learn how to use it.

It will only be helpful to you once you can answer those kinds of questions and you may get lost at any time. How can you prepare ahead of time for what these encounters will do to you?

This is where a community can help you the most because, for every advantage, there has already been somebody to try it out.

You can also take advantage of knowing this to come up with your own tools. It’s the purpose of a business to produce useful tools or products that help other people meet their needs.

So, based on this understanding you will want to have preferences or role models that also share things that they have found.

This takes us back to the topic of sacrifices because you will need to relinquish time in order to check things out for yourself.A Hand Extended Outward Looking For Help

Based On How Well You Absorb Information

Eventually, every single priority that you can come up with is going to be benefitted by how well you learn. There is basically no exceptions because your mission in life is set by how well you learn.

That means no matter what method you need to use to absorb information, it’s essential that your ability to learn becomes optimal.

Hopefully, this brings a couple of thoughts to mind because learning is and should become your top priority. Develop this ability above everything else as soon as you can or else things will consume a lot more time then is needed.

What happens if you are stuck in your journey or you started doubting yourself? This then becomes your first and only priority because nothing else matters if you don’t think you are good enough.

This is a huge problem for a lot of people so it has to be the starting place before you even think about improving the way you learn.

So, by now you should be coming around to the idea that you are the top priority. This means you need to feel your best at all times, you need to have focus and concentration at max levels, and you need to be loving and caring when you think about yourself at all times.

Because everything that impacts you is a big deal. 

  • You are the top priority, this includes your beliefs, values, emotions, feelings, diet, exercise, entertainment and sleep
  • How well you can learn is the 2nd top priority, reading, writing, observing, problem-solving, seeing patterns, critical thinking, focus, concentration, organizational skills, planning and being prepared
  • How easy is it for you to earn money is the 3rd priority, putting forth what you learn to make the best use of your time
  • How well you can help or be helped is the 4th priority, generosity, appreciation for others, asking for help, accepting criticism, accepting compliments, asking questions, or just lending a hand to somebody in need
  • How well you can manage your distractions is the 5th priority, staying on task, creating ways to see your vision come true, rewarding yourself, punishing yourself, and whether you will give up or fight till the end.
  • And of course, there are many other things that can or will be a part of your adventure.

The point is that you must become a hero in your own eyes. That until you take that greatest step and start to believe in yourself there is nothing more important than that.

Of course, it will vary from person to person to how much each of these five priorities will take to feel great about.

Learn to put yourself first, that way you can become capable of accomplishing any top priorities that you decide later on.

What should be my top priorities for life? For the best result, start by loving yourself.

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