What Resources Are Needed And How To obtain them?

What Resources Are Needed And How To obtain them?

To begin you will want to understand exactly what resources are needed and how to obtain them.

This means you will be looking for ways to increase your stash of money, increase your knowledge base or skills, figure out how much time you are available to change your situations, and then experiment and experience things as you learn.

Remember, I have already shown you that you don’t need to start with anything because you will be working on obtaining the things you need as you plan. That’s why it’s clear to you that anything will become possible since you can obtain it all in the process.

One way I can prove this to you is that my website and my pieces of training are all being obtained while I am still learning.

It’s true that I do have an advantage over you, but that’s only because I started working on this much sooner.

Honestly, you have a bigger advantage then I do because I am helping you learn to do everything plus eliminate many of the mistakes and failures I have battled through as I went.

What is the secret that everyone has to learn to get what they want outta life?

This is something called hope and it’s way bigger than just something you say. i.e. I hope things go well, or I hope you will all be safe. The point here is that it’s an obtainable resource you can leverage to increase your motivation and to eliminate the feelings that will make you want to give up.

Yeah, it’s a pretty big thing for you and me to learn how it works and how to not lose all of our hope while we still have work that needs to be done.

Another way to think about hope is to have faith in something. That can be in yourself, in your skills, in your beliefs, in your values, rules, guidelines, steps, intelligence, your ability to sleep and wake up refreshed and to keep practicing self-discipline and all that you will gain when you sacrifice things now.

Basically, you will want to do things that show you are making progress but also do things that are new and scary to you. Part of building hope is to confront your fears, your enemies, your toxic friends and family and to learn to be assertive if you are more passive nature.

I hope that the resources I need will find me

What Resources Are Needed And How To obtain them?

This is a false belief because nothing in life will come and find you even the worst things you imagine coming true. Because you just need to develop the thinking where you aren’t really that important unless you are taking actions.

But don’t confuse this for feeling worthless, hope will be the thing that gives you the strength to stare down the scariest ideas and then build up the courage to face it head-on.

What is going to happen when you start to work on one of your problems, is that you will likely fail the first few times. This is due to your limited resources in the beginning. Even hoping for success won’t simply make things possible, but the part that will is your ability to learn as you try.

Getting ready to do something uncomfortable will no doubt get a little easier each time you attempt it.

This is because your mind slowly learns that you aren’t really getting hurt and that it’s pretty safe despite what your false beliefs would have tried to convince you of.

Slowly you learn to take a little more risk and put something else into the experiment.

One example is about a fear of talking to strangers, the more you do so the more you will see that it’s not even a big deal and that more often then not people will have limited things to say unless you ask them about themselves.

Because you will get to know yourself better, it will get easier to ask questions that you would like to be asked. Then it’s just a matter of practice until you actually become confident in the ability to make conversation where it used to scare you.

Now, you may be wondering about the idea of increasing hope from doing experiments just like this one. So pretend for a second that you just talked to somebody for the first time, you see them smiling and relaxing around you.

This will be the vision that you see whenever you start to think about talking to another person. But before that happens it’s good practice to learn to visualize this experience many times.

What Resources Are Needed And How To obtain them?

That will keep you from worrying in your own mind about how to behave or where to put your hands. Since by now you will learn that you talk with your hands and that often it’s okay to touch somebody else on the arms or shoulders.

When you get to a point where you go up and do that very thing, you know it will be fine since your mind already feels comfortable from you practicing so much.

Back to hope, when you get used to visualizing the things you want to do first, that entire experience will give you hope instead of feeling uneasy. When you feel hopeful, not only does your subconscious mind help you out, it stops trying to remind you about fight or flight and your anxiety won’t be a bothersome thing.

Hope is the cure for depression but it works a bit different than the way it works for anxiety. You knowing that you will become what you want is a great feeling by itself. The bigger benefit is that when you’re planning all the actions you will take, it tells your mind to knock it off whenever you would normally feel depressed.

Believe in yourself so that you will also have faith in your abilities, this will lead you to do things you didn’t think possible and to plan on doing even more so that there’s nothing left to chance.

This will also allow you to jump in and out of your comfort zone because you will know all the feelings to expect well before they show up. Because of this, you will also benefit in your ability to control your self-talk and inner dialogue.

What Resources Are Needed And How To obtain them?

Resources come when you develop the ability to earn them

What Resources Are Needed And How To obtain them?

You’re entire ability to see your future and to learn what you want is called your vision. With proper practice visualizing everything you want to do ahead of time, their won’t be much that can realistically stop you.

The only few exceptions are when it comes to other people’s needs and how your paths may cross. Learning a skill that is for the main purpose of helping another person out can be turned into lots of different resources.

This means you will provide something valuable for them and in exchange, you will get something back that you need. Rather than spending all your time working for what somebody else needs, you can learn to do this for yourself.

But before you get to a point of turning things into a business make sure you research everything you want to learn, what it will require, and how it’s going to really impact the lives of other people.

This will be known as your strategy, and you can use as many or as few of them as you think is needed. The better you get with developing these, the more resources you will acquire with the least amount of effort or time.

When I say that you aren’t done learning in this lifetime, it’s because everything that is truly important becomes that way for its real value. Why do you think certain items are labeled priceless and the only thing you can do is to auction or trade with them.

It’s because a one of a kind item may or may not have any real value to a million people, but if there is even one person that thinks it’s worth a lot you will find your path becomes much easier.

And if you start to believe that you are one of a kind like you are, that also means you have potential that is unlimited value, or priceless and you will be able to name your own price for whatever the resources you want in exchange.

Do a journal entry about your worth

What Resources Are Needed And How To obtain them?

Knowing that not only is it possible to achieve anything you want, you also know that you’re the complete opposite of worthless, and this is why God created you.

Not so that you will be stuck in life or to feel that everything is unfair, but to know that every human being has the potential to be entirely anything that they want.

When you create a journal entry and explore this idea more, you will be able to figure out exactly how you can pay for everything you still need to get in your life.

Resources when fully understood can honestly be so many different things, that the easier it is to see your own worth depends on anything you learn more about.

Highly skilled individuals get big salaries not because of what they do in the job, but it’s about what they realize they are worth to anyone else that also would like to take advantage of their unique skills.

And when you realize this isn’t a timed experience, that you will be able to learn new things every day, you will be onto the strategy that can create millions in a matter of no time.

Or anything else that you feel is valuable to the success you find for yourself. So, what resources are needed and how to obtain them? You can create the things that you need just by figuring out what you want.

Develop the plan to learn something new that will be useful in your vision and you will understand how you don’t need to start with any resources to become highly successful.

For any questions or comments please use the space below and be sure to start working on your future now.


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How are things going with you? My name is Eric and I am owner and operator of Overcome Life Obstacles. My main goal with this website is to provide answers to anyone who was like me and got lost or stuck in their lives. While you are here I wanted to make sure you check out my click herewhich is where I got my start in affiliate marketing as well as with self-improvement.

2 thoughts on “What Resources Are Needed And How To obtain them?”

  1. Yes, when you become capable of utilizing your mind to do the many things in life you need to do. It will be invaluable to the results you’re able to achieve and visualizing allows for you to practice without spending a lot of energy. You can do it for everything and it’s pretty simple to learn how to do it. Just imagine the one thing you wish to happen, for example building a million dollar company. When you have a plan set up all you will need to do is to concentrate on doing the steps and your subconscious mind will believe you have already done them. This means that when you actually are working on the steps you will get the assistance of your mind to go through all the actions on autopilot because there is no reason to worry you won’t do it well. As far as you remember, it’s gone well x amount of times you have visualized yourself doing it. So, in real life, it’s going to happen exactly that way once again. You not only remove worry but also fear, doubts, any hesitations and you will be very confident in the action.

    All that adds to the resources you will be able to acquire because your mind is the one major resource you need to develop. Learn to do something exceptionally well, then create a product or service based on that knowledge. After you create your product you can also use that to gain any other resources you will ever need going forward. Say that you love to write so you create several books, these can be sold to acquire money that you use to make your life more productive. By being able to do more or write more you have designed a method to make infinite resources for the rest of your life.

  2. I have to talk about visualizing the things you want. I know that this can be a powerful tool. My son did gymnastics for 13 years at a highly competitive level. His coach also told them to visualize their routine while waiting to take their turn. But to visualize doing it perfectly, each movement. Then to do the same thing while performing their routine. The mind can be a strong thing to have in your corner. I just know from these experiences for my son, they work. So I try to use this as well. It is good advice for sure!

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