What Qualities Make A Role Model Worthy?

The best type of role model has a proven track record. It’s a person who has what you want and provides the information for you to access.

What qualities make a role model worthy to follow? 

Ask yourself the following questions and see where it takes you:

  • Has this person overcome some significant adversity in their lives?
  • Do they have a compelling and memorable story that is easy to recall?
  • Does this person demonstrate the qualities that you wish to emulate or to become?
  • Is there enough information available to study, learn from, or gain access to so you can discover new things daily?
  • Are there other people who follow them and recommend them?
  • Does their life lead to the same place that you wish to arrive somewhere in the future?

Now, let’s examine why we are using these questions as the starting points.

A Role Model Is Capable Of Solving Their Own Problems!

It doesn’t matter how they do this; what makes it essential is that there is a struggle. Without this, there is no reason to notice another human being.

What perspective do they share? Does it have something to do with optimism? Without a way to change negative situations into positive lessons. There is no inspiration.

Adversity comes from any situation that could go great, terrible, and all other ways in the middle. We want to hear how this person was able to examine the situation and figure out the way to do it, understanding all of them.

In other words: They learn about all the options that will make their situation different.

That means for you to find a person who will help you out, you should become aware of their thinking style. That is a process of gathering information, examing it, dissecting it, and looking for patterns.

This process is also known as problem-solving by becoming an investigator. What does the person do once they have all the discoverable information that there is?

Have you ever wondered why people tell you to learn from history? Well, it has to do with your ability to pick out different people and how they went about solving their problems.

When you fail to understand who has been through each issue that you will face, you are going to repeat their struggles until you do what they did.

There are many examples out there in cyberspace for every single situation that you will encounter. However, it may come disguised in a form that you are unfamiliar with, and that will slow you down.

A Role Model Will Fit In With Your Life Experiences!

Who has a similar upbringing, childhood, set of beliefs, set of role models, and has a story that walks you through what they did?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to follow people who aren’t a good fit into your own story. Let’s say you grew up poor in poverty and faced a lot of stress as a child.

Studying a person who grew up wealthy is unlikely to carry the same weight as a person who has had the same background as you.

It typically makes it more difficult to relate to them. 

Since their parents would have different rules, beliefs, and values, as you know, those are the things that set up your foundation.

Look first at their struggle so that you can resolve your own by studying them. After that, make sure the role model has the same background, so there is an emotional attachment between the two of you.

Does This Person Move Forward And Behave The Way You Want To Copy?

So, you have discovered that this person is remarkable and has similarities in common with you. But now you find out that this person didn’t follow a path you wish to replicate.

That is going to make you feel uncomfortable, moving forward, by sharing who you look up to. As you know, when you don’t want to express who it is that inspired you…

It’s a strong breeding ground for additional struggles to come. You can call it a bad omen because feeling shame, guilt, or embarrassment isn’t going to help you out.

Right along with this one is the availability to groom yourself with a narrative that you can use. 

By that, I don’t mean trim your hairs and make your appearance remarkable…

I mean do they have any notes, books, or accomplishments that you can use as a timeline?

So, for someone to benefit us, each role model needs to have a path that we can learn about in case there isn’t anyone in our life to replicate.

Confirm That By Looking For Other Like-Minds Who Follow Them…

Some role models will not remain among us, so it’s an excellent addition to find groups. A group is quite a significant step to have since you get more variety in the perspectives.

A group that is inspired will assist you more than just having a mentor alone. That is as long as they meet regularly and share things.

In addition to the group, are there people who have reached the same destination successfully? Those will continue to be the best to follow so that you can ask all the questions that you will have.

For any role models that are alive and well, you can gain the same knowledge by becoming their student or by joining groups with others following that person.

One other mistake that I see made, is to believe that you have to learn from the person you admire directly.

It’s definitely untrue since we have already gone over everything else.

By The Time You Get To The Ending…

You shouldn’t need to depend on that person any longer because you have gained their mindset. Not only that, but you will also have discovered the same beliefs that made their journey what it was.

Remember that you will eventually be doing your own thing with the information that you have obtained. That will give you a new destination to reach.

With that new destination to reach, it’s time to start the search all over again. Perhaps you have your leadership role established at this time and can blaze your trail into the unknown.

You have gained some vital information and now know what qualities make a role model worthy of following.

In case I wasn’t crystal clearThat person will fit the mold that you create with these questions.

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