What Is The Essential Resource Which Allows You To Gain All The Others?

Knowledge Is The Essential Resource Which Allows You To Gain All The Others!

Now here is why…

Only knowledge keeps us alive when nothing makes any sense because we need to learn to drink water first.

Do you think for a minute that we could live as long as we do now if we didn’t learn to change the way we sourced our water?

Of Course Not!

Now let’s move on to something more important…

When you dream about that super expensive car and big mansion it’s a distant thought that you have convinced yourself ​out of achieving​.

Maybe you joke around with your buddies and think to yourself, I am going to buy one next year because ​the lottery will make it possible​.

This creates a problem for you because you start to prioritize ​luck which is a myth about life​.

Think about how you increase your chances of winning something?

Doesn’t it require you to use your skills

● to obtain more tickets?

● to research the numbers and find a pattern?

● to be at a certain location at an exact time?

All these details come from the knowledge of where possible solutions exist and that is in the mind.

When somebody says they just got ​lucky​, they really mean that they have ​no idea how it happened​.

But ignorance is just the opposite of knowledge and it’s possible to understand whatever you learn to look hard enough for.

Just because you do a search for a solution and can’t find one, doesn’t mean that it’s not out there.

It may just be that you haven’t learned how to correctly search for that which you are looking for yet.

Maybe you just haven’t asked the right question, been introduced to the right person, or read the book or article that will give you the information you need to know, at a much earlier time.

That is why you also must appreciate all that you do learn and the people who teach you the correct information.

Gratitude isn’t something you celebrate once a year when carving a Thanksgiving turkey.

It’s an essential part of a mindset you need to adopt if you truly wish to learn how to exist in a way that will bring you the results you’re after.

Knowledge and the ability you have to think is all about the way you perceive the world and the surroundings of the environment you will be in during any situation.

That means you have to learn a lot to get where you need to go.

This all takes time and practice in order to understand, but once you start to see it that way, it’s going to make the resistance for change become much easier to eliminate.

Resistance to change is a problem you can master if you learn to become tolerant of more things.

Read more often, write more often, and ask more questions...

The biggest obstacle to overcome is the ignorance inside each of you when you are born.

But you start doing it from the first breath and it doesn’t stop.

What happens to most of you, is that you start to prioritize things that have already been learned and you set up a routine that doesn’t allow for any new things to be gained.

This generally comes up when people who are sick of school leave high school or college and start to work a job that they find intolerable, at a point in time.

Other times that it occurs is when you

● find a partner and have children,

● when you become addicted to a substance,

● when you allow a person to be too important in your life (Attachment),

● when you cannot figure out how to make better decisions.

Think about those four things because they lead to more deaths (they give up on life) in this universe than anything accidental.

It’s a life you are choosing that you think is in your best interest, only to find out that you have a purpose that seems too hard to determine.

The mother who experiences empty nest syndrome and becomes a crazy cat lady living in a house full of cat shit.

The adult male who has fantasized about too many women and puts them on a pedestal where he can not do anything to please them.

It’s the guy across the street from you who looks out at the neighborhood through the blinds because the real world has become too scary to experience.

Know that a money problem comes from the same place as all problems do...

They all come from each individual who allows them to exist and doesn’t learn how to solve them immediately when they are aware of em.

Ignorance isn’t a defense when you go to court, ignorance isn’t a way for you to avoid consequences, ignorance isn’t helpful and you can’t run from it by staying inside.

You must do something in order to confront it at least once a day and to prepare yourself to learn what’s best for you.

A memorized Bible isn’t knowledge, it’s not something that will be your gate pass into Heaven.

It’s just another form of being ignorant because you are closed-minded to what the world is all about.

For anyone who refuses to believe that there is more to their lives than obeying a textbook, I have terrible news for you today.

You are probably always going to fail at your ideals because you haven’t learned the truth about yourself yet, and that may just be too much to hear because you know it’s the truth.

Life problems are both common and uncommon, but they all come from you.

Don’t miss the chance you have now to learn what it means to live the life God has truly wanted for you to live.

God isn’t anything except the knowledge you can obtain and it’s already a part of each of us.

You just have to complete the process and go out to find the parts that work best for you.

Do you want to know a system you can follow to find yourself? Follow me on my blog and be prepared to learn the most essential parts of life.

As a side note, the way you earn money to make it the least of your problems is to figure out what your purpose is.

That is the only factor that will stop an individual who isn’t doing the actions meant for them.

The process will not be without its own challenges but remains the simplest way to solve the most horrific things that are in your mind.

To prove to you that this works, go and search for “I am grateful stories” that will give you all that you need to become motivated until you take the next step.

What about the people who believe their purpose is to teach what is in a textbook?

It’s false because they are passionate about that subject and the fascination they have for things similar to it.

It’s the same for people who study greek mythology, roman mythology, Norse mythology, and others.

Time will show you that it’s just a part of history but it’s not a necessary part of life.

Knowledge and information that gets you passed any of your problems will guide you in the same way, give you better reasons, and not require as many strict rules like the ones you can make on your own.

After all, if you live a life wanting freedom you must understand that being tied to anything that didn’t come from yourself is foolish.

The people who devote their lives to the word of many storytellers live in denial of their own needs.

This is proven with the catholic church and all that is being revealed.

Evangelists are scammers who are simply good with words and manipulate the innocent minds of people who deserve to understand the reason behind their own ignorance.

But this has been happening for as long as life has been around, taking advantage of others is a part of the cycle that you must learn to see for yourself and make sure it’s not going to victimize you.

A true teacher is open to giving their students the truth and doesn’t care if they are proven wrong a billion times in the process.

As long as they learn the truth themselves and can relay that information correctly as needed.

A villain is somebody who collects a paycheck that is earned by deception, something religion takes advantage of to exist in all its forms.

Remember that “REAL” knowledge comes from you and the experiments that you do…

Everything else must be challenged because our senses can be mistaken!

Now, do you understand why knowledge is the essential resource which allows you to gain all the others?

It’s because nothing is ever the way it appears to be and that means you must test everything yourself!

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