What Does Personal Development Look Like In 2020?

There are many ways to get started but there is only one question that needs answered… That is what does personal development look like in 2020?

You see, the reason for that question is that there are too many options to choose from. If you are like most people, you have come across a thousand books or more that you wish you could read.

The problem is how on earth to absorb that much information without spending the rest of your life just reading. Or perhaps you have already been reading for decades and haven’t gotten any closer to what you’re after?

Knowledge is great… Without it you will likely not have any way to decide on where to go next. But unlike most subjects, self-improvement is not something that has a best choice list.

All you can do is find one person who is like yourself and hope that they have found a path that will work best for you.

Here is a list of different starting points that you can look at:

  • A desire to move up the career ladder.
  • A desire to find work that pays you what you’re worth.
  • A passion that you don’t have time to pursue and it bothers you.
  • A sense of something is out there which would be more worthy of your time.
  • An idea that you can do so much more to help others but no great place to begin at.
  • Anger that the world is going downhill fast and there aren’t enough people who care anymore.
  • A family that you want to follow in your footsteps but a realization that you are a part of the problem.
  • Climate change is the biggest threat for the next few generations. Because it’s so real you want to do your part now.
  • Being able to fit in with others because right now you just can’t seem to find the cause or the stance to put your energy into.

And then there are the usual reasons that people desire a change:

  • Unhappy with the life you have because you dreamt of better things.
  • Suffering from pain because you don’t exercise or move about enough.
  • A desire to make money but fear that you will go broke in the process which terrifies you to try.
  • Jealousy because other people look so happy living the american dream. They run a business, drive a nice car and you wish that it was you.
  • A problem with procrastination or managing your time effectively. You aren’t sure what is causing you to struggle this much but you would be willing to pay anything for answers.

And these types of observations can all sound look they fit your thinking patterns.

We haven’t even gone over all the possible thoughts based on romance, dating, relationships, and religion.

Growth In Personal Development

What Is There To Try That You Haven’t Tried Already?

All of those that I have listed come from the very same issue. You don’t trust yourself to make the right decisions so you can only sit around and wonder about how life could be different.

Maybe you have heard that having a strong imagination is a stepping stone out of the place you despise. Or perhaps you just haven’t gotten sick of the suffering to do something drastic yet.

Diets, excercise, eating healthier, studying more, paying a life coach, or seeking therapy can all lead you to the same results.

Those are fads though except for therapy. But none of them give you what you truly desire…

True story.

I wanted to find a way to turn my behavior into an automatic I can shut off my mind and wake when it’s time for fun type of thing.

So, I began investigating hypnosis, meditation, psychology, neuroscience, and human nature hoping to find an answer. Short of undergoing a labotomy, there is no escape from the emotions, feelings, and thoughts that we have because they make us who we are.

In my case, I wanted to become something impossible just based on the end result I was after.

It’s nearly unavoidable to have to live with your own thoughts twenty four seven because you and I learned a language.

From all the research I have done… It seems like all human problems are brought on when we overthink. Instead of knowing why we don’t move on and take action…

We simply have a lazy subconscious that wants to reserve most of our energy for fight or flight conditions.

So, instead of your mind telling you to do what it knows is best for you… You are shown how annoying it is to make changes.

In case you don’t know enough about the subconscious mind… It’s the boss! Call it your true nature, your spirit, your soul, or your life energy… but it won’t change the fact that without it showing us what to do we die.

Language Gave The Subconscious Mind Too Much Power!

You have heard of the ego, the id, and the superego before I am sure. But to be clear, those are all just voices of the subconscious mind.

Take a course on the brain and you will see how the mind of humans has evolved to posses an animal mind, child’s mind, a barbarians mind, and a present mind.

We automatically act like an animal because we know how to survive. Everyone has been through childhood so it shows us that we had no control to do as we pleased.

Without the laws of society all of us would merely pursue the things that felt good. So it leaves a very heavy burden for us to attempt to understand what is supposed to be obtained in life.

Needs, Wants, Desires, And everything else boil down to what your subconscious mind notices you are lacking.

We call it safety and security because it’s the main reason that hordering of food began and people would kill one another for not sharing things.

Fast forward to today… The same thing still exists but it’s not just about food anymore. It’s about the Power that each person’s subconscious mind desperately needs to possess.

Society Has Gotten Too Massive For Power To Be Shared!

Anger, jealousy, greed, corruption, grief, and selfishness have struck and diseased too many people. The solution is to give things away freely without any expectations to receive.

But that causes a huge gap in safety and security since we don’t receive enough from others.

Look at every community that exists on our planet and you can easily find the ones that share and the ones that don’t.

But it also gives rise to a new issue that develops a sense of shame, guilt, and embarrassment.

People who start to feel inadequate because they need to receive without being capable of giving back more.

One person influences the opinion of the other and before you know it people are too afraid to share anything.

I have to charge you before I will help you is an epidemic. The reason for it is security because I too have to eat.

So, Build A Chart To See How Everything Points To Another…

Fear points to insecurity about food. Lack of food is understood by a lack of power. A lack of power is due to the fact that people don’t share decision making.

When you don’t know why things are being decided on you feel worthless. You may even start to feel hopeless and depressed.

Then, when you speak up you are told to shut up and that changes into more fear about having an ability to be heard.

Money doesn’t cause our problems… Superiority is the cause of things going so far south. Leadership is a necessary evil because not all people are shared with equally.

But the strangest part about everything is that we make it all this complicated mess just by keeping food scarce in places that it need not be.

You can spend your lifetime writing down all the different factors that cause this, that, or the other… But that just exhausts us all.

The better way to do things is to find out how one thing causes another so that we can manage the effects wisely. Or another way that you can do all of this is with a systems thinking mindset.

That is how you develop yourself best in today’s world.

All of life will always point back to the three big needs. Food, Shelter, and being included.

What Did We All Learn From This Short Investigation?

Find a way to help other people obtain the food, the shelter, and their own purpose… and you will be a much better leader than we current have in place.

If you truly want to learn how you can best develop yourself in 2020… Learn what nutrients do for the brain. Then learn what the brain does for the body.

After that learn how to get your point across with a few words known as the power words. Because language is what gives us power to be heard.

Either you shout what you have to, write what you have to, or convince other people to join your cause… You will be able to gather more power in a shorter window of time.

However learning to pick out which words to use is so complicated… why our language has evolved to be so is just another part to figure out along the way.

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