What Does It Mean To Live The Life Of Your Dreams?

What does it mean to live the life of your dreams? I realized that this is just an expression that basically has no value whatsoever. I don’t actually learn anything by using this as a goal because it’s the same principle as perfection.

It’s like saying I want to write a neverending story or trying to put a number on infinity. There is no one size fits all approach that would ever be satisfactory for enough people.

This is one of many problems when people set goals because they turn to self-help, personal growth, human development, and self-improvement for answers to questions they haven’t even defined for themselves yet.

We can do this for anything because it gives us hope but leads us nowhere specific. You will always be dreaming about the next thing and likely it won’t live up to your expectations.

So, today is the only option for you to figure out exactly what it is that you want. Which means you must decide on what you can do right now that will give you better options to choose from tomorrow.

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My Dream Life Involves Many Different Fantasies

However, they seem to change every time I come into contact with something I hadn’t seen before. This makes me think about technology and sex more than food, clothing, real estate, or anything else because those are real choices.

The only way I can start to believe that I will have a way to create my Dream Life is when it comes to the money and the knowledge that I am able to obtain.

Money, after all, is the form of achieving the things we need, want, desire, and will learn to exist. The whole time I am thinking about that dream life it all boils down to what I am willing to do to make myself better prepared to earn a lot of money.

This actually does a lot of good because now I know that I want to reach a specific amount of money which also suggests that once I have that ability to make it, I will also be at that dream life.

What is the fastest way possible to earn a lot of money, which will then be used to upgrade life from what it is now?

This is a question I have asked for years and so far have found results to be very rocky. Survey sites suck over the long term, affiliate marketing takes time to learn and the time to reap the money from, creating your own stores takes the money and lot’s of time to set up and fill.

So, ultimately you will almost always need to start somewhere small and use one thing to invest in another thing until you have an ability to make a decent income.

That is when you can really get going on affiliate marketing because you will have the money to spend on the things that speed up your rankings and will help you get awareness for your sites.

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Expect To Include A Time Frame To Reach Each Dream Life You Have In Mind

I make it a point to say “each dream life” because this is a fact of life regardless of how you make it happen. Just like you find with the products you buy there is always something that comes along which is better.

There will be missing pieces just as soon as you complete the work it takes to build one. That is followed up by an assessment of whether or not it was worth the time it took to reach.

What else is there that can be done in less time and with less effort than I see others doing. So, you see no matter what you wind up pursuing it will require effort, mistakes, disappointments, and retries to make it resemble the vision you see.

All of this is contingent of what you are actually doing each day because our moods change, our ideas change, our thoughts change and our lives continue going up and down like a rollercoaster.

What Is One Piece That I know Will Get Me Closer?

So far I have a couple of things on my list of wants, one is some sort of self-improvement plan, another is some sort of business plan, and a third is some sort of investment plan.

When I learn how to create each of these three things I will still need to learn what I am doing. This will make it necessary to have some type of strategy so that I can try things out to see if they are doable.

I must asses my current skills and whether or not I am capable of doing the tasks that will certainly come up as obstacles.

There must be a place that will help me so that I can learn what other people are doing or have done that will make it easier to follow.

At least now I am thinking in terms of getting prepared to make up the difference between what I know I can do and what I know I will need to do.

What Is Lacking Or What Am I Forgetting About?

There has to be a way for me to improve the way I work on each of these things. Hmm, something about productivity and organization must be a part of this entire thing because I don’t want to have to waste any resources doing things over too often.

At this stage, I should be dealing with my obvious bad habits because those will constantly stand in my way of being on task. I must learn to move from one task to another quickly without feeling tired or needing constant motivation.

What systems are out there that will keep me accountable for my effort so that I can tell if I am goofing off more than I am getting things done?

I found this product from another website which I know will work because it’s simple. Look for the review post if you are interested in what I am talking about here.

Now, is there anything else I am missing or haven’t really thought about that will be important (see what I am doing, I keep asking myself what else or is there something missing so I can pause and think about it some more).

A System For Obtaining The Dream Life

What Kind Of Challenges Will You Face In This Pursuit?

Why change what you are doing right now? I mean what are the reasons that you can utilize that prove to you that a change must take place.

Without a compelling reason, the steps will only just get started and likely not finished. How then do you specifically write down every single step that you must be one hundred percent willing to take?

This, of course, is not just achieved by a passing thought or a spontaneous desire like you choose when hungry.

Where do you look for examples? Who is out there that you relate to and how have they taken action to prove that there is even a glimmer of hope for you to copy?

How well do you respond to the advice you receive and is there anyone whom you know closely that can be a supportive friend for you with this decision?

Who is already an expert that would help you? Who has an inspiring story and what are the specific struggles that you see them conquer that will be just the thing you need to use to fight harder for what you want?

You will need to figure out all of this at some point because it’s just as important to draw strength from others who you trust that are in the public spotlight.

Is There a community of people doing this? I am a firm believer in being a part of a bigger group of people who are after the very same things as you are.

This can be of an enormous benefit because it gives you new things to think about, new ways to feel important, and new forms of ideas and strategies that may be of real guidance to you.

What does it mean to live the life of your dreams? Gather enough information so you can state your desire, your purpose, your strategies, and have a solid plan that you know when it’s followed will make those dreams come alive.

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions. Also, check out the link in my author bio which may help you in your own pursuits. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I wish you well.

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