What Causes Problems In Life To Happen?

These three things are what cause problems in life to happen. Those are your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. The reason for this is the part that you won’t like.

You are responsible for them from the first day you can breathe. You see it’s from your life experiences that you start to absorb any kind of information.

By consuming what you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. All of that information is left to float around inside your brain. For quite a while all you do is monitor and observe things…

That is until your mind can finish developing… which happens in the first three years of your life. All your issues begin as soon as you try and organize that knowledge.

Who you learn things from will further complicate matters. You are going to absorb the good and the bad from your parents, siblings, friends, and teachers.

It’s the only way that you can do it because you have to start with something. This means that for the rest of your life… You will be trying to organize the best and the most useful from the mess and the chaos.

There you go, now you’re all set to go out and solve your problems. Of course, it may help more if you stick around to see the rest of this story…

All Your Problems In Life Come From You!

You are probably wondering how can that be true when I get taught by others? So was I because shouldn’t the blame be placed on those 4 types of people?

Well, there is only one way to clean up the mess that you’ve made of things… and that is to stop trying to blame anyone for anything.

So technically, it’s no fault of anyone because this is exactly how life is supposed to work. The system is designed to have these flaws because no human being can achieve perfection.

That means the very first belief you need to develop is one where no human being can avoid making mistakes and failures.

For anyone who develops the false belief that a human being can be perfect, it causes all other problems to become possible.

So it’s pretty clear that you want to remind yourself of this fact…

The next belief that you want to develop has to be about no blame because you have to let things go. No blame means nobody messed up since there was no expectation for them to be perfect.

Remember that in order to feel worthy about yourself that you must not blame yourself and other people for what happens.

Sure, everyone will make mistakes and that is a good thing. It is the only reason that we learn to do things better. Failing is the same exact thing as a mistake because we learn to do things over better the next time.

As you move forward in your life you will hopefully experience every situation that you need to go through. That may not happen because we all live our lives with many unique variables.

Problems Get Renamed Because They Are Opportunities!

The third belief that you need to develop has to do with your outlook on life. When you see every situation as a chance to improve what you know… It transforms that information into a challenge.

Instead of viewing an issue as a problem, you set up a reminder to see it as it really is. It’s an experiment that you should feel grateful to have the chance to play with.

So, next time that you start to feel anxious… treat that as a reminder to think of something exciting… This will allow you to refocus your energy on it.

Now for an assignment… I want you to think about the last few times that you were anxious or nervous. What was happening and why did that cause you to feel the way you did?

Chances are that it was either a new experience or it was something you have tried before which didn’t go as well as you had expected.

Either of those two things will trigger your anxious feelings. The reason for this is, to your mind it’s going to have to use more energy and work harder.

As the chemicals inside your brain start to change… your mind is trying to communicate that information to you.

The message is “hey, I don’t know if you notice or not but this is like (blank)’. Or “Hey, this is new so, be ready for it”.

Whenever You Ignore Your Minds Communication…

It doesn’t result in the experience of getting properly sorted. Imagine a deck of cards that you’re playing with. After a few games go by, you notice that several cards are missing…

That is exactly what happens when you ignore your emotions. Your mind doesn’t put that card into play any longer because it’s waiting for you to respond to it.

So, it becomes a problem that will exist until you come back to that situation.

Imagine that you are ignoring your bills. The company that supplies that resource isn’t just going to let you slide. They will attempt to get you to pay that bill.

The longer that bill goes unpaid… the more aggressive that company will get.

Your mind is the same way… it won’t just sit back and let you continue to ignore it. Eventually, you will start to become depressed, irritable, and quite unhappy because it demands that you listen to it.

To further prove that your problems come from you… I want you to write down what they are. That is if you can figure out which things are real problems and which things are just imagined.

When You Ignore Things For A Long-Time…

Everything inside your mind has gotten chaotic. This is what causes people to feel hopeless since their mind is no longer willing to offer them any assistance.

For those of you who experience trouble sleeping, trouble concentrating, or even experience trouble reminding yourself why you should continue living…

You have too many ignored messages from your subconscious mind and it’s given up on you. Soon, your only choice is going to cost you a ton of money because you will need professional help.

The way you see this happening in the real world… Is a person enters a mental health program to refocus? It’s the same thing that you may have heard about Britney Spears needing to do.

By the way, she is not the only celebrity that goes in for mental health treatment. In fact, it’s more a trend now than it’s ever been because our entire system causes these things to happen.

People put things off until it’s too late to do it any longer by themselves.

Remember That Life Doesn’t Give You Problems…

You do this all on your own because you choose it. That is one of the biggest concerns for anyone who procrastinates… Did you realize that it’s a significant factor in a decrease in mental health?

The average person wouldn’t have any reason to put things off because they control their own behaviors. We are going to start seeing mental health become the number one issue for everyone.

Technology for us is making it more difficult to spend the needed time working through our self-inflicted issues. Why? 

Because people continue to choose more interactive ways to focus on others. Without a routine set up to maintain, prevent, and treat your issues… It’s way too easy to forget to check in with the messages of your subconscious mind.

You need to allocate at least 15 minutes a day to ask yourself how things are going and see if there is anything that needs to be worked on.

There is still good news for most people because unless you are contemplating suicide… It’s not too late to help yourself out of this mess.

I gave you three of the most important beliefs to get started on… For more helpful tips and tricks… Continue exploring this website and you will certainly want to look for my first book coming soon.

My personal journey will reveal everything that I have done to flip the switch and to start to develop the best relationship with my own mind.

What causes problems in life to happen? You and your decisions aren’t about caring for yourself first.

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