What Are The Root Causes of Human Problems?

What Are The Root Causes To Human Problems?

As with any kind of problem-solving, it’s a good idea to know as much about the problem as you can.

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This will make each step taken one that actually gets understood and not just be about you performing actions for no reason.

What are the root causes of human problems will be looking much closer and go more in-depth than any previous article? The point will be to state the problem and break it down into the different steps needed to solve it.

In order to do this correctly, we first need to have several general problems. After listing those, you will want to write down as much as possible as to why it’s something you desperately want to be solved.

Don’t be afraid to express your real feelings and then any emotions that come up while you’re going into the details. In the case of problem-solving, more is better because it gives you the most information to see where things really go wrong.

Also, write down anything that you think matters or may be connected with that issue. This will help you find other lesser-known issues and may even get you to the root of the main problem.

Here is the list of two initial problems to solve

What Are The Root Causes To Human Problems?Problem one – Something feels out of whack but you aren’t sure what to do. This happens when there is a feeling you may not be living up to your potential and because you also feel that time is being wasted, you notice there is a sense of hopelessness.

The first step to take is to track your feelings for a little while and do your normal activities. This will help you see which areas are leading you toward a bad feeling and which ones are lifting your mood to good feelings.

It’s from your own awareness that it becomes possible to understand why your mind is trying to communicate with you to change your behavior. It’s only possible to know what means what when you learn which emotions you experience during certain activities.

Once you have a list of your emotions, your activities and your usual day to day schedule. You will simply create a timetable that leaves room for which emotion occurs at what time and if it changes as you do the things you do.

An example is at 9 a.m. I started writing an article for my blog. When I started I was feeling tired and as I was getting, further along, I felt no changes happening. Soon after, (9:10) I noticed I had started to feel less tired and began slowly to gain excitement as I got about halfway done.

At 10 a.m. I was still writing and checking for errors, feeling less excited now but more serious. I looked at my schedule and noticed I needed to research more on a different subject. This brought on a feeling of uncertainty because I didn’t know yet what the research was about.

I am just recording notes and doing it when it happens to occur to me to do so. When you are starting out, it’s important that you understand that this gets much easier with practice.What Are The Root Causes To Human Problems?

A few things you can do to make the work quicker is to follow these tips:

  • Create a list of emotions with a definition that you understand. Having things to view which are quick references will also teach you how to become more organized.
  • Create a schedule to follow that is different each day of the week. This will let you distinguish between the time of day and the activity you are doing much easier.
  • Create special times to do a favorite activity of yours. This can be anything that you do for yourself to immediately bring on a good feeling. It’s important that you have certain things to test your mood on which you know will make you happy, sad, angry, uncertain or afraid so that you can double-check things.
  • Here is an optional one that I like. Keep different kinds of journals around so that you can create lists inside of one, write more in-depth in the other, and even use a third to combine both. Why? Because the more you write things down the easier it is for your subconscious mind to be trained (think about the beginning of the Simpsons when Bart is writing out a punishment over and over on the chalkboard. It’s so that he learns to stop doing that behavior.) When you can do the same thing for yourself, you will begin to know which activities you should be doing and which ones will help you build self-discipline as you ignore how you feel and do them anyways.

What can you do to start reversing this hopeless feeling and get to a point that you are pursuing something important?

What Are The Root Causes To Human Problems?Problem two – How do I learn what beliefs are helping me and which ones are harming me? This problem is going to be dealt with in a similar way as problem one.

You will want to do it with both your emotions and your thoughts. This means that you not only list the time, the feeling, and the activity, but you also want to make notes about what you are thinking.

To really get started and understand yourself it’s a great idea for you to come up with an extensive list of challenging questions. These will ask you to explain why you believe in God, or why you don’t.

Why you believe that you are attractive or why you believe you are not. What makes you think that you aren’t intelligent or what makes you think that you are brilliant?

There are no limits on what you can believe and it’s because of that you will not fully understand yourself just by knowing your race, gender, sexual preference and so on.

In the beginning, there are a couple of questions that really need to be asked and those are these:

  • What do I want out of life and what direction am I heading in right now?
  • What do I want to avoid becoming or doing so that I can steer away from those?
  • What do I value, is it friendships, family, making money, having fun, being alone, being intelligent, being popular, being looked up to, being a leader, being capable of many things?
  • What is the most important or the top five beliefs and values in life right now?
  • What strengths do I already have or what do I do well?
  • What weaknesses do I have right now or what things do I need to work on doing better at?
  • Is there something I would love to do where the money isn’t a factor? Or what would I choose to do if I had all the money I am ever going to need?
  • How healthy am I both physically and mentally? Do I need to exercise more, meditate more, practice loving myself more and eating better than I am currently?
  • Start to think about your vision of the future and what kind of skills you would like to learn. Also is there anything you are currently great at that would be easy for you to teach to others?

Why is it important to get familiar with yourself and can it really be as simple as practicing to develop into the person I know I can become?

How to get set up and solve all your problems?

What Are The Root Causes To Human Problems?

The first two are the biggest ones that you can start doing today. They will get you started and become the foundation for your future skills and abilities.

Think about the ten commandments that apply to train yourself to learn who you really are, and what you can become. This is how important those first two are and they need to be done for a couple of months if you are patient enough.

Patience is a skill that will be worked on during this entire process because your mind doesn’t just wake up ready to go the next day even with hypnosis.

Repetition, time, effort, persistence, and flexibility are all going to be important terms to understand. By learning this stuff in small chunks it will keep your mind capable of taking in all the information as you go.

This will not be something you can simply read once and then do a lackluster job on, thinking the changes will just work. Each time you have an area that you start to feel great about, take that minute or two to write down in detail how wonderful you feel.

The ups and downs that happen and sometimes extremes will eventually become minimized from what they start out at. The one constant with anything is that your moods will come and go the same as everyone else’s.

Learn what your emotions mean so you can point yourself to the right activities for the way you want to feel. Reinforce the good ones by recording them as you experience them and this will give you a resource to use when you are in a down mood.

Also, when you filter your beliefs to the ones that are helpful, you will be more in control of everything about you. This will mean that you learn faster, you develop faster, you grow more, you gain more knowledge and understand more things.

The part that is truly important is that you take things seriously because you are important, know that you are the one responsible for your life and the way you experience the good or bad parts of it.

You are the only one that can really solve your problems because they start with your beliefs, emotions, thoughts, behavior, and spread.  One decision can lead to more bad feelings than you need to experience or one decision can be monumental for you to develop the skill that makes you eternally happy.

In closing I want you to think about mistakes

What Are The Root Causes To Human Problems?

What are they and what will happen as you make them? Most people already say that they know that people can’t become perfect but then why do so many people try to make themselves miserable because they just don’t practice this belief?

Start to figure out a system that will reward your efforts and not be based on the success you experience. This means that when you continue to reach your milestones, evaluate everything about the process.

It’s a mistake to go through life thinking that all successful people have gotten to where they are because they did things without messing up. The truth is that nobody gets far without learning from the mistakes they made in the past.

When you make a mistake it’s not a time to beat yourself up, instead reward yourself for making them and for changing the way you see the same problems. When you fully understand that mistakes are a part of life just like breathing in air, you will be much more capable of developing all the positives about yourself.

Remember to ask this question, what problems are you trying to solve? This is the very first thing you should do before you ask anyone anything. The point is that you have to learn to trust everything you do and to find your own solutions.

Let me know if you have any questions or want to say anything to me about this post. Otherwise, you can get in touch with me for more help by using the contact Eric page in the menu above.

And thanks for taking the time to read what I write, I truly don’t just keep going with this site for only myself. My goal is to help a million or more people and that starts with each person I can get my content in front of. Share it with people that you know so as to spread this great information.

What are the root causes of human problems? This can be determined on an individual basis but lack of knowledge, false beliefs, and poor choices help you dissect your problems when you also know how to work them backward.

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