What About A Plan B? – 10 Secrets About Stress And Worry!

What About A Plan B?

There is actually a term called crisis management that covers what a plan B is all about. But do you understand the reason that it’s important that everyone who has goals needs one?

What about a plan B is going to cover the 10 secrets about stress and worry everyone should learn. This will not only lead you to become more productive in your life but also it will free your mind to think much clearer.

Before you start to wonder why there is a need for a secondary plan, it’s got everything to do about being prepared. I normally am not a fan about looking at what if’s, but when you do it as part of your strategy it will become clear why it’s worth it.

Follow the link above if you’re not certain what I mean by the what if’s.  Right now there is something more important that I want to discuss with you and that is about the vision you have for the future.

Do you know that more people are successful when they plan for there goals? This has an even higher success rate when they also remove as much worry and stress from their lives as they can.

Here is an example of what I am talking about. Meet Steve, he started to plan for his future last year and has been moving along relatively fine. After all, he had followed the advice about making use of smart goals, following a schedule and improving his self-discipline.

He was able to follow the best advice up to the letter and was cruising right along towards his goals. But one thing he didn’t understand was that he needed to have a plan B.

Wouldn’t you know, he got his identity stolen and didn’t even notice when it happened. A month or two after this one event he started to find out that an imposter was going around pretending to be him.

Everything began to crumble beneath steves feet and all of his hard work was slipping away from him. Without any idea about what he should do, Steve started to feel as if his dreams were now hopeless.

This caused a deep depression to set in and from there Steve took his own life. He was unable to deal with his new reality that someone would ever do this to him.

He lacked a plan B because he only focused on what was ahead for him, never thinking once about what could stop the progress he was making. But what Steve didn’t know, is the very thing that he wasn’t able to ultimately handle.

The saying is: “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail!” And this goes for everything not just for the stuff you want to happen, but also for the stuff you don’t want to have happen. Don’t forget you may end up in somebody else’s plans.

A Plan B Prepares You For The What If’s?

What About A Plan B?

Let’s start by going over what it means to have a vision of the future. Generally when somebody starts coming up with a list of goals to follow it’s because they want to obtain something that is distant.

But every once in a while you will still need to be looking out for the what if’s and in steves reality there just wasn’t anything which had been pointed out to him that something bad could happen.

Improving yourself for the better is a wonderful goal, but that is only one reality and it’s not what is called a big picture. The more you can put yourself in other people’s shoes, the more you will understand what human nature really is.

I don’t mean to terrify anyone and make you think that it’s a need to worry about things every day. But this is the exact reason there are companies out there which provide every service you can think of.

It’s great that you want to improve yourself, your life, your future, but just in case there may be a problem it’s also a great idea to make a plan that will cover your ass for the just in case.

What does this tell you about a vision of the future? 

That it is fine to think forward and have big plans that you want to achieve, but that you want to set aside a time slot once in a while to work on that plan about what can I do when the worst things occur.

Without a quality option, you will feel like somebody cut out your brain and left you with nothing but a giant shit inside your head. Personally, these worst things are something I feel almost immune to at times but isn’t that just the case of most victims.

They fail to see what can go wrong and that is even after seeing almost everything happening to other people in the news. How on earth can somebody keep a positive outlook when they are up against these scenarios?

That my friends are the reason you make a plan B

What About A Plan B?

You don’t have to be the person who worries, constantly checks your credit, consistently looks over your shoulders, but you need to think that way just once in a while to develop the skill of preparedness.

I mention that having a plan B will let you remove stress and worry. That is because you become super confident that you have done everything in your power to handle what the evilest people can do to you.

It’s not always that bad to put a negative in your mind for this purpose and it proves that nobody can be one hundred percent positive all the time. The good news is that it’s more about one special thing that I will teach you.

Courage, which is the ability to look fear in the eyes and slap the taste right outta its mouth! Nobody is born with this ability, you have to consistently build up your courage as you live your life.

But it’s not that hard to do, because you already understand what fears are, what emotions are, and that you can train your mind to handle anything. Regardless of the danger towards yourself, there is a great way to gain this courage.

That is through risks, that is through reading about other courageous acts, that is about taking a course that takes you into the environment where you’re worst fears live. And it gets you to stand tall, increase your tolerance and self-discipline, and you get to see what you are made of.

I have said before that there is duality in life, which means a good and a bad, a right and a wrong, a birth and a death. So courage is the opposite of fear, just as love is the opposite of hate.

Learning that this is reality will help to prepare you for the truth about human nature and the world that you live in.

Become your own hero and trust yourself without a doubt!

What About A Plan B?

Enough about all this negative doom and gloom stuff, you want to know how to make plans that will keep you safe and secure but also allow you to take the risks that keep developing your skills and abilities.

Looking back at everything you just did for goal setting and time management, now you are going to develop this plan B so that you can put any situation in it and be prepared.

What does that entail you may be wondering?

Early on there is going to be a time when you don’t care, that means that you can simply keep working on making the improvements that build you up a little at a time.

When you get past this initial spot it’s best that you understand the many safeguards that exist.

So, I want you to see a few that will prevent a lot of the damage that can be done to you.

Here is a list of things you need to learn:

  • Patience – A part of self-discipline is having also enough patience to let somebody else take a few of the risks for you. This means that instead of your personal information becoming public you could hire a personal assistant to help you with what gets out. There is a way to safeguard everything and in some cases, it’s insurance, in other cases it’s from the government, or the fees you can pay to join a community…
  • Understand how change works – Whether you are reading about changes that happened in history or from changes that you want to make for yourself. It’s important that you truly take the time to develop the ability to notice something prior to it changing. This means that you will be able to predict the outcomes of any actions that you take, or that somebody else is going to take.
  • Understand that there are setbacks – You will need to realize that it’s not possible to achieve anything without failing or making mistakes and that there will be other factors outside of your control that can just as easily impact your life. For example, the computer you are using crashes and it’s no longer fixable. This means you need to be able to back up any important information that you depend on. That will prevent your life from crashing down on you in an instant.
  • Motivation vs Frustrations – The purpose of learning everything about yourself is a simple one, it means that you know what you will be able to do vs what you will want to skip. Instead of allowing yourself to get frustrated in the chaos that changes can bring, you also have to know how you can quickly change yourself so that you don’t act on your emotions without wanting to.
  • The three C’s – Cool, calm and collected. You must understand that to be in the present you will have to be quick on your feet when it comes to decisions, communications, problem-solving and that you won’t make things better if you don’t maintain the three c’s. There is a fourth C that will be discussed a little later but for now, focus on how you can quickly turn off your emotions so that you don’t overreact to things.

Why do you need to control yourself at all times should start to become obvious by now? When you are in control it makes you the leader and when somebody has developed the abilities to lead themselves, it means they become the hero.

From there you gain a new type of mindset which helps your confidence skyrocket, you’re able to keep the biggest events from crippling you, and you gain so much trust in yourself that it becomes second nature to you.

You Are Plan B, and it’s how you choose to react

What About A Plan B?

But there are still a few things you need to do in the situations that will spell disaster if they do occur. This means you will want to make a slight change to your original set of goals.

This doesn’t need to slow you down any or to take away too much time or effort. What it does require from you is a goal about how you will handle each of the worst case scenarios.

The catch is unlike your original plans, you will not be focusing on these each and every day so that your subconscious mind believes that this is what you want. That’s also why I say you don’t even need to be the one that comes up with the plan.

Just make sure you take the time to go over your dream killers once in a while so that you are aware of them, and that you can find them in the case of an emergency. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to keep your three C’s.

What I personally do is keep my training going at all times, it’s a good idea to take courses, do worksheets, watch webinars, seminars, utilize a life coach, or have your own therapist to talk to if you can afford these things.

Here are the ten secrets about stress and worry:

  1. The more you plan, the more you can relax.
  2. The benefit of continued training is that you develop your true potential infinitely.
  3. The time to stop working on yourself will happen when you have run out of life goals to achieve.
  4. Facing your fears one at a time will ultimately destroy most of your stress and worry.
  5. A clear and realistic vision of your future empowers you to develop trust in yourself.
  6. Knowing who you really are means that you don’t need reassurance from other people and that means their opinions don’t really mean anything unless you want them to be important.
  7. Every goal you achieve builds up your gratitude and when that increases so does your ability to show compassion.
  8. Communication will increase when you live through the most challenging obstacles. This happens because you can relate any story to anyone and it’s authentic when you do so.
  9.  The more you know the easier it will be to help anyone you want to help. This alone increases the influence you have and the ability to feel fantastic about your actions.
  10. The higher you build your tolerance about the annoyances in your life, the better you become at being capable of enjoying the things you really love to do.

All ten things will help you shrink the amount of worry and stress that was damaging your life. Just as everyone has their own struggles, everyone also has the chance to achieve the most exciting and balanced life possible.

Everything I mentioned in this post will help you become better prepared for the unexpected events that are certain to pop up in your life from time to time.

Knowing that you aren’t any better or worse than anyone else is just a reminder that you work your ass off to gain everything that comes and goes from your life.

In the end, it’s all that matters because you know you have pushed yourself to the best of your abilities no matter what anyone else ever says or does.

What about a plan B? You have all of that under control just by following what I am teaching you. Don’t be afraid of taking the next steps, and let me know if you need any help or have any questions.

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2 thoughts on “What About A Plan B? – 10 Secrets About Stress And Worry!”

  1. I started a new journal just for my plan B’s, this way I can let it all out and continue to work on each scenario as things change and I learn more new skills. The other point I wanted to make is that you can let all those worst-case scenarios dwell on paper and not have to think about them repeatedly. This will free up the mind so that you can keep focused on the important stuff. Seeing those every chance you get will eventually program them all into your subconscious mind and it will be a lot easier to find the motivation each day. Let me know if you have any question while you are doing your’s and thanks for the comment, Matt’s mom 🙂

  2. I loved your 10 secrets about stress and worry. I tend to do this too much sometimes. I guess it is just a habit of mine since I do like to have everything in my life under control. I think that is the key, learning that this is sometimes not possible. I think I just need to plan things more, and then as you say I can feel relaxed. I can feel like I have done all that I can. I also think it is good to build your tolerance up so that you can deal with more. I think that I handle this pretty well. When I see myself slipping, I just talk to myself and move on.

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