Understanding Self-Improvement As A System | (Part Five)

VooDoo Running from my magic was a lyric by the insane clown posse. Its stuck in my mind since the age I first heard it.

Which was a little too old to listen to them but a little too young to know any better.

Why bring up something trivial like that when writing about understanding self-improvement as a system? It’s because every single thing you experience is going to have some type of repurcussions.

For me, that song lyric stuck because of how impressionable our minds are. It means you likely have nonsense floating around in your own head that has no real purpose.

It’s those things that when left unchecked will cause chaos in our lives.

So, when you feel that struggle to improve yourself and better your life, know that it’s a piece of the system that has to work in harmony.

What Does Harmony Do For Our System?

I mentioned interdependencies in the last part because they are essentially what the cause and effect will be for the system including all the moving parts.

One of the best ways to think about a working system is to think about yours. The human body, mind, and nervous systems are all dependent on each other to get their jobs done.

Remove one of them and none of them work, damage one and the others might as well be damaged at the same time.

So, before you can understand how to put your own products to use, you have to understand what each one is for and what will happen if their isn’t a working harmony.

Most people understand that we will die when our own system gets too damaged to be repaired. This is an unavoidable realization for most of us because it’s neither helpful nor harmful to know about.

But that doesn’t stop people from freaking themselves out trying to stop it or slow it down. What do you think will cause the most anxiety?

Knowing that you will succeed eventually if you can persist through all obstacles or knowing you could die if you make the wrong move?

This Is Why It’s Absolutely Critical To Stengthen Your Beliefs.

Those are some of your interdenpendcies because you have the direct power to control them. When you fail to do it to optimize yourself, you will struggle to follow your own systems directions.

I have mentioned having them figured out at the earliest point because you will not be set up correctly if you don’t have them to help you.

The same thing is true when you focus on your values, know them so that you have it down solid. These two things are moving parts inside of the system because they influence every move you make.

Nothing else matters unless this part of the system is help you to focus on the progress you wish to make. The next area is going to be about removing the bad habits which includes removing your irrational thinking.

Why? Because a fear is a nonsense belief that you are going to be harmed if you move ahead with what you need to do.

These are the test that shows you whether your beliefs are strong enough yet. Afraid to speak publicly and know that you must do so to make progress?

Figure that part out fast because your system stops moving when you do.

The Next Part Of The System Is …

Testing your skills because you will not be capable of moving forward if everything you can do is weak. This part can be turned into a JTBD where you can hire help.

Think back to part two where I introduced you to a community of entrepreneurs. This is the place that will put you to the test as far as communication is concerned and also teach you what is needed to manage a website.

This is an optional piece because there are many options which do these things, however, none of them work as effectively because that community is a system on it’s own.

Whenever you start to question things, take a break to relax yourself because this is how you give your mind a time out. That means you can gather yourself and focus right in the moment to make sure you understand what is going on.

There is a fine line between taking control over your life with the things you can control and then what you can let go of so that you can follow a system exactly.

Another Interesting Skill You Can Learn Is Life Coaching.

Once again it’s an optonal area that you can study so that you can increase the effectiveness when you try to communicate.

It’s not a tough area to learn more about because you will already be doing that with my system. Now, the reason I look at different coaching systems is to keep myself in the loop.

By now I hope you are starting to notice a pattern, I have been mentioning systems because great products can be combined in a focused way that will lead you through each system so that you are always making progress.

The biggest mistake that people can make is to develop a belief where there aren’t any options left.

That is what I started out with in my struggle, it’s what I reflect on often not because it’s a positive memory but because I know what happens when you quit.

Lets Talk About The Afterlife For A Minute.

The reason that religion is a waste of time is because regardless of what you plan on happening, you will be wrong. That means you waste your life worried about a nonsense fear and it costs you more then you know.

I tried to take my own life and I did not see hell or heaven. There is only one place that even exists and it’s inside your mind since that is what shapes your perspective.

What do you imagine happening and how often do you start to think your actions won’t matter because your fate isn’t in your own hands?

Perhaps you feel the opposite way and that there is no reason to fear death. All of us need to see life for what it is, a chance to learn about ourselves.

Nothing else matters except what you can train yourself to believe. There is no memory storage that exists right now aside from what you can create to keep your own story going.

That means regardless of what happens when you die you have the ability to teach others long after. Take the time to empower yourself for the next several years so that you can write that story with the exact ending you want.

The only thing that will ever stop you is yourself and that is why I believe one hundred percent that there is a system for each of us.

Thanks for taking the time to read this series and if you haven’t done so already, take a tour of the community that I belong to.

I wasn’t the person today or quite possibly ever would have come as far as I have without the progress I made there.

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