Understanding How To Change Fear Into Power And Success

Understanding How To Change Fear Into Power And Success

I have wonderful news for anyone who battles fear, this is all about changing that energy into something useful.

Did you know that because fear is an ordinary emotional response that it’s possible to get excited from that fear?

Because of this connection, you can start understanding how to change fear into power and success.

By changing your thinking from negative to positive or by changing your habits from bad to good.

Both of these are valuable and beneficial ways that accomplish specific goals.

Why? Because most people experience fear, and the cause of that fear is from your mind.

Your body only reacts after something in your mind tells it to either run away or defend.

When you are able to identify the things which you fear, it’s possible to change how your mind tells your body to react.

This process is known as conditioning and is a wonderful way to train ourselves to behave in a better way than before.

Fear in its truest form is just energy your body uses to perform an action. This action is a response to a thought and happens very quickly.

When you expect something this reaction isn’t gonna be as noticeable. Why? Because your thought is different from what it would usually be.

This is an important thing to understand because it means you can prepare yourself better for almost any outcome that will ever happen to you.

One example is that dreaded job interview, where you get nervous but don’t necessarily freak out. The more prepared you are for it the better you perform.

This is no different than what happens with any type of thought. When you expect a thought, the trigger isn’t going lead to an overreaction but can lead to an underreaction.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you don’t react the way you had expected? That is due to your subconscious mind understanding something differently then you imagined.

This means there must be a way to develop that ability. Looking at ways to achieve this underreaction is the focus of what I am going to show you here.Fear is energy your body uses to perform an action

Changing fear into power and success

You get power from your own confidence that is gained by understanding each action you perform well.

Another way to say this is that from practice or training you condition your mind to be confident that way your body expects your thoughts to be consistent.

When they are exactly what you expect you know what to do automatically. That is because you do it well and know confidently that you are gonna do it very well each and every time.

This kind of power is what keeps people working and getting paid well to perform different actions. Why do you need to understand this?

Because I mentioned a while back about 10 most common fears you experience with shyness. This knowledge gives you the power to change those fears and adjust your behaviors to work out in your favor.Sometimes you and your subconscious mind react differently

Looking at each of them and getting a general idea down isn’t enough. What you need to do is to figure out the best action plan to make sure you react to the fear the exact way you want to.

Now that you understand the power that is possible from having fear let’s take a look at what happens when you point that power in the direction you control.

Success is then possible with whatever you are trying to do. For the benefit of this post, it will be to gain success in overcoming those fears and using them to guide you toward a result.

In order to know what is meant by success, you need to state what result you’re after. That is what an action plan is for and this type of plan just means that you do something for a certain result.Learn how to control your fears to react in better ways

The result will happen after the conditions are met. By conditions, I mean that once the fear is triggered, your mind produces a thought, and that thought triggers something to happen with your body.

The conditions are fear is triggered, you think, and you act.

Gaining control of what your body does is the result you are after. Because that is the way you start to feel less fear about the experience.

Understanding what the conditions are is essential to eliminating the fears that you have. That is simply knowing what you will do when XYZ happen or having an action plan.

Now you just need to work on that action plan until it becomes automatic. How do you accomplish this?

Understanding How To Change Fear Into Power And Success

Power creates success and fear is eliminated

Taking control back from your mind’s interference takes time and needs you to follow a set schedule of actions. List your fears, list your triggers, and list your reactions.

Once you have done that you will start to be aware of what happens in the moment. Understanding that you alone control what your mind thinks gives you the ultimate power.

Before you can use that power you will need to figure out a way to focus it on your goals. And since you know your goal right now is to eliminate the fears, you practice facing them a little at a time till you eliminate them.

Your fears are gone, and in there place is the results which are how you can train your body, train your mind, and train your emotions.Awareness in the moment is possible when you understand your part

Sounds more fun than being terrified all the time and feeling the need to flee a situation, right? But before you get too far ahead you still need to start back at the beginning of each fear.

Just because you understand this process now, doesn’t mean it is gonna happen for you just yet. At this point in, you are only understanding how to make something more motivating for you to actually go in and do it.

This is also why people give speeches or cheer other people on. You channel the energy you have towards an outcome. Think about that pep talk your coaches may have given you at half-time.

Sometimes they worked and other times they didn’t really change things because they didn’t relate enough to your feelings. This is why it’s not automatic just because you understand and know about it.

How exactly are you gonna get from petrified to glorified as seamless as possible?

Understanding How To Change Fear Into Power And Success

Trial and error your fears into power and success

This is the part that people forget will have to happen to achieve something relevant. Unless you have a perfect formula that will work for everything, it’s important that ideas are tried and tested.

Because there is no perfect formula you are the one who will be the test subject. You could hire someone to try things out for you except there results may not be the same for you.

I know it’s a  pain in the ass right? But it’s not that bad if you realize that it’s gonna eventually improve everything for the better. It does mean that you will be doing a few things to prepare for the actual actions.

This is known as positive thinking or optimism. Yes, I am a broken record always saying positive this that and the other. Get over it because it’s essential.Trial and error means you need to practice obtaining outcomes

I will explain trial and error for anyone unfamiliar, and it’s just a simple matter of coming up with an idea, testing that idea, and if it works awesome you are done testing.

However getting it right on the first try is seldom the reality we live in. That means it’s likely gonna lead you to spend numerous attempts before you figure out what works best.

Notice I say what works best and not just what works. That is the other factor here and for some of you, it will mean groans and moans.

Understanding How To Change Fear Into Power And Success

Practicing things until they become a habit

The word that comes after trial and error is practice. That is because, in order to come up with the ideal result and have it become automatic, you need to make a habit out of doing it.

Practice is the process of doing something over and over until you do it consistently in order to achieve a result that brings you the desired outcome or result you want.

What is a habit and where does it actually come from? There is a process that was formulated sometime back that says you need to repeat an action 21-264 times before you can ever expect to do it automatically.Energy into positive emotion leads to positive actions

For those of you who understand how long 264 days are, yup sometimes you really have to want that result before it’s gonna happen for you like you need it to.

On a side note, it’s also why breaking a bad habit isn’t something that is as simple as a wish. Good news for you is that you can do things which keep your mind capable of performing something repetitively.

Wanna know what those tricks are?

Understanding what fear into power and success means

Understanding How To Change Fear Into Power And Success

Energy into emotion into action is really everything involved here. But to stay consistent you know that energy happens when some type of an event occurs.

An event happens out of nowhere as far as we are concerned right now. Just understand that everything can be an event.

Going to the bathroom is an event, going outside is an event, and waking up is an event.

The important thing about an event is how it makes you feel, this is what your mind experiences and your body reacts to. Not the actual event.

Knowing that your mind creates whatever you experience is the key to understanding how to change that.

Control over your feelings and emotions gives you the power to take whatever action is appropriate.

This happens to our advantage when this is understood because you don’t overreact to the feeling or the emotion.

For now, this is the result you want, to not overreact to any emotions or feelings brought on by an event.

Knowing this means you are already ahead of what a lot of other people understand about themselves. In a nutshell, we now understand how to change fear into power and success.

Be sure you come back Monday for the next part of this series.

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  1. Every skill that you have or need to learn will make it easier to change your fears into a kind of superpower. That is because it’s empowering to realize that you actually are the one thing that produces those feelings and are also the one thing that can get them to leave. Your mind is waiting for you to show it what you really want, and then to commit to doing the things you plan on doing. Until you are capable of supplying yourself with an action plan your mind will continue to do what it’s always done in similar situations. I am glad to hear that you have faced your fear of bees, many times if it’s too difficult to face something directly, you will be able to start slowly working with images and then visualizations before the real thing.

  2. I agree with what you say, that I alone control what I think, and of course what I fear. And it is controllable. I know that for most of my life I was absolutely terrified of bees. So much so that I had panic attacks and dreamed they were attacking me, LOL. It took some practice and the help of my son to just use my mind over matter. Now, I can handle them. I sometimes get a little anxious, but I am not terrified with fear. It is a matter of the mind and just practicing not being afraid.

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