Important Things They Didn’t Teach You At School

Things They Didn't Teach You At School

Where you grow up and who you are raised by will both determine the person you become.

Your environment shapes your beliefs both good and bad, and this includes the school system that is chosen for you.

The things they didn’t teach you at school is your best option for figuring out what is going on right now with yourself. Anyone who has feelings of inferiority will benefit from this post.

That means everyone if you haven’t already figured out that everyone will feel inferior to something in their own life. The problem stems from your own ability to discover who you should or shouldn’t listen to.

When you have an experience in your past that negatively affects your self-image, you will go ahead in life and develop a way of overcompensating for that negative feeling.

These feelings get buried and can be both useful and harmful because you may achieve highly in the field you are working on.

But even at the highest levels, you will still not feel the best that you can because there is an underlying issue that you have ignored.

When these are developed either at home or during your time going to school it can go unnoticed and become a hidden subconscious issue that you didn’t even realize is there.

What’s worse is that it’s often caused by the people who you interact with because they also suffer from these feelings of inferiority and don’t know how to deal with them either.Hidden issues in your subconscious mind

Instead of learning this in school, you can go decades further with life and never figure out the cause of your suffering. You have a goal you chase but it’s not something you will accomplish and start feeling wonderful about.

To say this another way is that you simply don’t learn how to use these feelings of inferiority to your advantage so that you can achieve high marks but also understand that it’s not a reason for you to think you are worthless.

What can be done about feeling inferior?

Things They Didn't Teach You At School

Because this is an internal struggle you will have to go back into your past and start to dig around to find it.

This means you can write down anywhere that you felt different from the other people in your life.

After doing that you will want to think about the reasons this experience could be holding you back from everything else you have wanted.

This means you will need to understand the beliefs behind your feelings of inferiority.

Why do you think you are worthless? Why are you afraid of making any mistakes? Why do you try so hard to get other people to like you?

Those are the real questions you will want to ask yourself and then be honest about them. After doing this step you can start to learn more about who you are and what your true beliefs are.

Hypnosis can really help you to gain new beliefs quicker then you can do just by repeating them over and over. But there is still more to it than just going back and replacing the beliefs you have.

What happens when you believe you are ugly or stupid compared to other people? You start to see that regardless of what anyone else says to you in the future because your mind still goes back to what you have been taught.

This is reinforced because everything early on kept pointing you back to that same area. Unless you figure out exactly why you are allowing it to be so powerful in your life, you will not make any progress the way that will help you the most.Everyone suffers from feeling inferior

Often what happens is that when you feel ugly you begin to think about taking an extreme measure. A lot of people will turn to plastic surgery, or will even surround themselves with others who are uglier then they feel they are.

This only continues to add fuel to the fire because it doesn’t do anything to remove the pain your feeling about the past. Instead of doing things that are temporary, you have to go back and find the root cause of the issue.

Once you know about it, then it’s time to actually change it with a technique called cognitive behavior therapy. Don’t worry about the name it’s actually nothing that complicated.

Learn about human nature and the truth

Things They Didn't Teach You At School

When you live in a country where the value is placed on money, beauty, and sacrifices you will become fooled by those same things.

This means that you have no control over anything that will actually help you feel better.

It’s because of this reinforced nature that a majority of the people end up treating each other like they are worthless. Why?

Because the truth is that they feel worthless that they have none of these things themselves.

To say this another way is to be bullied by somebody calling you ugly and realizing that they see that in themselves.

Even though we all seem to acknowledge this truth nobody has the balls to do anything different.

You still allow for your country and the leaders you pick to be all these superficial things and to continue down this dead-end path of suffering for you and your family.

The reason that people who live without caring about any of these things are truly happy is that they have figured this out. They can’t reach everyone because people don’t listen and see this for themselves.

Living a life full of self-deceit until you die and wondering what was it all for is the result. So the best way for you to figure out what you feel inferior about is to go through the steps yourself.

This will mean that you need to challenge many things that other people blindly accept. Until you have the answers that satisfy your own needs, you may continue to believe people who you shouldn’t.

Don’t let yourself accept anything as truth until you know why it’s either good or bad for you.You may never learn why you're suffering

You have to value yourself above everything no matter what

This is not even that hard to do but you will likely refuse to take the actions you need because it doesn’t feel right. That to go against the social programming you have will require drastic actions.

Once again making changes are supposed to be a part of life as you grow and figure out new things. But when you remain stuck and continue to damage yourself more and more it becomes too much at some point for you to convince your mind to do it.

How to fix yourself from feeling worthless is as simple as to stop making the comparisons to other people that happen all the time in your life. This can be a little difficult when you start out but becomes easier once you take the time to understand how to become a confident and self-compassionate person.

Before I continue let’s make sure you understand what feeling worthless means. This is also the feeling that something is missing or that you are being pulled in another direction from what you currently believe to be right.Inferior feelings doesn't mean you're worthless

It doesn’t simply go away just because you stop making the comparisons, for it to become a more effective approach you will also need to understand why it started.

When you learn to be a child it can become your identity and you try to do your best at that role. All of a sudden things can go wrong and you lose your parents, tearing apart that role you had been playing.

You might even blame the death of your parents on yourself because after all, you hadn’t been the perfect kid. This happens when you assume any type of identity and place too much meaning on what it does to your beliefs.

The same thing can happen when you are a student, and you get a bad grade. Or it can happen when you become a parent and your child isn’t this perfect little angel.

All the blame gets pointed at yourself and you start to feel that you have failed in that role. This can lead you to feel worthless about yourself and it’s not something that will go away until you realize you play many roles at once.

Things They Didn't Teach You At School

You have to be open to lot’s of things

The biggest reason that people become better with their desire to change is that they develop the skills that actually overcome their inferior feelings.

For instance, when you are trying too hard to be something that you don’t already believe that you are, this is just a way to lie to yourself and improve that weakness.

In order for you to become a happy and wonderful person that doesn’t need to be constantly complimented, you have to practice learning the things you realize are your weaknesses.

There is no shortcut to being open to discovering the best way to develop yourself. This happens because you understand that you are unique and that you alone are the only person that can decide you’re worthy.

Nobody’s opinion is worth as much as your own because it’s the only thing to your subconscious that matters overall. When you learn to stop believing in things that aren’t true, you will see that life is up to you to enjoy.Don't ignore these inferior feelings

Become a self-instructor and look for the best ways to teach yourself about what you need and what you will do well in knowing.

Things they didn’t teach you at school isn’t about making excuses for the stuff you feel you need to learn. But it’s not something you can ignore since feelings of inferiority are great when you let go of the past issues you have had.

Take this away if nothing else, feeling inferior happens to everyone. This is a good thing because it motivates you to become better at something. It’s bad when you believe that it’s true and that you are worthless without the ability to change yourself.

The example of people teasing you by saying you’re ugly is one of those challenges. Because you have to believe that their opinions matter to you before you accept it as true.

When you learn that nobody has the right to judge anybody because we all have inferior thoughts and feelings, it means you should never accept anything that other people tease you about.

Let me know your thoughts or feelings and if you have any questions I would love to help you with those.



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2 thoughts on “Important Things They Didn’t Teach You At School”

  1. Feeling inferior is a naturally occurring part of life. No matter how hard you try to be unique it’s really difficult not to notice a difference. You just need to be aware of these feelings because what ends up happening is somebody will try to make an extreme change. This, unfortunately, can take you completely off track because your mind is wanting you to do the opposite. When to be concerned is if you notice you’re too obsessed with any one area of your life. There is a high chance this is because you are trying so hard to compensate for a psychological unmet need of yours. i.e. A child from a poor family grows up and becomes a billionaire but remains unhappy. This could result because the need was to find a way to prevent this from happening to others. The good news is that you can always change direction, the bad news is if you don’t realize these things it may be too late in life to achieve them.

  2. I completely agree. We do all have inferior thoughts about ourselves. And I don’t think it is right for anyone to look at another person and say cruel things about how they are somehow inferior in some way. I grew up super skinny, and I got teased for it. Nowadays, I would have been admired LOL But, I didn’t let it get to me, as I was at a point in my life where I felt good enough and comfortable in my own skin to not worry about someone else’s opinion. For some reason, that is a little different for me right now. I am having a tough time and really worry what others think.

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