The Truth Will Make You Rich!

The Truth Will Make You Rich Or Poor!

It starts when you can become completely honest about the things in your life you are not happy with. Then it continues to pile up because you will start to ask the questions about how to feel better.

The truth will make you rich isn’t a fancy system where you have to do everything mentioned. It’s a way to live life to the best of your abilities so that you can overcome your complex and unique set of problems.

So what does “it” mean to you? – It is just a word that you will replace with any goal you make for yourself. This is important because it can be something you need to gain or something you need to throw away.

The part that makes this difficult is knowing where to start, since you may have a lot of things you want and not that many things you feel you need to remove.

In order to make a list of things you want and don’t want, you need to look at what you have and don’t have. This will also include keeping an eye on yourself so that everytime you feel like something is missing you can write that down.

But what happens when the feeling is just vague or it’s there but there isn’t a clear reason? How do you know deep down what will make that need or desire feel complete?

I mention getting to know yourself and figuring out how to find the real you but that isn’t specific enough for some people. What does it truly mean to understand what your mind wants you to have?

Is it possible to try many different things and think that you have figured it out only to be wrong each time? Is it possible that you will go in the opposite direction because of some mistake you have made?

Notice that no matter what I am doing there are questions that come up, and it’s vital to making any progress that you understand how to find answers to these questions.

Understanding who you are means – Asking yourself questions.

The Truth Will Make You Rich Or Poor!

But this is still confusing because what does that mean? Let’s say I ask myself a lot of questions and it’s getting me nowhere. What specific questions should you start to ask yourself to find the answers you need to know?

Obviously one of them is asking yourself what you want. Also, ask yourself what you have now that you want to keep. Continue by asking yourself how you can build a better life.

After those you will need to figure out what you have been doing that is working, what hasn’t been working, and what needs to be started or learned to get you from point A to point B in the shortest time possible.

To know where point A is you must start evaluating yourself with more questions, tests, quizzes, exercises, conversations with your own mind and writing down how you feel when you feel it. Continue taking notes on what you are doing as your feeling each emotion.

Then it’s about prioritizing the things you figure out and to start doing them from now on. When you know what you enjoy doing it will make it simple to use those as rewards. When you know what you dislike doing you will be able to limit the time you spend doing them.

The Truth About You May Scare You

The Truth Will Make You Rich Or Poor!

There is a reason that this isn’t done by that many people and it’s because they don’t understand their own emotions or what fears they have and why.

Regardless of where you are at now, you must learn about your fears because those lead to your problems and isn’t that the point of doing this to eliminate your problems as they come up?

As you know fears can turn into phobias and become increasingly harder to deal with as time passes by. That means you will not be able to overcome them as easy as you would like.

So in order to get yourself used to facing your fears and your problems head on it’s suggested that you learn all that you can about the things in your life that you are not doing correctly.

This means you have to learn about your beliefs, false beliefs, values, and morals. But before you even start to do that you must also be able to tell yourself why you want to make this change or it’s gonna lead to failure.

Now, of course, you can make this process simpler by tracking your thoughts because all beliefs are formed when you start to think about something you see, hear or touch.

The big three areas of how somebody learns is based on those three things and even that is important for you to realize because it will help you to learn quicker when you know which one is your preferred way.

Let’s get back to the question which is how do you learn who you are? – This is a process of self-discovery where you find out everything about yourself which you believe is either true or false.

The Truth Will Make You Rich Or Poor!

I mentioned earlier that the way you can discover things is to test yourself. That is really vague in itself because what makes up a good test and what determines a poor test?

This is where you state your objective or the reason you want to try doing something. After you start you will determine whether it’s a success or a failure based on whether or not you get the result you’re after.

That isn’t really that difficult to understand and will make things much simpler as you start to gain new skills. But there is still something missing because don’t you need somebody else to determine how well you perform?

Technically No, but you will need to understand that it’s going to be completely up to the outcome you’re trying to achieve. The main reason that it’s scary to find out the truth has to do with the unknown.

When you don’t know for certain how you will do on a test, doesn’t that make you think about things that could happen? Once again it comes back to the way you think which is based on what you already believe.

Wait a minute didn’t you say earlier that your thoughts determine your beliefs? How can your beliefs also determine your thoughts if it was just the other way around?

It’s possible to be both because you live in a life cycle, which means everything has a reason behind it. When you think you learn and when you learn you start to believe.

You can either learn the truth or lies and it’s your mind that consists of the parts that save this information.

To Know The Truth You Must Understand How Your Mind Works

The Truth Will Make You Rich Or Poor!

When you learn exactly how you think and why, it will make sense out of this process. It’s like the chicken and the egg where one of them had to come first but which one is it?

The best way to explain this to you is to go back to when you were born. You didn’t have the ability to think for quite some time after your birth because you were only gathering information.

This is also why you will be able to trace all your life problems back to the beginning of your life so that you understand that you started to believe in the stuff that got repeated to you.

The more that something was seen, heard, or felt, the more your mind decided to believe in it.

An Example – Kids usually have an argument with their friends at school about who is the strongest man, their own fathers or something else they have seen repeatedly.

Often what happens is that they see all these incredible feats which they cannot do for themselves. So their mind considers this to be a fact that the only person on the planet that can do it is their fathers.

Now, of course, this works the exact same way for their mothers too because they spend the majority of their time watching either of their parents doing things.

Factor in the curious nature of a child and their imagination, then multiply by ten how powerful they believe their own parents are compared to anyone else.

You will also hear about their older siblings who they have witnessed doing things that they cannot do yet. On the playground, you may hear some kid saying that his brother will kick the butt of your older brother/sister.

What this really is based on is the limited perception that child has at this point in life. So the truth is very difficult to learn at that early age.

Which also means that in order to be prepared to be successful in life you must be willing to undo the false information that has been stored in this period of your life.

Another way to say this is that you learned false beliefs that lead you to think that things were true when they were only based on one angle and not the bigger picture.

You Must Be Curious As An Adult Or A Teenager

The Truth Will Make You Rich Or Poor!

Obviously the more you still hold onto from your childhood, the more likely you will find that you experience problems. This also means that you will likely have no valid reason to fear most of the things that you are afraid of today as an older person.

In the case that this isn’t clear to you it means that you will need to go back and change your inner child’s beliefs so that they are up to date to what is going to be helpful for you in your life today.

That is the reason that getting to know yourself and who you truly are is your number one priority if you ever want to be rich and fulfilled in your life today.

We can argue about what the definition of rich means and also what fulfillment is but we cannot argue what happiness is because that is a feeling you either experience often or you do not.

Therefore, what you want in your life is not a specific thing that I can suggest, it’s going to be decided for each person that wants to find out and it’s also up to you to do the work.

The truth will make you rich or poor depending on how much you want to find out. How much you believe in yourself and how much you try without giving up.

Rich, in this case, is based on knowledge and poor is based on your ability to find the truth. Let me know what you think of this post and be sure to ask questions and leave me comments so I know how to help you learn the truth yourself.

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2 thoughts on “The Truth Will Make You Rich!”

  1. The truth will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. The part that you need to discover is how to get everything going in a way that creates hope. That can become a different part of your life because giving others the chance to regain there own hope is priceless. Through your efforts to acquire more knowledge you will start to understand so much about what empowers you, that it will do the same thing for everyone you touch with your wisdom. You are correct in thinking that fulfillment is being rich because each day you spring out of bed you have a purpose which is a blessing.

  2. I thinking being “rich” and fulfilled are one in the same. I think to personally be fulfilled makes me a rich person. Happiness comes out of being fulfilled and being around like people. I don’t need monetary items to feel rich. It all has to do with me personally and how my life is going, who I am surrounded by. These things make me rich.

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