The Struggle In Life…

What is the struggle in life?

It’s the journey you go on to learn how to believe in yourself. Without an understanding of what adversity is for, you will continue to struggle indefinitely.

Some people figure this out early in life while others continue to face issues after issue complaining about life being unfair to them.

You can tell who is suffering from this lack of knowledge by how often they tear others down. I suggest that you start by writing down your stories to see how your behavior looked to another.

That way, you will flush out lots of individual problems that you need to resolve. One by one, you start to see how it creates more joy and excitement.

How Does The Struggle Impact Your Relationships With Others?

When you learn that success is about building teams geared toward one cause, you figure out how powerful you are in life and with that team.

A team leads to a whole new dimension of rewards and pleasures based on the group’s dynamic. Without a way to study people and to learn from them…

You stay stuck in the same spot simply spinning your wheels forever.

What Is Required To Overcome This Important struggle?

The first piece of this puzzle to experience is a realization that your life will get better. Not that it can or that it should, but one where it does get better.

We aren’t talking about just some theory, whether a person who struggles can find themselves this way. We are talking about a real-life solution that equips each person with a new way to experience life.

The solution is for you to follow the same course as I am, it will build our group to monumental levels all geared toward the success of the group.

From the power of the whole, we understand that it becomes possible to provide for each individual. You can see this working on all sorts of business adventures.

Often It’s About Two Main People Who Started Trusting Each Other.

They believe in the team enough so that they each sacrifice for the same cause.

To get to that point, both have to invest in the duo and in the same vision of a solution.

From this pairing, we build our awareness, and it brings in more people. They sacrifice something as well, and the duo becomes more significant and more reliable.

It’s the cycle of life where one agent of the system is relying on the next. The whole thing works masterfully, or the whole thing stops working and chaos results.

This Brings Us Back To Each Individual…

When you are suffering you have two options available…

(1) Start to believe in yourself…


(2) Give up on life.

When you have given up on life you will see lots of symptoms in your daily life.

Those include depression, anxiety issues, self-hate, blame, and misery. They all link to self-doubts and worrying about every little thing that could go wrong whenever you try to change the way you live your life.

You See These Stories Told Consistently In Your Everyday Lives…

One is about the alcoholic who doesn’t understand why they continue to drink. In the beginning, they loved it and worked hard so that they could enjoy the relaxation time after work.

Soon into this story, we learn that the alcoholic has a darker past that can explain why they drink. The reason typically isn’t known to the person because they are oblivious to the facts in front of them.

Everyone else can tell that something is wrong but aren’t certain of what…

When they try to interact and find out more, they face rejection. That then becomes an excuse this individual uses to justify those other people will never understand who they are.

The saddest part is that this person doesn’t even understand who they are.

All they have ever known was this struggle in life. 

Trying new things has always failed, and that is why they drink. It gives them a false sense of happiness even when it has now created health issues, family issues, work issues, and more.

To put it a different way…

This person has lost all faith in society and will never accept help because they would rather die alone with their self-pity.

Their Inner Dialogue Is One Main Reminder…

“One day it will all be over with and at least it’s the one good thing about the drinking.”

That is just one short tale about my role as an alcoholic. Countless others follow this same example.

What You Don’t Know Is What Does Hurt You.

At least that is when it’s about knowing who you are and what you want in life.

There Are Only Two Solutions For This Type Of Person!

One is to

accept that life requires your best effort

and the other is to

know you will succeed with persistent effort.

Getting to those solutions will allow you to go back through your life history and fill in all the gaps.

Of course, it helps when you understand what you want to do, what you wish to cause, and who you want to do it with as a team.

You Can Get Started By Taking On A Series Of Exciting Challenges.

1) Where do you feel the struggle?

2) What does it mean to overcome adversity?

3) When can you test your abilities?

4) Who can you ask for assistance?

5) Why do you want a better life?

We Provide You With The How.

But your part in it will stay unknown until you begin the journey.

The struggle in life is just the icing on the cake because I can walk you through my own story. But until I hear yours, I will not know how best to assist you.

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