The Release Technique – Letting Things Go

The Release Technique

As I mentioned at the end of the last post, there is a technique which anyone can use to relinquish their feelings about the past.

It’s called the release technique which makes it pretty simple to remember.

The idea is that you make a commitment to yourself that you will try and let things go.

To do it means you want to follow a certain kind of ritual until you feel that there is a difference.

Now before I get into the actual steps, it’s important for you to identify the challenges that are caused by not letting the things go which are holding you back.

These can be called self-sabotage, fear of failure, fear of success, and it’s part of a fear of rejection.

Hopefully, this shows you just how important it will be to follow the advice I am going to be giving you in this post.

The emotional releasing technique

The idea here is that you want to be the one in control of your emotional responses and feelings. In order for it to work, you first need to learn how to become aware of the negative ones which don’t serve you.

Going back to the last post which was about self-pity, you learned how it’s your responsibility to ask questions. What better way to do it then to keep a journal with you at all times.Being in control of your emotional responses and feelings is the idea here

It’s from the journal that you will be keeping track of the feelings you have day and night. When you start to see things that come up often, circle them and start looking for the root of the feeling.

Some are easier then others because if your doing it throughout the day you can take the time to let things go on the spot. For other types of feeling which may be deeper, it’s a good idea to set aside time each night before bed.

You can include the releasing technique in your nightly meditation practice or give it a spot all to itself. There isn’t a best way to do this, because you will learn what works for you and what doesn’t.

Some of the feelings you need to pay attention to are the ones that upset you and can turn a good day from positive to negative instantly.Journal about your feelings and emotions to find patterns

When this happens, quickly think about the cause of your bad mood. Take a deep breath and ask yourself the question, can I let this go?

Remember this is your choice, you can certainly say yes or no and accept how you currently feel. Try and do this out loud so that it resonates with you.

Depending on how strong of a feeling it is, you might feel it in your belly. Typically it’s a sick kinda feeling or you’ll feel like there’s a knot there.

Picture yourself holding onto that feeling inside of your hand. Prior to starting this exercise, you hold onto that feeling with a death grip. The more you go through the steps, your grip loosens.Releasing your feeling that you once held on to tightly

Continue this process asking yourself after each deep breath, can I let go of this feeling, can I release myself from the control this emotion has on me and is there something I should learn because of this feeling?

Once you have a good idea of where it came from and why open your hand and let this feeling go. Just like you would catch and release an insect or butterfly.

By acknowledging it and then letting it fly off, you should feel a little better after each attempt. Don’t worry if it’s not completely gone, just keep working on it until it does start to get better.

The Release Technique

Rinse and repeat for each feeling or emotion you want to release

One thing I need to mention is this is just the basic technique and that you can get far more in-depth with worksheets or actual courses that have been made all about how to properly do it.

The more you focus on something and the more desire you have to release yourself from its hold, the better the results you’ll get.

Knowing about yourself will make this process even simpler because you will already have much of the work done prior to any new experiences that would normally set you off or set you back.For any problems ask yourself what is holding you back?

For anyone that experiences any problems releasing, ask yourself what is holding you back from accepting that feeling? What was it you needed to learn, looking back at those past experiences they only benefit you once it’s understood why you felt them.

You can turn them into personal stories that teach you that exact lesson and share those to release you as well. The point is that it’s not that hard to overcome your emotional obstacles.

What about challenges that come up

The Release Technique

Perhaps you take yourself too seriously or you have failed to see the opposite side of things which will give you the feelings you wish for.

After all, seriousness can lead to frustrations which can lead to anger and eventually will enrage you.

The more you understand about your triggers the easier it will be to deal with them right there on the spot.

Because you can teach yourself to not be so uptight and serious all the time, you learn that there is an ability to enjoy just about anything you do in your life.

It’s really difficult to stay angry when you start looking for the humor, one reason for that is by observing yourself or others, it allows for the chance to relax and experience the funniest parts of daily life.

I was watching a VR chat video by heyimbee and I couldn’t keep myself from laughing. Even though the video was about nothing in particular, by being in the moment so many more things can lead to pleasure rather than pain.

Just looking for random ways to entertain yourself every so often, will increase the positive feelings you have. This, in turn, will mean you don’t have to spend a lot of time letting things go.

Commitments and letting things go

This last part is looking for the activities you will want to start doing, and then eliminating the ones that make you feel so icky. Hopefully, a few things come to your mind and it won’t need to be like pulling teeth to find them.Teach yourself to be less uptight and serious

Here is the thing, you often say no when you should be far more open to just letting things happen. That isn’t your fault it’s the way you got taught.

Just by saying yes more often, you will start to gain peoples emotions and interact more with positive happy people. I have said it before, happiness is contagious just like anger is contagious.

Emotions can jump from person to person, it’s the same reason why you laugh when you hear somebody’s unique crazy laughter.Saying yes more often will help you release the negative emotions

Just think about that for a minute and if it doesn’t make you happy, look for a person with an awesome laugh and make them your friend.

Never do things that you feel won’t benefit you, there is little time in this life and wasting your time will lead to regrets. Even though you can release that feeling, why even let it happen to begin with?

The Release Technique

A quick recap of the releasing technique

The idea is to be in control of your positive emotions and to replace the negatives. To do this you will want to give yourself time to think about what kinds of things bug you.

From there you will work to include it in a meditation or you can do it on the spot since it’s easy to remember. Bring the emotion or experience up in your mind, inhale a deep breath and ask yourself if it’s something you can let go of.

Yes or no doesn’t matter because you will be acknowledging the emotion and feeling either way. This doesn’t mean you accept it and are letting it run wild in your mind or body.The release technique will create more pleasure in your life

It just means you are aware of it and know it’s there to teach you a lesson. Hopefully, you can figure out that lesson and quickly let go of the feeling you had.

Continue to bring up that feeling or experience until you see that it’s shrinking, after doing the technique enough times it will be gone and you can move on to something you enjoy doing.

The release technique or letting things go will create a much better feeling when you have practiced doing it and start to understand more about why you need to do it.

For any reason, if you would like to learn more about it I can give you the information to purchase a course on it. Let me know if you like this and share it if you do.

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2 thoughts on “The Release Technique – Letting Things Go”

  1. Thanks for that suggestion Orion,

    I can picture that being a pleasant experience to hold your head back and allow the water to gently guide all of those unnecessary feelings and emotions down and off your fingers and toes. I will certainly give it a try tonight before bed.

  2. Lovely and informative post Eric, thank you for this.
    Releasing old fears and bad habits or thought pattern is a difficult process and I am glad to see your tips here that I will try to add to my repertoire!
    One thing that I have found that is very rejuvenating is when in the shower imagine that all my bad thoughts or habits are being washed away with the water – it is very refreshing and calming.
    Looking forward to your next post.
    With gratitude – Orion

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