The Number One Priority Is How You Feel About Yourself

How To Develop A Plan To Feel Great About Yourself

(The Number One Priority)

What this is for is to learn how to develop yourself? It’s going to be how you get to know yourself better because it’s how you transform yourself into whatever you desire the most.

Who should focus on developing themselves? Everyone, but this site’s aim is to benefit those who have been stuck in life or who are currently struggling to figure out what they will be great at.

Where can this strategy benefit you the most? – In your daily routine, for the rest of your life. It’s not going to be a quick fix or a one-time solution because it’s an on-going transformation that will need to be maintained.

When is this strategy most effective? – You will get the most out of this if you take it seriously starting right now. The reason for this is that you need to understand yourself better than anything else.

Why is this recommended as a top priority for life? – This is the same thing that I am doing and I have developed myself into a completely new person with hopes and dreams. 

The previous version of who I was, can be read about throughout this site but briefly, I was a tremendous mess.

Here are the pieces you will be learning about:

  • How To Find Out What Your Desires, Needs, and Wants Are;
  • Why To Practice Gratitude On A Daily Basis;
  • What Does It Mean To Practice Self-Reflection;
  • How Can You Learn To Practice Self-Love;
  • In What Way Is Self-Communication Useful;
  • How Can You Increase Your Self-Belief;
  • How To Guide Yourself With A Journal;

Whether you have big plans in business or life in general, you should focus on how well you feel about yourself. 

To understand why you are the number one priority requires you to be open and honest with yourself.

You have wants, needs, desires, and dreams that are not going to be possible until you develop a way to think strategically about where you are going. 

That means one of the most important elements has to include a way for you to love yourself unconditionally.

To do that you need to believe that anything you want is already possible… It’s why people practice gratitude.

You will understand what that does for you when you begin the challenge of writing down 5 things you appreciate about your life now.

It doesn’t matter what those things are… What is vital is that you make lists of them no matter how big or small the achievement seems.

The process will train you to see all the wonderful parts of life rather than holding onto all the missed opportunities, the failures, and the mistakes.

So, you do this by setting a reminder, writing down your instructions for that reminder, and then doing the task each and every time it’s triggered.

In addition to this gratitude practice, you will also benefit from these next few concepts.

The first concept is putting your needs ahead of others.

The second is putting your emotional health above your relationships,

The third is how you will ultimately find ways to show yourself, love

So, sit back and get comfortable because we are about, to begin with, the first idea.

This is the most painful part of admitting you haven’t lived up to the person you thought you would become. 

That is because you haven’t sat down and really asked yourself, if you are doing your best to meet each need.

Today, I want you to make yourself a promise to stop ignoring your own needs. It may be something you hear often but that is because it is life or death.

Did you know that when you are not getting your basic needs fulfilled, that nobody around you is going to be of much help? 

They will simply be distractions which trick you into feeling better or perhaps thinking you are doing what you have to.

Then, once you are alone again you start to feel sick. This happens because the truth is that you don’t know yourself well enough to be alone.

Fear takes over and often it’s followed by memories of past mistakes. 

This creates feelings of self-pity because you know you can’t avoid being alone with yourself, you know that it happens too often.

So, sometimes the only way to enjoy anything, is to go back to that trick which is to get other people to talk about how things are going for them.

This will let you off the hook for a little while. You might even hear yourself wanting to say, take me with you, I am afraid of myself.

*Well, one of the causes for this is not having quality role models to learn from. We automatically learn a lot of bad habits from the people we spend the most time around.

So, if they are going bonkers around you often you may start to believe that it’s you causing it to happen that way.

After that belief gets placed into our minds we are stuck looking for more examples that prove it.

That is why it grows stronger as you pile one piece of evidence on top of another. Then all you have left is a mind full of thoughts suggesting that you cause people to do strange or harmful things.

From there where would anyone go? They would likely try to distance themselves from other people as much as possible.

That way nobody else has to experience the kind of suffering that we take on because it’s the best choice we believe at the time.

Obviously those kinds of feelings and beliefs cannot remain if you are wanting to believe in yourself and love yourself. 

That is what creates the vicious cycle where you don’t want to be alone but you don’t think you should be around others.

Even though you crave things and need things… You feel stuck because there is no sound way to do it.

Sadness, loneliness, depression, anxiety around others, and panic can all result if you don’t do something to change this.

I always seemed to feel more like myself when I was alone, but I didn’t like who I was when it happened.

I would come home and have nothing to do, so this was the trap that kept me looking for distractions. 

I wasn’t able to learn why I needed other things to occupy my mind.

For a long time, I was capable of doing tasks and feeling proud of the completion of them. Usually, it meant getting grades which meant winning a certain amount of approval from others.

Helpful or harmful? 

That creates another harmful belief where we need to always try to please others instead of ourselves.

To me, it was more harmful than good. I was doing things for others and nothing for myself.

Challenge number one – How do I make up for a lack of personal success?

Thinking about the reasons I had for doing the things I did, would end up making me super confused. 

On one hand, I liked it when other people had congratulatory things to say, but on the other hand, if I didn’t receive the recognition for things that I felt I deserved, I would be checking off another shortcoming.

It was always lose/lose because I wasn’t mindful of doing things for a real purpose. That purpose was for myself and my own needs.

Those Thoughts Had To Change Into Having A Future Self.

A future self is where you think about your needs and how you are going to best fulfill them. This allows you to set up a strategy, come up with a plan, and follow it until you get close.

This is where self-reflection comes in because you need to develop a routine where you diagnose what is and isn’t working.

An example: Coming home from work and watching television until bedtime. This is useful because it helps you relax but it’s not productive since you aren’t moving any closer toward your dreams.

When you are able to build a routine of asking yourself, is this good for me, why or why not… than making a decision to continue doing it or trying something else… Something different and new.

You will begin to make better choices and that allows you to feel more gratitude about it. All you do is make yourself a promise to follow this strategy until you reach a goal…

Once you get close to the goal, you want to change it to something further away… That way all you ever do is get closer to a much bigger goal.

Seeing yourself making continuous progress is one magnificent way to begin loving yourself. You gather evidence at the same time as you reward yourself for the progress.

That builds a growth mindset because it feels good to keep going…

Your Self-Communication Needs To Be Studied Like Any Subject!

Be wary of breaking the promises you make to yourself… It can happen when you aren’t observing your thoughts.

Whenever a past memory got triggered it often kept me from moving toward a promise I made to myself. 

After that happened it meant that I would usually keep on using other things to distract me.. 

It’s the only way I knew that I could feel like I was happy.

The mistake is to think you are being happy, when the truth is, you are just occupied. 

The lies start to stack on top of the truths and the lack of emotions blur things quite significantly.

So, I would label things fun based on how much time would pass when I would keep myself busy doing them. 

Even to the point when I was drinking it would be an easy escape rather than doing other things far more challenging.

It was, in fact, obvious by the time I was enrolled in college that what I was all about, was wasting time to fool myself. 

I can easily look back at those times now because it’s hard not to when you have taken the time to understand yourself.

At least to the point of knowing yourself and your capabilities much better than before.

This triggers the idea of wishing I knew back then what I know now… Which still causes self-pity!

That also can become another distraction in the present.

The point is that you or I can make up stuff about ourselves that feel correct at any time. 

But when you become more willing to study yourself and what you actually want, there is a different tale to tell.

One of the best things you will want to do is to rewrite the story of your life. I have created a challenge that will walk you through that process.

Use it to start your own journal because tracking your thoughts, ideas, and observations is a key to discovering and understanding yourself.

When I mention emotional well being or health, it’s about having the ability to observe yourself and the feelings that are going on at any time. 

That way you can see the difference between pretending to be happy versus working on goals you wish to achieve. 

Once you make that distinction between the two parts, you then have to decide what is going to be sacrificed.

So, the sacrifices will be the things you believe you enjoyed before but were merely just illusions. 

Fake feelings are much simpler to remove, which also makes sacrificing those things more logical to do.

What this means to you, is that entertainment does have a way to be both good and bad. 

It’s due to the amount of time, you can get lost in those activities.

Instead of trying to watch television for extended periods of time, you must become willing to shorten that. 

That way you are able to do things you can learn from, which translates into actual skills.

Create a chart of things you love doing when you want to relax. 

Create another chart of things you want to do to feel proud of doing.

That will be how you determine your reward system which will take some trial and error to get right.

This will also help you distinguish between what’s good for you and the good feelings you want to utilize each day.

The Next Challenge Is To Learn To Coach Yourself Rather Than Criticize.

Earlier I mentioned separating yourself from any and all relationships. 

That is because you need time for yourself. The devotion to yourself is how you will increase your belief in yourself.

Once you can go through your gratitude entries and see how many things there are… Your next big challenge is to list all your skills.

No matter how significant you think that they are or not… Anything you know you do well is the trick to increasing that self-belief.

Once you list them you can create reminders about them. These will all go into your life-story because it will be an account of your life full of these milestones.

Here are the additional guidelines that are essential ones.

What you use that “me time” to do, is to create the balance which you need to establish early on. 

When you have a chaotic mind that will constantly remind you that you are not good enough, you will need to change that into a harmonious one that is capable of coaching yourself to do beneficial things.

Your actual mind is split into two parts, one conscious and one unconscious. 

That means you have things on your mind because you’re being instructed to think of these things by the other one that is programmed that way.

Learn to notice what you are doing whenever you feel certain ways. 

That trick is how you figure out which things cause excitement, which things cause sadness, what things make you angry, sad, confused, threatened and so on.

This commitment that you can make to yourself today, is to follow the guidance of somebody who has been where you are at in your life right now. 

Someone who has traversed through the chaos and understands how important it is to program the mind correctly.

This is much simpler than it sounds because there are two basic things to learn more about. 

Meditation is the first because it will help you to improve your control over yourself, and the second is hypnosis to help you program the right specific instructions into your mind.

You don’t have to practice either one of them when you understand how they work. You will learn more about that another time.

She talks about the enneagram in this video which is one of the best personality tools out there.

Click This Link To Learn About How The Enneagram System Works…

Programming Yourself To Be In Love With Yourself...

First, you have to understand that this is different than narcissism because loving yourself is where we draw the line. 

A narcissist believes that they don’t do anything wrong and that they can’t make any mistakes or even experience failures.

It’s a horrible way to identify yourself this way because it often ends in an earlier death.

For our purpose, you will be convincing yourself that you are a wonderful human being who is capable of great and wonderful things.

On a side note, you will also be convincing yourself that because you love yourself to this great deal, you will then be capable of sharing your love with everyone who you encounter along the way. 

So, you are learning to love yourself since it’s a must and also you want to love other important people in your life because they are just as important as you.

To do this is simply a matter of looking for ways you are already proud of yourself. (Evidence)

That means going back through your memories to find the best ones. Also,  you will be doing specific exercises for this purpose.

That way you create physical and visual evidence to place in front of you. 

Also, you will want to learn how to supercharge your ability to see things with your mind, that way you can create vivid images with help from some descriptive writing practice. 

This leads to the creation of both a vision board and a visualization practice. 

You absolutely want to do these things because they may seem silly at first, but are actually very effective and work wonders.

When You Feel Better Communicating With Yourself, You Will Achieve More!

Priority one is for you to become unconditionally happy and to love yourself no matter what or where life takes you. 

Perhaps you have heard or read about the importance of your belief system?

The idea of perfectionism comes from a belief that other people do things so well… That they don’t go through the same processes as us.

I used to believe that it was worth my time to do everything myself. This was a false belief because I can get help from other people for a fraction of the cost.

You are going to be learning that time is worth more than being perfect because of specializations. 

It’s worth the price to have somebody else do what they do best.

That allows you to figure out what you do best and build your own team to fill any weaknesses you may have.

Perfection is more of a curse because it limits our potential and keeps us believing that we will never be rich, powerful, or happy.

It’s actually not even possible to become perfect because…

Reality dictates that only in death is it possible to find no other ways to improve something. 

As a human being, there are some beliefs you need in order to appreciate the life that you have. 

Without these things you will become stale and incapable of learning.

So, often these are taught to us at the earliest stages in our lives. 

It’s great when it sinks in, but what happens when it doesn’t, is a terrible gap that gets created.

You become self-hating and believe that the world is out to get you every time you do anything. 

So, you must realize that your thoughts are the most important part of your existence, in order to set up the beliefs that will guide you to the best things.

That is why the number one priority is how you feel about yourself. When you choose to be easily distracted, you will drift in and out of happiness.

This alone will shape your life in a terrible trap of trying and doing things to no ends. 

Until you sort out your thoughts to determine your strongest desires, you simply won’t have a clue where to go to get better.

That is because you have to become the leader of a team, which happens when you understand how to love yourself and also, how to feel great about yourself.

It will only be possible to suffer until you have found what will make you balanced and full of energy to keep going. 

Read this until it makes sense and you should know what needs to be done.

Let me know what you think and if you are able to follow along. Next, we will take a look at priority number two.

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