The Framework Of Your System

When you know the framework of your system, it allows you to observe yourself the way you are designed worked.

From your observations, you figure out all the issues that you experience so you can trace them back to the root.

How does this system flow as it’s supposed to?

It all begins with a sensation that triggers a thought, an emotion, and a feeling. You decide to do something because of the way you respond to that sensation which is also known as a stimulant.

So, stimulants cause you to desire something either positively or negatively. For instance, that smell was horrible, mental note to me to stay away from (blank) from here on out.

Of course, that smell could also bring on curiosity where you want to surround yourself with it more often. From that mental note, you start to build up a desire to take action.

I must find more ways to experience that beautiful scent, and so I begin to think about all sorts of ways to achieve that goal. 

Or perhaps you simply are stuck now and instead of knowing what to do about it…

You stand there scratching your head trying to come up with a plan to go after it.

Either way, you have just interacted with several systems because you sensed something. That activated a chemical inside of your brain that created pleasure.

Once that pleasure was experienced you made a decision to desire it more often.

From there, you used your hands to scratch your head because you couldn’t come up with the right behavior to take action. 

After this struggle has gone on, you start to talk to other people.

That perks their curiosity because now they want to know why you are so obsessed with a smell. All of a sudden, you have created a team that will help you to investigate how to make your desire come true.

Can you see how you have just discovered a problem that you intend to solve?

What Is Meant By A Framework Of A System?

Now to understand what will happen, you need to know what you can interact with to find answers. 

Alternatively, you can start to think of those answers as solutions to your problems, which is going to cover how you get passed them.

The actual framework that supports each system will come from observations. I notice that this happens when those two pieces interact with one another.

Suppose I want to interrupt what happens. That way, I can tell how it impacts the entire thing. Once you do that experiment, you find out what the chain reaction will be.

That allows you to try to understand how many different levels that those pieces can interact with each other to see if you can alter things for the better.

Well, all of this is wonderful if you can imagine a specific set of interactions but means nothing if you can’t. So, to perceive what I am talking about, you need to be clued in with some additional data.

You are a system that is composed of many systems. Those are called subsystems of you. The same thing is right when I say you are a subsystem of your family or friends.

All of that just means that you can look inward or outward to see different sets of interactions that will happen every second of every day to sustain life on this planet.

With that knowledge, you can then take a specific subsystem and investigate what goes on with it. 

When we do that, we can see that it consists of an operational subsystem that breaks down into three different subsystems.

The First One Is The Information Subsystem…

Our belief system resides in the information subsystem because we base our decisions on that. It allows us to make informed decisions because we have experienced life and can prove that what we believe in is the truth.

Of course, that will only happen on paper because, in reality, most people don’t keep an up to date belief system. They listen to too many outside external sources to even have a way to make an informed decision.

So, you can double-check that this is true by using social media and by reading other people’s comments, which come from their opinions that come from their belief systems.

Also, you should be aware that every person alive or that ever lived has gaps in their experiences. That means they don’t have any way to test everything themselves, so there is a lot of room for error.

The information subsystem is also where you will house the instructions for how to gather relevant information to give to the decision-maker. Right now, that is done by you unless another person is making decisions for you.

The idea here is to be able to gather all the best information as quickly as you can so you have up to date potential to be correct.

The Second One Is The Work Flow System…

Do this to gain new information. You will create your roadmap for each resource you use to move quickly through the different decisions.

To apply this you will want to make several cheat sheet lists of the most valuable sources. 

That way, you have a source to contact when it’s a person, a place to go to search the internet when it’s a business or website, and a way to set up a resource exchange whenever it’s mutually beneficial to do so.

So this can actually be broken down into three different subsystems. 

(1) Innovation starts by noticing the need for a product or a change to an already existing product. Then you begin to engineer it through trial and error so that you come up with a more effective solution.

 Let’s imagine you notice a pain inside of your arm that persists. 

This pain is going to require you to seek another person or Web MD to find out what could be causing the pain (resource).

You will be taking notes on different situations you encounter or have encountered so you can use a tool to understand: 

If this (issue A) starts happening… I will need to do action (A) to find a solution.

You may want to build or create a database to cover more situations than you experience because you will eventually use the information to help others.

In the beginning, you simply need a journal and a dedicated spot to begin your resource list.

Alternatively, you can call these your experiments because they will be investigated as needed.

(2) Take A Leadership role in organizing all the guidelines and rules that get followed to meet your high standards (You will come up with these based on your core beliefs and values).

They will also create harmony rather than chaos in the system and need your attention each day. 

(3) Investment Decision Making starts when you notice new opportunities. You want to find the best ones and decline the unnecessary ones.

To do this, you will follow other experts and influencers in the industry that you work. Also, you can get to know any like-minded individuals who follow the same values and beliefs that you follow.

That will help you get to know and grow with a group of other people that should prove to be quite valuable.

The Third One Is The Continuous Improvement Subsystem…

You can refer to this as reflection or introspection. You examine the daily operations to see where and if something needs changing.

By breaking the continuous improvement subsystem down into three categories we get:

  1. The Strategy consists of a bigger vision, which is what we want to have happened over the long-term.
  2. The Expertise consists of the studies, the learning, and staying up to date on vital matters.
  3. The Root Cause Problem Solving consists of investigating the key issues to see which situations need improving.

When combined, these three things will allow us to increase the amount of energy and effort to a multiple of 10. That will enable us to improve the potency of the system, which causes productivity and efficiency to work effectively.

That gives you the meat and potatoes about what the system does. The framework of your system shows you how to develop yourself into an exceptional version of yourself.

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