Ten Benefits Of Living In The Moment

Benefits Of Living In The Moment

Have you ever wanted to learn to communicate in a way that commands attention?

People standing in line just for a glimpse of you while they fight off the weather.

There are ten benefits of living in the moment and these will be the key to your success.

What am I talking about people standing in line just to see you?

There is a fantastic way to improve your communication skills and you only need to practice once a week.

Improvisational comedy is communicating while you are in the moment.

By far, it’s one of the best ways you can learn how to quickly express yourself and it helps to remove any embarrassment you may have.

It doesn’t stop there, because you learn so much with just a few lessons.

What is better than a place that is set up just for people who worry about looking foolish, awkward, strange, weird, and lack confidence?

The fact that it’s a growing skillset for professionals should tell you just how beneficial it can be to learn the basics.

That is the intent of this article, to show you how the benefits will solve the problems you have with communicating while in the moment.

Benefits gained by living in the moment

Starting out it’s important that you understand you are playing a part, it’s not necessary for you to become this amazing funny comedian. That may just be a result when you open yourself up to all that becomes possible.Gain confidence and learn to think quickly

Benefit #1 – Gain confidence when you can quickly move a story along, it’s an incredible way to increase just how quick you can think. When you understand that it’s not about you, but it’s the entire team element you will finally get why people welcome the idea of friendships.

Benefit #2 – Self-image will become increasingly more positive, you can actually start to see people light up as soon as they see you coming. Why? Because have you ever seen what they do in improv?

They agree positively with each other and that creates more fun than a grumpy dude who always says no. You stop telling people you’re not interested in them so they get to know that you will be a great help and allow them to speak what’s on their minds.

Benefit #3 – Anxiety and social anxiety will decrease because you are gaining the experiences in front of people that completely change your beliefs. Instead of thinking everyone is judging you, they will be waiting to see what comes next.Positive self-image will increase your mindset

I know that still sounds kinda scary, if people expect me to be funny I will freak out. That’s not what I said though, I mean people will be watching you and wondering how long it will take you to make them happy.

This is a good thing, think about it. You spend too much time assuming that you will be laughed at for doing something foolish, instead you’re now able to flip that around and they will laugh easily not at you but to show affection for you.

Benefit #4 – Mindfulness is the same thing as living in the moment. The biggest difference between that and improv is that you’re able to directly influence the scenes you’re part of.

Instead of just taking in with all the senses and paying attention to what is happening, you’re at the center or close to the center of it. That means you can suggest that people use their senses to smell an offensive smell or visualize a beautiful garden with flowers.

Benefits Of Living In The Moment

Benefit #5 – No worries, because in improv there are no mistakes. Everything that happens is completely acceptable, that means you have nothing to lose. People expect the unexpected to happen and that is why things become hilarious.

Benefit #6 – Great listening skills are necessary but there are no reasons to worry if you lack in that department. By practicing with other people you can become one of the greatest listeners out there.

This should really shock nobody because you need to hear people to be mindful, you need to understand what’s being said to be a good communicator, and you need to practice paying attention to see what is really being said in order to get to know a person.anxiety and social anxiety will decrease

Benefit #7 – Self-conscientiousness will decrease because you will be too busy paying attention to what everyone else is doing and saying. The simplest ideas still need you to understand what is happening, although sometimes it’s funnier when you don’t

Benefit #8 – Learn to trust yourself and realize just how easy it becomes to say clever things. One of the best ways to be funny is to be witty and to make observational jokes.

Benefit #9 – No more comfort zone because you don’t need one anymore. You have gained tremendous abilities to do anything you ever want and people will let it happen.

Instead of being the quiet awkward soul who nobody understands you come to a party and get the chance to interact with everyone you want.

Hell, they will probably want to follow you around for a change.Improve on your great listening skills

Benefit #10 – Letting things go will be automatic when you understand everything previously. There are a lot fewer reasons that anything should bother you now, you have gained the abilities to do it all.

No more fears, no more shame, no more guilt, no more being tormented, and no more self-hate. You don’t need to hold onto things that don’t improve the lives of the people in your circle.

This will be the most wonderful way that you gain the skills necessary to be fearless.

Ten of the best benefits you can expect to gain when you practice living in the moment and when you start to understand what improv can teach you, it will help you tremendously.

Benefits Of Living In The Moment

Rules of living in the moment or improv

Unlike many other boring rules that you have been told you must obey, these are simple and easy to follow. There are a couple things you really outta know before you start to get too excited.

Just like anything else, there are things that can still decrease your chances to become a great improv actor, or that will get in the way of living in the moment.

I looked around and watched several different videos on what these rules are, the ones that are most consistent are the ones I am including.Learn to trust yourself and become witty

Rule #1 – Agree – Avoid saying no because you will want to keep the story going. When you disagree with somebody else it stops the flow and will end the scene. Always be ready to add new information as long as you can come up with something.

Rule #2 – Yes and – It’s simple when it’s your turn you say yes to what the last person came up with and then add in the next piece of information. The goal is to be instantaneously capable of agreeing and assisting. The more you practice the easier it becomes to hear what’s been suggested and add to it.

Rule #3 – Make statements – Not questions – Rather than stop the momentum, you will want to keep things progressing. If you ask a question it will jam up the other people. You should try to keep things from moving backward so make statements that accomplish that goal.

Rule #4 – No mistakes – Because it’s at the moment there will be funny things that happen. The point is there are no real mistakes that ruin what you’re doing. Everything is positive and everyone is after this same goal.

Rule #5 – Be a team player – Because there will be at least one other person in the scene, it’s a great way to learn how to get along with somebody other than yourself. When you get familiar with the people you practice with, it’s much easier to work on developing the abilities your after.Eliminate your fears by living in the moment with improv

Rule #6 – Have faith in yourself – Believe in yourself – Everything is possible – There are no limits to how good you can get, and anything is possible as a result. You get started learning great people skills and as long as you put in the effort to practice, you will gain lots of great experience.

Depending on the person you ask these will be the main rules that apply and will help everyone to understand. This means that you will have a chance to come up with your own custom rules as you learn.

For those of you who have been following along with me since I started, do you see what this has in common with everything else you have learned?

There is no reason to have to memorize things in order to be able to communicate with other people. There aren’t any difficult rules, the benefits outweigh any feelings of apprehension, and you get to do it at a pace you like.

Benefits Of Living In The Moment

Open up your mind to living for the moment

I don’t know about you but these all seem too easy to make a part of life. Even if you start out unsure of anything, you can learn with other people who aren’t these big scary judgmental people.

You really can’t afford to miss out on the chance to become a fantastic communicator and had I known the things I do now, I would’ve certainly taken improv lessons much earlier in life.

Maybe it’s not so obvious but if you get great at living in the moment you will also become super confident, have high self-esteem, and be able to go anywhere you want comfortably.

The purpose of this post was to show you how it’s possible to start making the changes that you need to make. This is a great way to open many doors for you later on.

Besides writing as a necessary skill, I strongly recommend you try taking on as many of these lessons as you can find. There are many more benefits of living in the moment that I didn’t mention here.

To get even more out of it, read through as many improv books as you can.


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  1. Wonderful, living in the moment and not allowing yourself to be stuck in the past will go a long way to making sure you are having fun.

  2. I’m pretty good at living in the moment 🙂 I would have to say that is one of my strong points. And I agree with all it can do for you! Sometimes I have to remind myself to do this, those times when the chips seem to not be falling in my direction at all. Great information and wonderful website!

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