Tell Me What My Strengths Are…

The five most important skills to possess are going to be the topic of the day. Tell me what my strengths are… I hate not knowing this!

You will see what I have determined that needs to be at the top of your list. The reason for this is so that you can train yourself to force these skills to masterful levels.

Without a strategy… there are no strengths so, the very first one needs to be in the area of creativity.

You absolutely must have a way to think outside the box for your future because without a way to show off your ideas… you will fall behind everyone else.

The evidence, in this case, will revolve around AI (artificial intelligence). By the year 2025, all major businesses will replace most of their manual labor with machines.

It’s more efficient, can work 24 hours a day every day, it doesn’t need breaks, it doesn’t require rest or food, and it will never take an hour to use the bathroom.

So, being a human is your biggest weakness moving forward.

Now with a creative mind, you can do something that a machine can’t…

That is why we as human beings become even more valuable if we develop our imaginations to a much higher level than it operates at right now.

We stay up to date with the latest news on AI because we need to know how to improve it. Without a way to understand what tasks you will have available…

You won’t have any work… Without work… You starve because you make no money.

But, when you build a system for staying up to date in this industry… You become important based on what you KNOW!

Take the time right now to do a search on AI… Enter keywords such as “Breakthrough”, “automation”, “reduced effort”, and “mind-training”.

You will find some important things to read… Yes, you want to read things often because you must build your knowledge bank to stay useful.

Anyway, that is moving us closer to another key skill which is Potato Chips… Oh, wait, wrong list… It’s Resilience because that is where you adapt to any kind of stimulant very quickly…

Also, it may be called “thinking quickly on your feet” because it’s a very useful skill to possess.

When we break down a few essential keywords… such as… Self-reliance

We get Resilience, Resourcefulness, Problem-solving, and critical thinking.

So, if you can see what we have just done… Its that we’ve found the other four vital skills by understanding one word.

I Am Going To Assume That You Have Decent Communication Skills... If Not Then,

Inside of this website… I have created a 5 priority course to walk you through all the necessary steps. You can use this system to figure out how high or low you already rank in communication.

Besides that, reading, writing, describing what you observe, talking, discussing, presenting, and helping others. All of these things will get to a masterful level when you become fully self-reliant.

But, what does it actually mean that we will need to do?

For starters, you will want to begin with your end goal in mind and walk yourself back to the start. 

In order to do that you need to figure out exactly where you wish to be in 5, 10, or 20 years time.

Doing that will allow you to build the ladder so that you can take on challenges one step at a time. That is the best strategy to use because it will give you tasks in bite-size pieces…

That will help you reach higher levels than if you were to try and spend all your time doing things randomly.

You Always Start By Identifying The Thoughts You Have...

It’s the biggest reason why doing a self-assessment regularly will assist you the most. One of the more useful assessments can be found inside the book “Think And Grow Rich”…

It has many things attached that are going to help guide you to a better future and there is even a special secret about those principles that the book is based around.

Aside from that assessment… you can also go through the S.W.O.T one that is quite popular. However, it’s geared more toward a business or an organization which is why I suggest the one from think and grow rich.

In addition to those assessments… You can take on a challenge to try 180 new things in 180 days.

That perhaps is the most useful thing to do because you will be able to sign up for free courses that cover interesting topics and subjects.

What I am going to provide for you in the next post are some of the best ones to actually participate in.

For Those Of You Who Want To Figure This Out In A Profitable Way...

This final suggestion may be just what you have been searching for.

The idea is to use your own curiosity to discover products, services, and tools, apps, or software that help people make progress in their lives.

Ideally, you will become a product reviewer in your spare time so that you take on a different kind of challenge altogether.

There is a multitude of places to start with since you can have many interests.

Anything that you know other people will have questions about can be an area that has a lot of potentials. This is roughly one of the main reasons several businesses now exist.

They provide you with all the tools, the training, the website builders and the community which will help you become great at doing those reviews.

The one I belong to even has a free starter membership that you can sign up for today. 

To learn more about the program that I subscribe to… I have written this review that you can read, look at or just skim.

Then bookmark them so you can come back after you have made a decision and let me know what you are going to do. That will help me to provide you with more guidance because as my referral you will be under my tutelage.

So, I own multiple websites where I work on different projects… That allows me to try out many different experiments and to take on the same challenges that I recommend.

For any of you that are truly serious about doing this sort of thing long-term… I can set you up with a lot of beneficial relationships, training lessons, and even be there to assist by looking things over to give you great feedback.

Anyway, tell me what my strengths are… I hate not knowing this is just one piece of the puzzle that will assist you in figuring out your strengths…

As you may have already figured out… there is really no great system for identifying them, at least until you get your hands on the right type of work.

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