Seven Steps To Feel Great About Yourself

Seven Steps To Feel Great About Yourself

Seven steps to feel great about yourself are going to take you through all the different things you need to practice daily. This will definitely help you more when you can commit to doing it consistently and persistently.

One action on one day will not solve the issues that are going on with you. This isn’t to be taken lightly because it affects your mood, your outlook on life, and all the things you do to become better off today than yesterday.

In other words, if there is anything you want to happen in your life you will need to first improve the way you think about yourself. This, in turn, will change the way you feel about yourself and the beliefs you have about yourself.

As you may know, thoughts are the basis of your emotions which are essential to how you feel at any moment. When you can get down to the source of your thoughts, which are the beliefs you hold onto, you can remove the parts of you which trigger bad moods.

Identifying those beliefs and why you allow them to exist will determine who you can become once you decide where you are going to end up.

Let’s get started by diving right into the first step which is about being an individual and standing out because you deserve to be unique and appreciated.

Step one is about being unique and feeling great

The title mentions that this is seven steps and not just an article. To apply this to your daily routine means you will need to remind yourself every day that you want certain things.

Step one is to write down the reasons you are grateful that you’re unique.

Seven Steps To Feel Great About Yourself

Right now I want you to take the time and think about everything positive that makes you feel special.

Start by coming up with five today so that it’s not too difficult and then each day add something new.

By the time you do this for a year you should have over 365 different reasons that you love your uniqueness.

It doesn’t matter if it’s similar to another thing listed but remember that each one is for your benefit.

Rather than create all the spaces for you to write out your answers, use your journal instead so that you can keep your list in a safe place.

Ideally, you will start over each day adding something new, so I suggest you keep one version in the journal and use another piece of paper to keep the two separated.

When you can do it all by memory you know that you have learned this fact about yourself.

Step two is to write down the reasons why other people’s opinions are worthless.

Seven Steps To Feel Great About Yourself

This is going to be similar to the first one, only this time I want you to provide the reasons that you believe other people don’t know anything about you.

That means that because you know yourself much better than anyone else can, here are my reasons that what people say isn’t true.

Obviously, I am talking about the negative things that people say because those will always be meant to harm you.

Even when the person’s intention is to help you, pointing something out in a negative way is harmful.

One reason behind this terrible way of giving criticism is because you can’t read somebody’s mind. You just won’t know when it’s meant to be a helpful or hurtful comment so it’s best to ignore what people say about you.

You will be able to accept compliments and learn to reciprocate in a polite way because that is just good practice.

Step three is to list all your good traits and the ones you will be learning.

Seven Steps To Feel Great About Yourself

To get the idea about this step you want to start thinking in terms of where you are headed in your life. The wants you have and the reasons that you want to achieve them.

This is also known as establishing your goals and this one I want you to make available to yourself at all times. Unlike the first two you will not need to write new things down each day so it’s important that you make this list of your wants and the reasons available to you to look at often.

Here is how I want you to establish these goals and the part you can do in the journal is to explore what you really want in life. Don’t be afraid to think big because you will narrow things down into obtainable steps afterward.

Also, write down everything you want to avoid happening or the areas that will not be useful to gain what you want. The reason to think about this in both ways is to open up your mind to see as much of the future as you can.

Having two lists will eventually allow you to form a complete list of goals, the broken down steps to achieve those goals, and the areas that you will not pursue because it won’t be helpful.

Step four is learning how bad comparing yourself with others is to your mood and mindset

Seven Steps To Feel Great About Yourself

For this step, you can do it daily like the first couple because you will set aside time each day to reflect on what has happened. Instead of just listing things that you did or didn’t do, I want you to remind yourself about the reasons comparing your progress to somebody else’s is harmful.

To get started on doing this step you can think about past mistakes and what you have gained by remembering what happened. i.e. I used to think it mattered to me about getting straight A’s, but when I actually learned it mattered more what I was learning I stopped trying to be perfect.

By continuing to work on my belief about not having to be perfect I have learned that there isn’t anything gained when I ask somebody else how they did. I know each time I do anything now that I gave it my best shot or that I can be honest and allow myself not to care as much about that particular thing.

The real lesson is that I am able to do everything that will help my vision of the future become reality and that means making mistakes, taking something less serious than another is okay because it’s my journey which matters and nothing else.

Step five is to remember that your progress isn’t dependant on anything.

Seven Steps To Feel Great About Yourself

What this step means is that you are going to be doing things right now that matter to you and are very important. Instead of thinking about doing something later when you have more money.

Or waiting until you have something else going on because this only leads to putting things off and procrastinating. The belief that you should wait so that you have any resource available will create a lot more problems then you may be aware of.

This can be done daily or anytime that you catch yourself saying something that prevents you from taking immediate and necessary action now. I am not talking about saving up the money so that you can buy something that will help you learn better or that will entertain you.

What this is about is learning responsibility to either reschedule things or to sit there and do it now even if your mood isn’t right. To help avoid some of the things that are excuses or that lead to self-sabotage, it’s essential that you practice your awareness and do things regardless.

Some common excuses are, I don’t have the time right now, or that I need to wake up in order to start. There are lots of these excuses that you will need to learn about so start by paying attention to your thoughts.

Step six is about the negative thoughts you have and about your self-talk

Seven Steps To Feel Great About Yourself

This step means that when you make a mistake or discover an activity that puts you in a bad mood that you are ready to stop it in its tracks.

Instead of allowing yourself to remain feeling unhappy, remove the activity from your tasks unless it’s essential and then remind yourself of why you have to practice self-discipline and do it anyways.

I am sure you have probably heard about giving yourself a timeout or to train yourself to do a ten-second countdown before you react to something.

It’s important that this is a tool you use when you talk to yourself as well because it can mean the difference between wasting an hour or an entire month.

When you catch yourself saying you’re incapable, unworthy, ugly, stupid or any negative thing. Have a way to correct this sabotaging thought and change it right away to a positive with proof.

An example is when you mess up doing anything you may feel the need to tell yourself that was stupid, or I am stupid. instead of leaving that out there you need to come up with a reason your brilliant and remind yourself of several things that have gone exceptionally well.

As you practice working in your journal you will discover there are many more positives than negatives and that you have been holding onto a false belief that needs to be removed.

Step seven is about your skills and abilities which are going to grow and give you more confidence

Seven Steps To Feel Great About Yourself

This means that by taking the right actions to train yourself in all areas of your life, you will start to easily come up with the belief that you are amazing and this will happen more and more when you use the skills you have learned.

Not only that but when you are practicing all of these steps and are reminding yourself daily or at any chance you get to your plans that your mind will take notice.

The more skills and abilities you have, the higher your self-worth grows. This also means that you can do more things that build confidence because you have removed many doubts.

When you are practicing all of them often, your mind starts to notice it’s a routine of yours and begins providing you with more help.

That translates into a better mood, more motivation, a process that feels natural and can be done almost on autopilot. Before you realize what is happening you will check off many goals of yours and start adding new ones to the action plan.

As this entire picture grows it will start to resemble a set of stairs where you are moving forward and up towards your biggest goals. The easiest way to climb a mountain is to follow the right steps or path that uses the least amount of effort possible.

What happens when you feel great about yourself?

Seven Steps To Feel Great About Yourself

When you wake up each morning knowing what the day has in store for you, it can immediately bring on a sense of a purpose and meaning. This translates into you feeling that what you do each hour of your day is important and you will take it seriously.

After you have started to experience that wonderful thrill, you can open up your mind to do more things. This will allow you to learn any specific skill which helps you to reach your dreams.

Knowing where you’re going is what helps your mind understand your needs and is a fantastic way to remove any sign of depression. You will not need to be on medications, need therapy, or rely on anyone and it’s a monumental concept to place into your beliefs.

In other words, you will have the control, the knowledge and the skills to be superior to your past self and that is how you get things to happen which leads to improvements in your life.

Follow all of these steps to feel great about yourself and remember to practice doing them daily. Keep lists of everything in front of you all the time because that is what constantly reminds you that any uncomfortable feeling is worth it in the end.

Let me know if you have any questions or need me to be more specific about any of these steps in the comment section below. And if this helps you be sure to share it with everyone you know.



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  1. One thing that is just too important to miss out on is getting to the bottom of who you are. That doesn’t seem like something you would have to worry too much about doing but it is. With all the external influences people allow into their lives, it’s not surprising that we don’t take the time to truly look at our choices. When you can become aware the first thing you start to notice is what your actions say to how you feel. Changing one thing each month will slowly allow you to experience more joy than what had been possible before.

  2. Step 2 and 4 I definitely need to work on. I care entirely too much what others think and about their opinion. I should really be focusing on knowing who I am, and that I am a great person. It has been causing me some stress here lately, and time to work on these seven steps to feel great about yourself! Thanks !

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