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Self Journal

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  • They Teach You How To Use It
  • They Give You A lot Of Room For Uniqueness
  • Each One Is A Great Length Of Time


  • It Doesn't Have An App
  • You Need To Buy Four For A Full Year
  • It Comes With A Learning Curve

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Self Journal

Cathryn Lavery and Allen Brouwer

$31.99 and up depending on the package.

Definitely Legit

Self Journal Review

Introducing The Self Journal

A fully thought out approach to getting things on track with a way to completely organize your goals. This is more than just an ordinary planner because it comes with lots of additional help and support.

There is a community of 249,478 subscribers who have already begun to experience the best self-journey. From the beginning, this has had a great deal of support including 6400 backers on Kickstarter.

Needless to say, the expectations for this product were big from the start. It’s more than just a planner because it will give you a system which you can use to become your best self.

Coincidently, that is also the domain they use for there website. which shares not one but six videos that will teach you what you need to do each step.

Who Created The Self Journal? Two entrepreneurs who were struggling with their own businesses to figure out a way to get the very maximum amount from their time.

Cathryn Lavery and Allen Brouer knew that people didn’t just start from a clearly thought out idea. They had to utilize a strategy and work on their plans in order to do the work that would be necessary.

From early on these two people studied often and gathered information about all the different planners and organizers which currently existed. 

They continued to put their blood and sweat into coming up with nothing but the best which took a considerable amount of time. Back in November of 2015 their vision finally came to life and the world was changed for the better.

Self Journal Getting Started

What Claims Do They Make About The Self Journal?

In order to find this information out, I began my search from within their website. I needed to see with my own eyes what they would be teaching me to do right out of the gate.

The first video was a strategic onslaught which left me feeling compelled enough to keep going. It suggests that you should set an alarm so that you make a habit out of using the journal at the same time every day.

Next, it wants you to have an accountability group which beckons you to join their facebook group. They say it’s essential to find your support so you can keep your mind on the goals you truly wish to achieve.

After that, you will want to begin with small steps so that you can start to build momentum. This part is important because once you start to notice yourself having these small victories, you will be ready to step up your game to bigger and more challenging ones.

Each journal will help you to get through a chunk of 13 weeks or one quarter of the year. Typically this is the amount of time that leads to the greatest accomplishments due to the fact that our minds don’t like to think that far ahead.

In that first video, it’s recommending that you will get used to how this system works during your first planner. Be certain to establish this as one of your daily routines and get ready for the next video.

Self Journal Tip One

The second video mentions that you will still have use for those other tools you may already be using. In fact, it’s going to suggest how you can take those and start including those things in the self journal.

Realizing that your situation is going to be unique from anyone else’s it has room for you to prioritize everything. From appointments to spur of the moment changes, you will not need to panic because it’s simple to change things.

Already use a to-do list? No problem, just move things over to the appropriate place and it will not lead to any double bookings for your time.

Do you currently use a calendar for some upcoming events? There is a place for that inside as well so you won’t miss out on anything you need to get done.

Video three is all about using the daily timeline. This is important because you will want to optimize the time blocks so that you can get done with one of them and then get directly to the next one without any problems.

Starting with each days top three priorities, you should estimate an amount of time appropriate for each of these. Once you know when and for how long, you can start to place other items from that to-do list inside the days time spots.

Remember to adjust things accordingly rather than try and rush through those three priorities. It’s better to do them well and be sure that you are completely satisfied before you get to work on the rest.

Self Journal Tip Two

Video four mentions high-performance practices, which are gratitude and reflection. These two steps can be instrumental in clearing away any type of overwhelming feeling or thoughts you may be struggling with.

Just briefly write down three things you’re grateful for each morning and evening than allow yourself time to reflect on how well that day went, Include anything that you may want to try to change or questions that you have.

After all, positivity is an essential part of creating the motivation which comes from within you. Be open to many different ways to achieve the same thing in less time for the next day.

Learn More About The Self Journal Here

Be sure to give yourself a nice compliment because you deserve a reward just for doing your best at being yourself. Next up is video five.

Conditioning yourself for good daily habits is another vital step to make toward your goals. This simply suggests that when you are willing to do one thing to improve your life each day, that habit will grow to a much bigger number at the end of each month or year.

So, it’s the little victories that become major victories and this happens when you start to use the Self Journal to take on new challenges each day.

Self Journal Tip Three

Action into habit forms the chain that leads to success and with the right tools this will be learned to be done automatically. Onto the last video which is number six.

Setting your first achievable goal, this should be an easy one like it’s mentioned earlier. You don’t want to overreach because that can lead to setbacks too early.

Instead, you should pick something that you are more than likely capable of doing in that first 13-week time span. Be as realistic as you can so that you will have time to adjust.

Keep in mind that consistency is a wonderful way to boost your self-confidence but flexibility or the mindset to be willing to change in an instant is also just as important.

What this step means is that you start from the finish line and work backward. What is the one essential outcome that you will aim for?

Once you know that part you can break it down into three different milestones. These will help you notice how much progress you are making which is also a great time to reward yourself with something.

Self Journal Tip Four

Get used to working on your milestones so that you don’t get too frustrated from the day to day grind of things. From those milestones, you break things down into your daily actions which will be necessary each time you open the planner.

Focus on the day instead of the bigger goals and before you know it you will arrive at your destination.

Does The Self Journal Deliver On Everything It Promises?

I must say I was impressed just by looking over each part of what comes with the purchase of one journal. I assumed when I began that it was just another little planner but instead it comes with a lot of great value.

This system is actually about the process of getting your life on track by committing to take action every 13 weeks. I actually wish I had discovered this sooner because it cleared things up for me about setting up these kinds of goals.

Instead of giving you a simple list or a demo, it’s a step by step program that includes both a community and support to receive accountability and help all along the way.

Prior to doing this research, I had only hoped that it would be an asset that allowed each of us to plot the coordinates of where we wanted to go.

By the time I even got through half of what I wanted to find out I was already excited about sharing this information. 

I know that it’s been around a few years which means it’s only gotten better with the experience that has come from helping others to achieve their dreams.

Yes, it does what it says it will do and much more.

Self Journal Tip Five

Who Is This Product For?

It’s advertised for anyone who wants to take command of their lives with some help from experienced entrepreneurs. I can also suggest that this will work for a complete beginner as well as somebody who is more advanced.

However, I am quite aware that there are also numerous other products on the market that can do similar things so you will need to take that into account.

The pricing for one journal seems quite fair based on the learning curve it can take to get used to. Plus the amount of help and support that is available.

Let’s take a closer look and perhaps see who it wouldn’t benefit in order to get an idea of who is best fitting to try this. I absolutely think that everyone should consider this product if they haven’t already found a system that works for them.

So, it’s best for those who are not quite there in truly feeling comfortable about setting goals, making commitments to being productive, and somebody who will be able to adjust their time tables to be consistent.

It’s not going to help for anyone who isn’t serious about achieving their goals, who isn’t ready to experience success, and who will not be able to make it a daily habit to follow. 

Hopefully, this explanation is enough for you to decide what you should do.

The Final Verdict Is In!

Yes, I recommend this to anyone who is reading. I think it’s an absolute improvement on what I thought I knew about setting goals and keeping them.

The instructions that come with the product are simple, easy, and show how it’s to be done. I think that the only turn off is knowing that you will probably be investing more money to continue getting new journals.

But even that is an option because they have different packages available for those who want the best deals. I also came across a subscription that will automatically send you the necessary items before you need to start a new one.

This concludes the Self Journal Review and I would like to ask for any questions or comments that you have to be done below. I want to hear your thoughts, opinions and for those who have already discovered this tool how things are going.

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