A Self-Improvement System Has These Parts | Part One Of Five

What should every person work on to make the best progress? We are talking about a job to be done such as eliminating our most challenging struggle in order to make noticeable changes.

A self-Improvement system has these parts:

  1. A way to improve our communication with ourselves and others.
  2. A way to apply those improvements into actionable steps.
  3. A way to see ourselves in the future so we can track the progress we make.
  4. A way to implement different strategies so that we can continue to increase knowledge.
  5. A way to test those strategies because we want to understand what the best ones are.
  6. A way to reflect on the results that we discover so that we can try to predict our next moves (strategies).
  7. A way to practice doing the steps because we must figure out how to cover the costs of our experiments and ultimately help others to do the same.

Let’s just start with these first seven pieces so we can map out what we will be doing exactly. To come up with a plan there needs to be a spot on our map that indicates what type of success we are after.

First, Why Must We Make Improvements With Communication?

To ensure that we can increase our desire to make progress, we will need to include others. This has several different aspects to it because of things like:

  • A way to prevent lonliness.
  • A way to prevent frustration.
  • A way to prevent procrastination.
  • A way to concentrate effectively.
  • A way to manage our emotions.
  • A way to receive feedback or gain new perspectives.
  • A way to reward ourselves for making progress with a consequence for laziness.

Alone, our efforts will likely become a product of our habits so we must also be prepared for what those will do to us.

Deciding On What Rituals To Do Versus What Routines We Have.

This is all about changing our bad habits into good ones so that we utilize our time effectively. For this to actually work in our favor, we need to figure out if we lack any nutrients that would cause interferences 

Food equals energy, energy comes from eating the right things at the right times. 

So, to specify the times we will eat and what items we must ingest, we will need to investigate what apps or tools will be the best options.

Leaving things up to randomness or chance is not something that history has shown to work well or we would not be struggling in the first place.

Unless we can plan a schedule, we will not be able to find a nice starting point for each ritual that must be done. Those are the methods that will help you overcome a bad habit.

You begin by diagnosing the issue, follow that up by breaking down the reasons why it’s being done. Next, you ask yourself how addicted you are to doing that habit on a sliding scale of one hundred.

This will give you a clearer idea about the amount of struggle you will face when dealing with your willingness to make a change.

Write Down All Activities That You Do.

The only way to become accountable is to start to track your movements. In order to make progress, you must make use of a journal or app that goes into the reasons why you do the things you do.

Everything is important to track because you are going to be a case study which has a beginning and an end. What exactly will you set your sights on achieving to be your end goal?

That is up to you but it’s something you should think about for more then just a few minutes. Remember that progress is a general idea where as an actual position in time that you will have something is concrete.

You can start general, but write down what it is that you have always wanted to become. 

An example: I want to become a (my vision of the future) millionaire by December 31, 2022. 

I don’t want you to stress out by making this statement too difficult, think big but also think realistically. What evidence will support it so that you can create the necessary items for a visualization exercise?

Those items can be these things:

  1. Vision board;
  2. Mural;
  3. Slide Show;
  4. Video Series;
  5. Before and After Images;
  6. A Descriptive and Detailed Story about your Future Self.

An Example Of A Schedule:

Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday  Sunday

1:00 A.M. 

2:00 A.M.

3:00 A.M

And so forth, that way you create a schedule where everything is accounted for. Than you can go further and break each hour down by 30 minutes, 15 minutes, and any other way you want.

For each time chunk, write down what you observe yourself doing for an entire month and set reminders for those hours so you remember that your doing it this way.

When you are not sure, write down IDK for I Don’t Know that way you can set a reminder specifically to pay attention to all of those times.

The Goal Of A Schedule Is To Train Your Mind

It already has a pretty good understanding of all your usual habits and reminds you of them. So, the only way to overwrite those automatic suggestions that your mind has in place is to do them consciously.

By tracking these for a month, you will no longer have any reasons (excuses) to use the IDK since you will replace them with a ritual.

Once you have successfully implemented those rituals, you can begin to reward yourself for completing them each time. The rewards you use should have an emotional meaning to them.

For instance, you reward yourself with a favorite treat only when you complete those rituals. You will no longer use that treat for anything other then this purpose.

A reward only has special meaning when it’s given for a specific purpose. If you just pick something like a piece gum which you chew all the time, it will not mean anything special.

A Potential Consequence Is To Throw Away The Reward.

Instead of allowing yourself to have that treat, you are now going to show your mind that it’s being destroyed. This should have an emotional meaning behind it because you will feel sad.

Pay attention to exactly how you feel for each experience because if you don’t feel your mood lift or shift, you will likely need to change rewards to something else.

By the end of the first month, you should be on your way to making progress with your specific goal. Be sure to comeback to read the next part which is going to cover the process by showing some examples.

Also be sure to comment and let me know what you like and don’t like or what you are going to be working on with this system.

A Self-Improvement System Has These Parts | Part Two Is Here.




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