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Self Hypnosis Free Downloads

What is better than great audio with a proven track record that shows it works? Getting it for free and there is a way you can do it right now.

Self-hypnosis free downloads are available and I highly recommend you take the opportunity to get one to try for yourself.

But before you do that, let me go over why you should take the time to learn more about self-hypnosis.

Back in November of last year, I was looking all over the net for the very best products to help monetize this site. What I found were a few that offered exactly what I was looking for.

The main issue I had was trying to sample them all and get the experience that was needed to make a decision on just one that would be the top recommendation.

I am proud to present to you what I have found out from this extended trial. Originally I was going to showcase each one and give them all a review grade, that was until I had experienced the limitations that some of them had.

Did you know that anyone who wants to become hypnotized has that ability? When you learn how it works, you will see that it’s much easier than you might think.

Okay now, why are there people out there who have difficulties believing that it works? It’s unknown to them, and it’s likely confusing as to how something so easy can really get results.

I know for me I was a little afraid of messing myself up if I didn’t do it right. But did you know there is zero chance for you to mess yourself up?Anyone who want's to be hypnotized can learn to be

The process is similar to riding a bike, once you have figured out what works best for you it’s almost automatic to keep doing it.

You will be using things that are already a part of your life and with the right amount of focus, you will enter into a trance. For anyone who has ever lost track of time, it’s that same thing.

It’s just that simple, and everyone has already experienced a trance quite a lot in their lives. Self-hypnosis is only different because you are wanting to control that ability.

Because it’s a skill the more you practice the better you will get and the more incredible the results that will occur.

Self Hypnosis Free Downloads

Who does self-hypnosis work best for?

Myths aren’t real as you know, and it’s from a lack of effort that people learn to spread these lies. What I want you to know is that you have to possess a desire stronger than a belief about these lies.

There is a myth that it won’t work for somebody with a high intelligence. Or somebody who has had trouble getting it to work before while being in the audience watching a stage performer doing it.

These are myths because I can prove them both lies, in fact, my intelligence is above average, I had experience being in the audience of a couple during college.Self-hypnosis is controlling your trance-like state

But what I experienced when I tried them myself was a life-changing experience. The best way to prepare is also the part you don’t often see from a stage show.

Normally, for hypnosis to work there needs to be an established relationship prior to starting. You will want to trust the person who is doing the suggestions.

This means that there are much higher chances that it won’t work for anyone just sitting in the audience. It also means that when it does happen to a few people it’s because they have the exact mindset needed at that time.

For any of you that follow this blog, you will already know that mindsets are easy to change and it’s from practice that you gain the right kind of one for hypnosis.

This also means for a beginner there will be some trial and error. Prepare yourself in advance to achieve the right balance which will happen once you gain the knowledge.Self-hypnosis is wonderful because you build trust with yourself

Now for the high intelligence person out there, the chances are actually higher that you will learn to do it much quicker than others. Because you can learn things quicker and apply them sooner.

Lower intelligence doesn’t mean it won’t work for you, that just means you will want to lower your expectation a tad and it’s much better for you to watch more before you try it.

Let’s be honest, what does high or low intelligence really mean? Unless you have had a brain injury, hypnosis has a wonderful chance of working for anyone.

Self Hypnosis Free Downloads

Which Self-hypnosis audios should you try?

When you go to the site I am going to recommend you download and try the one that makes the most sense. The catch is you will need to wait a week before you can get another one to try out.

What I would do is go and get one immediately that way you can go over the information I am giving you while waiting for your next one.

Each one will be your’s to own right away so there isn’t anything you will need to buy to try them out. During that first week of trial, you will want to have a checklist you follow before you start listening to the audio.Self-hypnosis free downloads are your's to own

Here is what you want to follow

  • Remove any fear or doubt you have about hypnosis
  • Understand what a trance-like state really means
  • Learn to relax (meditation helped me)
  • A desire to be hypnotized the stronger the better
  • A desire to make the changes intended for each hypnosis audio
  • Understand that your focus needs to be concentrated on the voice in the audio (the same thing you do when daydreaming while watching a movie, reading a book, or engaged in an intense video game.)
  • An Open-mind to the possibilities of self-hypnosis (Scale of 1-100 how wonderful will you feel when it works. Train your mind to expect it to work 100{002cebbb9982bb452b7f35ba8a1ec40e802a4e49a9f04bce8c9af9df955e9923} and your results will happen quicker)
  • Positive mind, vivid imagination, and a childish matureness all help increase your chances.
  • An overall understanding of the fears you have that way you will be open to removing the thoughts which trigger them.
  • Time and Place that is quiet, headphones will help eliminate noises, and a comfortable way to lay down or sit.

All of these can happen much sooner with the help of a hypnotherapist you trust and a routine you follow when you are starting out.

Click Here To Get Your Free Hypnosis Download

Sometimes people will have difficulties trusting themselves and a hypnotherapist can be your guide to learning what is needed for a successful self-hypnosis practice.

Self Hypnosis Free Downloads

Self-hypnosis and trance-like state

I will go over this in a much more in-depth post following up on this one. For now, it’s a fantastic idea if you learn what a relaxed and trance state means.

For me, it’s the feeling you get when you’re in between sleep and when you are actually able to tell what is happening. I often wake up from a vivid dream and that experience is fresh in my mind, if I lay there and do nothing else I will fall back asleep.

When you’re in a trance you learn to stay in that state without falling back asleep. Your body and mind are so wonderfully relaxed that you just want that dream to continue.You will forget your doing self-hypnosis

You will not necessarily understand and know it’s happening when it takes over your mind because you get lost with that amazing feeling and don’t care to try and figure it out.

It’s not something you can get stuck in unfortunately because it’s euphoria and it’s more incredible than how you feel when intoxicated.

This is how it is for me so I can only imagine how the feeling is for somebody else. That creates the question of why wouldn’t you want to have this experience and to also see if it will change your life at the same time?

Self Hypnosis Free Downloads

What are the side effects of hypnosis?

Every side effect is of the positive variety unless you want to say that a desire to do it more often is a negative. It’s no joke that I wish I had been more eager to find out more about self-hypnosis earlier in my life.

The way I look at things is the same as if you are trying to learn any skill. The more you practice the better it will work, the more you meditate the more relaxed you get.

The more you do anything the chances increase that you will get the hang of it. That is also why I instruct you to learn everything you can about it before you start.

This will increase the odds that you can get the right mindset all set up and you won’t have to be disappointed if it’s taking you longer to get the results your after.

I mention five benefits of hypnosis in a different post so they don’t need to be repeated here, but when you learn that with over 200+ audios you will gain over two hundred different benefits.There are only positive side effects

There are six of them you can get for free, after that you will find out they are not expensive to buy any of the others you want. They even offer several of them in bundles and of course, there will be special offers to look for.

The audios will easily justify the small amount it’s gonna cost but it’s also an investment that will be one of the best decisions you can make.

One of the best things you can do is to schedule your time wisely, this will make sure you always have a plan in place to keep using the audios.

I will even go out of my way to include 30 extra minutes just to listen to one right before bed. When you find yourself more relaxed, focused, and driven towards your goals it becomes your motivation to continue.Self Hypnosis Free Downloads

Go here for the self-hypnosis free downloads

The name of the site is Hypnosis Live and it’s through this link that you will be able to gain them.

Look around and then sign up to get the freebies.

Remember what I said earlier about a week between each download, in that time learn more about it and by all means, ask questions either from me, or go there and ask them.

I just remembered another side effect that you will want to watch out for.

That is confidence because you will learn all kinds of new skills and remove all kinds of limiting beliefs when you get started.

Before you go to that link make sure you sign up for your free ebook if you haven’t already done so.

I will continue updating you on anything new about self-hypnosis free downloads, thanks for reading this and take care.

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  1. It’s surprisingly simple to do and isn’t much of a difference then meditation. You start by finding a comfortable place that is quiet so that you can listen uninterrupted. Next, you just allow the voice in the audio to lead you through the specific actions you will be doing. The trickiest part is to not let your own thoughts lead you away from the suggestions, and that is where learning how to focus will help you out when you’re just starting. Thanks for the comment and let me know how it works for you.

  2. Ok, this is perfect for me! I have been wanting to do self hypnosis and really just learning about it. This will be a great start for me! I do need to learn how to relax and just let go of these thoughts that are always running thru my mind. Hypnosis would help with that right? Thanks!

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