Putting Plans Down Are Easy With A System | (Part Four)

I mentioned at the end of the last part that things are about to get exciting. Putting plans down are easy with a system because you have already done the hardest parts.

Now it’s time to really show things off since you have already come a long way. Imagine how badly you thought your situation was and how time consuming it seemed just a month ago?

That is what truly is possible when you have hired a system to follow. But you often hear me mention things that you may not fully understand yet.

Today we are going to be looking at why each part works the best for you.

Why Is Putting A Plan Down So Easy?

Since everyone already knows that “the people” don’t know what they want, it means you need to think, it’s up to your system to determine that.

One of the biggest complaints I see and hear made are about trying to decide on something between the many options. So, when you take all that decision making power away from them, they have no choices left but yours.

To do this you need to find every piece of dirt that you can on the competition so that you can influence people against it. Some will say that its a dirty way to conduct business, but again it’s not your decision to make, is it?

See what I did there, I asked you to make a decision and you likely weren’t sure what to think.

Take this example as evidence number one: You follow somebody else for a while because you know you want to learn how they did that.

When you figure out exactly why their idea was so successful, what is the most natural thing to do next?

It’s to tear it apart because you feel that there has to be a better way to do it with less or you feel that it’s possible to replicate but with one difference.

Well, that is exactly why Brands exist in the first place. Somebody comes along with a thought about making somebody else’s idea their own.

To do that they first have to understand all about it and the way that it works. After they have done so, they know enough now to create a replacement product that will do something better, different, and make money.

What Does A Business Already Know Is Going To Happen?

One thing is that they will likely have to continue to make innovations or they will be doomed. It’s because of the idea that every successful company is going to have it’s own set of dopplegangers.

A business can either think about their own vision of the future (much like what you do) or become stubborn and soon be forced to change.

That is the very reason that you know the phrase “everything is fair in love, war, and business”. Okay maybe it’s not with the line about business but that is how you will start to think when a competitor or rival competes with you.

So, it’s one of those areas that should be figure out so it’s included with your system. Remember that the point of the system is to eliminate the need for you to do the work by hiring a product or person to do the job.

What is the job you want to get done when it’s about the competition?

There are a couple of things that matter to you which are:

  1. Making a profit.
  2. Helping your customers.
  3. Increasing your ability to make progress.
  4. Staying ahead of your own aspirations so you can be prepared.
  5. Having a purpose that is much bigger then anything you or I can do alone.

What Does This Mean To Your Overall Desire?

Once you know about the plan that is put into motion, you have very little left to actually need. It becomes something less then what it once was because every inch you move closer to perfection sacrifices a part of your soul.

It’s time to be more willing to give things away which means you can go around the country and teach others how to use your system.

You can create a book about your life and your struggles to help inspire others. That also means going around the country and giving out your signature with book signings.

There is a new desire to show how grateful you are that you could work as hard as you did. It’s time to think about setting up a foundation for the less fortuanete.

You can also retire and hire somebody else to do all of these things for you which leaves you to just show up at events.

The Real Meaning Of Your Desire Is To Stop Working Hard!

I know you have other things that come to mind when you see the word Retire. But, it’s as equally painful to think of that if you are anything close to unsure about what you even enjoy, if it’s not facing challenges.

Have you ever visualized yourself after that point in time where you have everything you have ever wanted? One of the mistakes that prevent people from achieving their dreams is they don’t go to the end.

Unless you know how you want your entire story to read, you will face a lot of anxiety somewhere. This goes back to the subject of planning for the unexpected.

Now, this is even possible to hire another person to think about for you.

Then what?

In part five we are going to be looking into the future on that fateful day which we all know will come. What are your thoughts, your concerns, and what is your legacy going to be?

There is no point in following or creating your own system if it just abruptly ends in the middle of your story. Isn’t that the exact type of thing that would leave you feeling betrayed?

So, to prepare yourself for this new exercise, think about what you want to teach your family. Think about what you want to teach the world or change for the better of life.

Come back with a fresh but open mind and let’s explore where the end takes us. As always, if you have any questions or comments please ask them below.

Putting plans down are easy with a system concludes here for most of you. For the rest that are willing to think bigger I will see you next time.

Final Part – Understanding Self-Improvement As A System

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