Problem Solving And Helping Others Is Your Key To Success

Problem Solving And Helping Others Is Your Key To Success

You may be wondering what to do with your life or how to learn more about your life purpose? Part of the journey that happens to everyone is that they try lots of different things.

This is the best way to get a feeling about choosing or coming up with a plan to use for your future desires.

Problem-solving and helping others are two of the most critical skills to have but there is a problem with them.

How do you know what the heck they mean so that you can learn the best way to practice them?

Everyone has different challenges and this means there is going to be quite a lot of difference in how you address finding a solution for people.

Where can you begin so that this is the easiest skill that you develop, and how to know what kind of help people will even except?

Like many other areas that can be confusing it’s a great idea to work things backward. That means you need quality communication skills so that you can decipher what the issues are of the people who you are trying to help.

The part that happens when you begin understanding people is how to talk their language. This allows you to come up with techniques that are aimed to disguise what you are intending to do.

Don’t think too hard about this because it’s pretty simple, you listen, you repeat things back in your own words, and then you let them discuss why it’s an issue for them. When you start to see room to offer your opinion you take that chance and bring up a solution.

When you don’t already know what solution to suggest that is when you dig a little deeper and continue to discuss things. There is also another way to find out some of the common issues which people experience and that is to learn how to search for things online.

Problem-solving and helping others starts with you

Problem Solving And Helping Others Is Your Key To Success

Before you set your sights on trying to go digging around to help out another person it’s a very good idea for you to know what problems you are experiencing. This will give you experience and confidence right off the bat so that you can test a few solutions on yourself.

It’s also one of the best things to do for yourself because you gain all sorts of benefits when you start moving in the direction to solve what is bugging you. This means you will need to know more about yourself and apply what I am teaching you.

You start by doing an easy activity which means you will learn what your emotions are telling you. The way that it works is when you are trying different experiences you make sure you are aware of your moods.

Let’s say you are reading this right now and feeling excited, that emotion is telling you what you’re doing is helping to find a solution to your problem. But this doesn’t show you exactly why it’s that way.

To track the emotions, you experience there needs to be a process that you can use to verify it’s working correctly. To do this you will want to write down the specifics such as the time, the activity,  a summary of that activity, and figure out what else is similar to that activity that you can do as well.

One thing I suggest is to make a list of your emotions on a blank journal page. Then create a system where you will place a checkmark next to the emotion and a number for an entry you write about.

For Example – You notice that you feel Jealous – in your journal next to the word, place a 1*, then on another page you write down the 1) again and write your journal entry including the details.

This way you can make notes about what I stated earlier. Set aside time specifically to pay attention each day to try doing many different things.

When you have 3 or more numbers checked by each emotion you can look for patterns or things that are in common. The more evidence you can put together the better. This will allow you to see that it’s true and not just coincidental.

How will using this problem-solving method help?

Problem Solving And Helping Others Is Your Key To Success

After you have spent a month or so doing this for yourself, the next step is to come up with a plan about why you are feeling a certain way for each emotion. This means that you have noticed a pattern, noticed the occurrence many times, and are ready to solve one of your problems.

Here is an example that may help you understand this better. One of my problems is procrastination and not following a plan the entire time it’s scheduled. I am somewhat easy to distract and this bugs me because of the time that it wastes.

How I learned about this problem was because I would feel guilty whenever I wasn’t sticking to my work every time it was scheduled. After watching my emotions for a couple of weeks it was obvious I needed to figure out a way to become less distracted.

I was able to see that my emotions changed from determined to feeling guilty/uneasy. Having this problem from before I started tracking my emotions I didn’t believe that it was important to follow a schedule.

That just seemed like another task that I can do mentally because I know what is important and what isn’t. Turns out I was choosing to work less and waste more time then even I realized.

My emotions changed because my subconscious mind was not happy. I was doing something unhelpful in making progress on my long-term goal of helping a million people who also suffer needlessly.

When I looked back into my childhood there was an event that I felt unable to help somebody close to myself. This is something that I needed to do in my future or else I will remain feeling sad and unhappy.

So if I am going to start to feel better I needed to follow my schedule and keep working toward that overall goal. The same is true for any of the issues that anyone has.

All problems stem from something that didn’t happen earlier in life, or that did happen but it didn’t go the way that was intended. As a result, there wasn’t anymore done to solve the problem or prevent it from happening again.

Another example is the child who didn’t feel loved who goes on to sleep with all the people they meet. This is the extreme that they endure so that they mistake sex for the feeling of love that they want.

The reality isn’t that they needed the sex, it’s that because they don’t know how to love themselves now, they are trying to get that love from external sources. The solution for them is to figure out how to stop feeling inferior to others and to practice things that make them more valuable as a way to feel worthy.

Another way to say this is for them to acquire new skills so they can remove the false beliefs that are there about nobody wanting to love them.

When you learn what things mean to you, it will be much easier to see the real reasons behind people’s behavior. Such as complaining, whining, blaming, and putting others down.

Problem Solving And Helping Others Is Your Key To Success

This set of skills translates into a system to make money

Other than helping you learn what is needed to help yourself solve the problems you have, I also want you to learn why it’s an important thing to practice and make money from.

This skill set is one of the most profitable ways to build a website that will grow and eventually build up to a passive income. The benefits of doing things that help others are many and that it’s a great way to also plan your life around to help yourself at the same time.

Whether you are somebody who wanted to learn that or not it’s nice to know another way to generate an income. This means you will have the means to control your freedom and not be stuck in a situation where you depend on an employer for your moola.

Problem-solving and helping others is your key to success because you will become your asset. There is no way to put a price tag on the potential you can earn when you are happy, motivated, and excited to keep moving towards all the wants and dreams you have.

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions write them below.

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  1. You already know the cause, emotions are from your subconscious mind because you are either doing something that it wants you to do or that you are doing the opposite. There is also the feeling of indifference which happens when you are past a point that the mind trusts you to handle things. When you get a better understanding of the behaviors you are doing and then the feelings you have while doing them, it will let you search for patterns and see which areas are helping or harming your progress. When you can create a list of activities which evoke a particular feeling, you will then get to decide if you want to do the things which bring motivation or the ones that make you feel less motivated. This means you will start to understand your unmet needs based on how you feel doing each thing.

  2. What a great idea to write down our emotions, and then what evokes them. I can see this as really helping. Sometime I think I know the root of my emotions, but I know that it will not always be the case. I guess then once I know what is evoking certain emotions, I can work at my own problem solving to help take control of them, right?

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