Priority Number Three | The Best Use Of Your Time

What is the best use of your time going to be about? – Making money online by learning how to operate a website as a work from home business.

Who should focus on learning this information? – Anyone who currently struggles to enjoy what they do to earn an honest living while dreaming about having more freedom to experience more of what life has to offer.

Where will this strategy help you to go? – Anywhere that you can visualize yourself going because that is what you will need to practice doing daily.

When will this strategy be most effective?– Once you have become very familiar with the first two top priorities for life, because it’s a step by step training system.

Why is this recommended as a top priority for life? – Once you have a solid understanding of yourself, about how you can learn efficiently, you will need to understand how to reward yourself for all that effort.

Here are some of the things you will understand by the time you are done with this lesson:

  • Success – what it really is and how it will be vital 
  • Persuasion – you have to be capable of getting people to do what you want
  • Persistence – You must understand how to utilize self-belief so that you develop 100 percent willingness 
  • Consistency – You will understand why it’s a best practice to do things using templates that will make your job easy
  • Courage – You have to be able to operate without being afraid of what might happen as a possible outcome 
  • Confidence – You must understand how everything you do impacts who you are as a leader and role model

Once you are capable of learning things efficiently, you will need to increase your level of desire to prioritize customer needs for one specific product/solution.

What happens when you learn how to make the best use of your time? All hell breaks loose and the world comes to an end, right?

Of course not, but what becomes possible, is that you can achieve exactly what you dream about accomplishing. So, priority number three is going to focus on time traded for money, specifically about the online world. Why?

First of all, why not? 

You are a very capable person who I can imagine as having the capacity to dream big. That means you should be able to see how you will benefit by doing similar things which others are succeeding at, in incredible ways.

It’s imperative that you understand what the success mindset is all about. Since I have already written that post, you can find all that information by clicking on the link above here.

Anyway, once you understand exactly what is expected from you, it’s just a matter of following through with the promises you make to yourself.

So, what are those promises?

The first one is about the specific problem that your business will be solving. 

What will you do that makes it worth the time that it will take, to be profitable?

Come up with a list of reasons that you know or that you are certain of, that will help others, that will help you, and that will help anyone, become interested in what you do.

You will want to become completely obsessed with this one issue so that your mind knows to offer you, all of it’s assistance. 

What Should I Learn To Do To Provide A Service?

In what areas of your life have you struggled a lot where you wish somebody else would come and solve the problem for you? 

That is the kind of thing you do with business… You figure out what experiences you have had that could lead you to want to assist others.

You pick a pain point that another is having and you hunt down the best solution for it. 

That’s why you do product reviews so that when another person with that same issue searches Google, your review comes up and they see how useful your suggestion is that they take it and you earn money.

So, as long as you provide solutions that lead the person to become a satisfied buyer… You make commissions and eventually can create your own products.

Once you have set up a system that captures the user’s information… You can build relationships with several who all fit into a segment of the market.

By providing an ongoing service… they continue to make quicker progress and get to where they want to end up in their life. 

Which if done correctly has them also promoting your company because you are simply the best at what you do. You provide value and they provide information that you use to find others who have the same issue.

It keeps you in a constant loop where you are up to date on that one issue so that you make money with a continuous effort.

Simple, easy, and when you learn the process it becomes much quicker to do for new issues and new businesses. That is how people get to have multiple streams of income in the matter of a few years of time.

Here Is Some Extra Help About This Process...

Become willing to keep at the same thing until you test things enough times…

You may be just short of striking gold. It is how I feel every time I rewrite something to make it more concise.

The idea is to understand one issue so well that you continue to make adjustments to better communicate with another person.

After all, most of what challenges us is a lack of clear and useful instruction.

This is also why big brands are moving toward AI because they can program things to work without any of those misunderstandings that are so common from person to person.

What is a nice 3 step system to follow?

There is a learning curve for everything… How much of what you wish to achieve involves helping other people get what they want?

Here are a few rules I follow:

1) You must believe that you are helping others because it’s exciting to see them make progress in their lives.

2) You believe that building quality relationships with others is a secret to success.

3) You have faith that you can identify one pain point so that you understand it inside and out. 

Then you dedicate your time to identifying the best solutions possible for that pain point. 

Finally, you care enough about your target audience to share all your findings so that they learn what the best solution is for their needs. 

No matter what the commission is for that solution… You must care more about their situation than your own.

Once you have those three pieces of the puzzle… Your next task is to create your sales page… what type of story do they need to see so that it makes complete sense for them to make the purchase.

By studying your audience where ever they hang out you are going to learn what makes them take notice of you.

Learn about your competitors and if there are any weaknesses that you can exploit.

Learn about the experts for this problem you are solving… What do they say… How do they say it…

What Is The Purpose Of A Brand?

A brand is a way that the business that you’re creating will stand out and be unique in the marketplace.

It’s going to cover every single form of communication that comes or goes while you are dealing with the public.

In it’s own way, you are going to be giving the company, human characteristics so that other people who are looking at the business, will know everything that you want them to know.

One of the main reasons we went through the first two priorities was so that you could learn how to apply that information to your company.

The best way to get yourself developed for that to happen, is to do it for yourself first. Not only that, but you will need to be capable of playing your role as the businesses manager, in the most exceptional ways.

Organization is an intricate part, because your details are necessary to train other people to follow the rules and guidelines you set forth.

We are in this for the long-term, remember that it will most likely mean that in the future, somebody else will be placed in charge.

Having the ideal instructions in place will help you, help your employees, and help anyone else know what you are and what you stand for, no matter what happens.

That is also why I listed persuasion as the second bullet above. 

It’s not just about your ability to convince yourself anymore, now it’s also necessary for you to get other people to do exactly what needs to be done.

So, you should be thinking about convincing others, negotiating with others, and persuading people about what you do, as being, the best possible outcome for their situations.

With a success mindset, you will automatically be trained to do what is in the best interest for everyone. That means you will be capable of creating win-win relationships, special offers, and give always that bring the most excitement. 

Most of all, you will be looking for the highest satisfaction levels that you can attain with what your company put outs there. 

That is just a brief amount of what is in store for you with branding.

What Is So Important About Persistence And Consistency?

I hope that you already understand both of these things, since we have mentioned them early on. But when it comes to your business goals and customer needs, you must follow the whatever it takes to satisfy belief.

Putting the customer needs first means, you will keep trying until you succeed to solve their problems at the best level that you are capable of.

You will not only follow through with that line of thinking, you will convey the same message in one place as you do in all places. 

To have a consistent message is the goal of any advertising, promotions, giveaways, and so on. Never confuse people with what you are trying to do or you will lose.

Just like you’ve done with self-improvement, you will now need to be doing that same thing for the business.

Courage And Confidence Are Similar But Not The Same Things

Well, it’s time to discuss potential pros and cons because anytime there is risk involved, you must possess both courage and confidence if you ever hope to achieve your goals.

Everything on this website is about success, confidence, and courage. Whether it’s going over the causes of something or the solutions, nothing is going to be possible until you understand as much as you are able to.

Wouldn’t you guess it but I have put together ebooks of all sorts of these subjects. Instead of going around updating every single post on this site, I have taken that same amount of time to start piecing together the puzzle.

That means, if you want to develop all that you are capable, you must be willing to go through a lot of the same material and training that I have.

Somewhere inside of my mind, I was already developing a course that covers the entire lesson plan that you need to follow. 

Because one strength that I have, is to take fantastic notes.

That was one of the main purposes of developing a priority about learning how to learn. To achieve great things and big dreams, you have to understand every inch of what you will be doing.

Without that knowledge, you are prone to going in circles indefinitely. That is coincidentally, how I felt quite often because my mind needed to be retrained to do anything, the way that I wanted.

Here Are Some Examples Of Pros 

  • Smart risks are calculated because they consider all the evidence before you make a prediction and will be based on your own intuition (gut feelings).
  • Product Testing/Sampling is where you actually take the time yourself to evaluate how well or poorly an item lives up to it’s claims or promises.
  • Community/Adviser testimonials are various ways you can gain fast information about a product, a company, a tool, or a service without having to spend your time in product sampling.

Here Are A Few Example Cons

  • Time will be spent making sure you fully learn the entire process yourself.
  • Training periods for people who you get assistance from will likely take away from something else you enjoy doing.
  • First time experiences are going to be a huge facet of this business.

The Takeaways From All Of These Things Are

When you follow my suggestions to the best of your abilities, you will be almost certain to make a real difference in one area of people’s lives.

That will be the main objective that gets you to start building revenue which you can then reinvest in your efforts, business, and tools, so that you can better help your audience meet their needs.

As your company grows bigger and better, you will be much more capable of leading the way for anyone, that you wish to help in any and all other capacities.

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