Overcome Shyness With Three Special Tricks

Overcome Shyness With Three Special Tricks

Isolated inside the mind of the anxious and the under-appreciated shy man.

Here is a story that will show you how to overcome shyness with three special tricks.

Grab a notebook, get a drink, grab your favorite stuffed animal or whatever you think you need to have to build up to reading this.

Sometimes a dream isn’t a dream, it’s more of a symbolic statement our brains conjure up to show us what is happening.

These dreams lead us into a false frame of mind which can look like madness to an outsider.

The time for worry is over because the kingdom has fallen, the fires have burned themselves down to the darkest fumes, the animal corpses are emitting a near toxic odor and the people you knew are dead.

Terror was that one thing that kept the fight going, but with it now empty there is no longer any hope left to hold onto.

There is a change that has started to become a painstaking reality and the desperation has no place to hide.

Amongst the ruins stands the last of our heroes going by the name of nobody. You are the last remaining of your kind and have no choices left to make.

Can it become possible that you somehow become a mighty champion one more time? Or will your future be short lived as shadows are headed towards you, it’s time to beg for your life?image saying "trapped shy experiences stay trapped until you remove them"

Where did this army gain so many weapons, you wonder as you’re grabbed and dragged to the center. Unsure of what to do or even what you could say.

You gaze upward at the face of a shadow but see nothing. Rubbing your eyes, you look around and see that you are now in a cell.

What the hell, you ponder. Moving towards the bars you immediately sense another presence nearby which stops you in your tracks.

Hello? Is there somebody here that can tell me what happened? You shout but hear no response. All alone in a small cage trapped and no way out.Overcome Shyness With Three Special Tricks

This reminds you that life isn’t something that happens to you but for you to play a key role in it. You feel a stronger presence once again and a voice screams Get Out Now!

What? You think as you glance around, how do I get out? Wake up and you will be free from here the presence proclaims.

Despite the efforts of this presence, you are not understanding. This imaginary voice seems to be coming from where you are standing and its making you feel extremely uneasy.

You close both eyes and try as the presence told you to wake up, but instead, you are now outside in the middle of a field, both eyes just squinting to make out shapes.Overcome Shyness With Three Special Tricks

What now? You are free but alone. Left in the middle of nowhere and it’s not safe. Thunder is cracking and lightning is illuminating in every direction you look.

Hopelessness sets in and you decide to curl up into a ball. Your eyes closing on there own, you hear that voice again. Listen to what is happening around you.

Stop and think, you won’t be lost for long when you learn what changes are necessary. Bewildered you can feel your mind leading you into a dark corner. When suddenly… You are hit by a bolt and…

Awakened by a blast of thunder. Sweat stains feel icy as you began to move about.

Was this a dream or an omen you ponder as you look around the room? Am I safe and this hadn’t been real? Curious now you go to find a notebook where you have just written down the experience…

The entry you made says “excited to be the sole survivor, the dream was more intense than anything I have ever felt. When will my world be like this?”

How does that show somebody overcoming shyness?

It hasn’t even started yet, that is just the beginning. You see there are people that wish they could eliminate the world as they know it.

They feel that if they could just become the sole survivor all there problems would be gone. To some extent yes, they are gone as you no longer would worry about things the same way.image saying "Want something? Take action or stay shy it's that simple."

But everything that brought on the problems, to begin with, didn’t go anywhere, they just changed from one population to the next.

One set of enemies gone and now a new potential set of them. You can’t just keep hoping for something drastic to ever change around you.

This is not how people solve problems. This is merely just fantasy and the experiences that are trapped in your mind are gonna stay trapped until you remove them.Shy person trapped in their mind

There is simply one thing that separates you and me from somebody who isn’t shy. They have already accepted the fact that everybody else is also nervous and doesn’t fully know what to do to talk to other people at first.

The difference is that they haven’t stopped trying to do it. You will need to do something right now starting today that everyone else that you want to be like is already doing.

That one thing is to figure out what you want which will make you happy right now. You can be isolated and be perfectly happy, you can be surrounded by lot’s of people and be perfectly unhappy.image saying "challenge yourself to overcome shyness since avoidance doesn't work"

But the only thing that even comes close to matter is what you want. If you like being somebody who can’t talk to people when it’s appropriate, then do nothing.

Because that is what works and you have already proven that. This also means if you want to be more social, then you need to start doing that despite how you feel when you do it. Why?

Why Should I Face What I Prefer To Avoid?

Every day that the sun rises and sets you have missed out on the chance to do something to improve your situations that Shy Woman Facing Her Fears

day. Keep doing that and you will keep having the same problems as you do right now.

It’s not a hard thing to do when you start believing you can actually do it.

I will even help you to get your ass up and start it with the three special tricks that will force you to be different.

What are the tricks?

They are simple, easy and only take the amount of time you wish to spend on them.

The first one is to share with somebody everything that worries you as you are talking to them.

In reality, it’s the very thing that makes you worry so much, isn’t it?

And if people are just so fucking mean that you can’t for the life of you find anyone that will listen and assist you, there is a solution.

You can find a partner that is just like you and try every single thing out with.

Because I already know that there are millions of people all over the place that have the exact same problems that you do and don’t even think about working together to remove them.

What challenges will this bring to your life?

To start with, you will find it’s not as simple as just saying hi, or my name is and waiting to hear a response. You will start to figure out what you really are interested in because that will be where you have some type of expertise already.

You should learn something about the other person that is doing this same thing. Not only will the two of you ease up your uncomfortableness but you will also learn what you should consider researching and knowing to communicate better.

Because you are both willing, to be honest, you notice that you are not simply a freak and that everyone isn’t there to attack and make you feel bad.image saying "Learn to keep track or the shy feelings you experience"

The second secret is to simply track your progress however you wish to do so. I like to journal first and then keep up with a blog to take it a step further.

But at first, do yourself one big favor and just start keeping track of how you are feeling each step of the way. When something comes up that you do not know about, learn about it.

That shouldn’t be that hard, you probably already do it when it’s something that matters to you. Just start to pay attention to what somebody else cares about for a while and be there to support them.

Get creative with life and learn to understand charactersShy Woman Who Is Also A Character

Something that I picked up on is that everyone in our lives is a simple character that has the same exact things in common.

They will almost always make it obvious what is on their minds when you understand what to look for.

The third secret is to keep a journal on characters in everything you like or on characters you don’t understand.

This will be a way to talk about a person as a character and for you to find ways to see what others say about that character.

There is so much value in doing this it’s a bit ah ha to think you haven’t always done it.

The world around us has already been telling us what people behave like for as long as people could tell stories.

Don’t know what to talk about, relate a funny story you heard.

Don’t know what to ask?

Say something that will trigger a belief, value or motive to come up.

Every single person in history and in fictional works is a character you can learn from. Which is what you will learn if you read the right books.

Somebody will eventually tell you to either become a writer and think about doing novels or communicate your ideas through the use of a story somehow and someway.

We have all been learning from stories our whole lives, and it’s only when we stop looking for good stories that we actually stop learning important things.

What did we learn about overcoming shyness with three special tricks?

You will never understand the way somebody else acts or behaves if you don’t try to talk to at least one other person.

That you can’t learn and grow without having some way to track and review what you have learned. Becoming aware of other people and what it’s like to care about them is essential.image saying "with these tricks, overcoming shyness will be possible."

After you have done the first two things then it’s time to continue to learn by either learning to write stories or by reading the great ones out there that already teach us so many wonderful things.

Of course, there is a lot more you can do, but with these tricks alone you will be able to keep yourself going towards what is absolutely gonna make you happy. Why?

Because you have already asked yourself what that is and know what it will take. This is not an order of doing things that are set in stone. Pick one and then use that to do the others, but it’s hard to track your progress before you do one or three.

Learn how to overcome shyness with three special tricks and also let me know if you liked the little story at the beginning. This will help me help you to learn things you want to learn, so leave me a comment below saying something.


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2 thoughts on “Overcome Shyness With Three Special Tricks”

  1. There is a difference between being shy, and being afraid. Make sure you understand that difference because choosing to remain in your home rather than going out and being around people is very common. That is what is called introversion because you have the choice whether you want to or not. When your choice is removed that becomes a phobia, afraid of the things that will happen when you go out and are around other people.

    The good news is that there is a way to change any of them just by taking the time to understand what your reasons are for feeling the way that you do. I am glad to hear that you are willing to try journaling and recommend that you start with identifying your feelings. By tracking those in your day to day routine I am certain it will help you become more aware of why. Let me know if you need any assistance or have any further questions.

  2. Eric,
    I have always been shy outside of my business life. In business, I was in charge of a distribution company for the entire state of Florida. I gave tours from companies all over the world. When I came home, I never left or had any friends. It is still that way, except that I blog. My shyness keeps me locked up in my house daily. I will try your journal and three steps to see if I can change after 65 years.

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