The Origins Of A System

When you can discover the origins of a system, you will be capable of investigating all the most powerful and exciting interactions that occur in your life.

This is how you learn to see things that are normally unseen.

Systems thinking means concentrating on the closed-loop aspects of life.

For instance, when you look at mother nature can you see how elaborate everything is?

You have the soil that contains nutrients for other life forms. When one of those life forms dies, they decompose and return to the ground.

So, that is an example of a closed-loop which allows us to understand the basic idea of life.

Well, what else is happening all around us that typically goes unnoticed? There is an entire structure of things happening below the soil known as below the surface.

This structure is noticeable when you realize that animals, bugs, and bacteria all depend on the soil and what grows directly from it. 

Imagine yourself for a moment as a worm that needs soil to feed itself. Afterward, any waste will go right back into the land that another life form will use.

The worm and the soil is another closed loop because there is a relationship that involves interacting with one another. You can continue to imagine what happens to that worm to feed a bird.

It digests the worm and then plasters it’s waste anywhere within a range that it flys around. So, that waste annoys a human who kills the bird, which returns it’s nutrients to the soil again.

Next, we take a look at any kind of plant that you want to imagine. It doesn’t ingest the soil itself, but it does gain nutrients from it that will need to be replenished by things like the bird.

So, you should already understand all of this if you have gone through earth science. The food chain shows us how one system has subsystems that have subsystems, and it goes on and on.

The unseen things are vital to know about because that is where you handle root issues.

Often what happens is that you can only see a symptom of an issue because the entire thing is invisible up to a point where a sign shows up.

Knowing How You Work As A System…

Right now, you consist of many different systems that make you a complete human being. Each of your inner systems interacts with each other because, without those interactions, you won’t have any abilities.

You exist because of life science which means lots of things happening inside of you all at once.

Unlike with the soil, you have things like blood, saliva, mucus, and lots of little bacteria that are both good and bad kinds.

When you investigate your blood, you realize that inside of your vessels, there are white blood cells. Those are little builders that help you stay healthy.

You also have red blood cells that will support you when you want to do things because they transfer nutrients to each organ and muscle as needed.

Your mind communicates with your nervous system, which controls your movements, and it’s all done in a matter of seconds without being able to feel it.

What would you do if you had to directly decide what every piece of you was going to do? It would likely overwhelm your conscious mind, which would cause you a great deal of stress.

So, instead of having to keep track of everything, we have two significant parts of our brains. One is the subconscious that you don’t have to control because that gets done automatically.

Rather than telling your subconscious mind what to do, you communicate with it by way of your emotions. But unless you understand how to control those emotions, there will reside many problems.

Moving Away From Life Science We Come To…

Neuroscience studies the brain and what it does. But there is also psychology which is the study of why we behave the way we do.

The brain controls our behaviors because of our emotions. But before those come into play, we need to have thought about something.

The reason we think about things comes from our senses that are also controlled by our brains.

You see an object, you feel a texture, you taste a spice, you smell an aroma, and you hear a sound. All of those things create a private response, which means you start to think.

When you have a pleasant memory, you visualize it.

When you have a terrible memory, you envision that.

When it’s a new sensation, you begin to wonder about what it is and where it’s coming from.

So, that leads you to possibly going around investigating things.

“Where is that smell coming from!”

Without thinking of it, you stand up and start going over to things you believe that might be the cause of it. This behavior gets done without you telling yourself to stand, walk, and look over there with your eyes.

The behaviors are naturally occurring movements because you know what needs to happen, and you practice them daily.

Okay, Now For The Fun Part!

Your memories allow you to learn things, decide things, and avoid situations. They typically happen automatically but don’t have to behave that way.

You have the power to control yourself based on your conscious mind, and that allows you to stop yourself at any moment to think.

So, there are those two parts to your mind that can help you and harm you. You have probably gotten mad at yourself for doing something you wish you hadn’t.

The same thing for avoiding something you wish you had tried.  Knowing that both of these are possible, you need to teach yourself and decide on your exact instructions for every situation that is possible.

That is what becomes known as conditioning, which is easy to do when you work with a systems mindset.

You understand what you desire to work on.

You then decide how it will work because doing this for an amount of time consistently, leads to that happening.

Both things result when you decide you want to change yourself into someone who can do it.

What Needs To Happen So That You Master That Desire?

(1) You need to set up a belief where it will be possible.

(2) You need to find evidence that shows you it can be done.

(3) You need to have a way to coach yourself into doing it.

(4) You need to track how it’s going with a journal that way you evaluate what is working, what isn’t, and decide what to try next if anything needs to be changed.

Four simple steps to take that make the system doable. Or is this all there is to gain more abilities? 

In a perfect world, you would make a wish, and it would come true, allowing you to have zero reasons to struggle.

But in this real world, you must increase your willpower, endure the pain that brings growth, and convince yourself every day that you are going to stop at nothing until you can do this well.

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