Open Mind Training

Open Mind Training

One thing is a must in life and that is you will need to open up your mind and believe that you can change your life.

Not just a small change either but one that will monumentally make a difference and create a better version of you.

Open mind training is where you have to identify that you want to change, need to change, and that it’s your passion and conviction to do so.

Without this type of mindset nothing else I teach you will matter as much as it will when you first take this step. To make sure you understand what I am talking about I have an example I want you to see.

Example: In college, I struggled to fit in, despite my effort of trying many different activities. I was failing to understand what an open mind meant.

It’s not enough to just go out and experience different things, you must also allow for new information to fit into your current life. Instead of being accepting, I would silently wonder about things that didn’t follow my own beliefs.

Without having an open dialogue, all you will get are experiences that you push away. Try going out to a different place to eat every so often.

Before you even look at a menu tell yourself that you are open to anything. Even without understanding what it is, you will use all your senses to identify if it’s tasty, or disgusting.

You always have a choice in how you want to accept and acknowledge something unknown. When you don’t focus on the thoughts about whether you will like it or hate it, you can take things as they come and decide at the moment.

Having an open mind doesn’t mean you will like and enjoy everything you do. It only means that you are willing to see it from new and different angles without making a prediction or judgment before you have given it full consideration.An open mind means you won't judge things before considering them

An Open Mind Makes Life Easier

One of the easiest paths you can travel is to maintain a mindset that says “I will give everything the chance to either impress me, or I will allow it to be for somebody else”.

By not pre-deciding your intentions, you are allowing things to just happen at the moment. I don’t have to obsess whether that cute girl will laugh at my jokes, I am just going to be myself and give it a shot.

I won’t go after that job because other people are much more knowledgeable then I am. It is one of the problems an open mind eliminates. Why?

Because you don’t sit there before the interview thinking about all the reasons you aren’t right for the job. Instead, you run through the positive ways that you will fit in perfectly with other employees.

When you can discuss your reasons for being the right man/woman for the job, confidence will have a way of being emitted from your presence.Open Mind Training

Other interviewees may go into the situation full of nerves and be unable to maintain eye focus or control annoying body movements.

You will have everything that needs mentioning on the tip of your tongue ready to fly out there and impress somebody.

I wrote about living in the moment not that long ago and that is exactly what you will be able to do with an open mind.

Instead of finding yourself in situations where you have to react, you learn to respond with dignity. That is a big step forward from being frightened of all the things which could go wrong.

A mindset that allows you to stay cool and in control is possible when you aren’t worried about what people think. You see the bigger picture, and that doesn’t allow for you to waste your energy on stuff that won’t bring you value.

Since you understand that fully, you are aware and can observe other people while you listen to what they say. By doing this you will know exactly how to respond every time.

I also wrote an article about being present for each moment, and what sort of things you can do to prepare yourself. That means all you have to do is observe and have a story or experience ready to respond to win somebody over.

Benefits of an open mind

Just like I am writing this out, there will be thoughts to come up often when you are observing. I have just done the research and am allowing all my thoughts to come right out into this article.

Doing things will get much easier for you because you don’t have the worry which comes from trying to be perfect. You’re in control of yourself but your also allowing things to flow without having to be controlling.Change your mindset so that you can be open to more things

You don’t need to be that person who doesn’t want to do anything except what you find fun or you find comfortable. Being open and willing can set you up for a much better set of experiences.

An open mind allows you to listen, to learn, and to see new things you would have missed before. You gain new perspectives and become more willing to find out what the best answers are.

Your motivation will go up because you will start to learn things that don’t have a right or wrong answer, these are teachings that suggest you can do it your way and it works to build your confidence.

All of a sudden I may say the wrong kind of things, oops. It doesn’t matter because before you have the time to be embarrassed you are already making a joke about it.

People, feel less awkward immediately and there is no reason to ever have to apologize for not being that perfect person.

Open Mind Training

Training your mind to be open to everything

Do you know the most difficult part of living your life? It’s trying to think ahead of what everyone else would say and to always be presenting something that will win you somebody’s favor.

The reality is you don’t have the time or energy to ever be that perfect creature. The very first thing to understand is that you’re human and you have only certain interests.

Guess what? Other people are the same way and it will be impossible to expect everyone else to be everything. The way an open mind is helpful is you don’t have to be the know it all.

People will engage just fine with you as long as your willing to hear them out. How do you control yourself to look interested in other people?An open mind means you're in control without being controlling

Or how do you become interested in what other people have to teach you? Start by looking at each situation exactly that way, a learning opportunity that only comes around once in your life.

Take advantage of it and give your full attention no matter what for as long as necessary. Why? Because you want other people to do the same for you right?

You don’t like it when somebody makes a quick impulsive decision and says “you’re a boring piece of crap”, do you?

All an open mind truly is then is a skill that will get stronger with practice and that will happen when you follow the advice I give you here.

Open Mind Training

What is the quickest way to gain an open mind?

Meeting new people is a fast and effective means of this becoming a real skill for you. Also, reading about other people and what they have found useful.

You can watch videos, ask questions, travel, learn new languages, eat new foods, and even read about all the different religions.

Beliefs and values are always changing in this world we live in. Take the time to understand that part of life and you will be able to practice being mindful.

From that, you will have the power to focus on anything and everything which will increase your skill to observe and imagine things.

After you are prepared for those two skills you can start to build up even more power using mindfulness meditation explore everything your learning and create more questions that need attention.

Until next time, remember that you can start open mind training right away. Let me know if you have any questions below and if you haven’t done so yet, sign up for email updates.

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How are things going with you? My name is Eric and I am owner and operator of Overcome Life Obstacles. My main goal with this website is to provide answers to anyone who was like me and got lost or stuck in their lives. While you are here I wanted to make sure you check out my click herewhich is where I got my start in affiliate marketing as well as with self-improvement.

4 thoughts on “Open Mind Training”

  1. An open mind allows for more growth, compassion, and a much higher chance to accomplish your wants, dreams, and desires.

  2. I have also felt we should keep an open mind about everything. Especially in today’s society. You are right, I don’t thing that we can change or learn without keeping an open mind. It is essential. And as John said, keeping an open mind does bring out the best in us. So many, don’t take the time to think clearly, to think thru everything and to keep their minds open. That is definitely how we can progress and make changes in our lives.

  3. I am glad you shared that, thinking fast or thinking on your feet is invaluable. It also lets you be ready for anything that comes your way.

  4. Eric,
    Working for a fast paced wholesale company made my mind very open. We had to change the setup almost every day when new items came on the market and old items faded away. Not a lot of people lasted very long in this working environment, I lasted 27 years. One of the things the managers were graded on was having an open mind about people and changes. We were the first to try things in our industry, I was the one who had to come up with a plan, as my boss would say, just make it work with what you have.
    I think having an open mind brings out the best in us when we do not think we are above others.

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