Mindfulness Activities For Adults – Getting In The Mood

Mindfulness activities for adults are your motivations for deciding on what you can fit into your day right now.

Hopefully, you have Mindfulness Activities For Adults

already gotten familiar with what mindfulness is and how it’s useful.

For anyone who hasn’t had that chance please read my article about benefits of being mindful.

Now, I wanted to share a little bit more about my experience being mindful.

I was watching a webinar the other day and it mentioned 20 different senses becoming the future.

Something like in the span of the next twelve years, but with a catch.

These are only available to certain masters of mindfulness and the average person would likely not believe it.

Seeing that it’s not being taught there is really no point in covering it in more detail.

For this reason, I will refrain from talking about the source, but I can still give you my thoughts about how wonderful life can become when you start practicing mindfulness.

The good news is that it’s trending upwards right now. This shows what was taught to me is actually what is happening.

I have complete confidence everyone who starts doing certain activities will be very thankful as we continue to learn.

A pretty exciting thing if I must say so, but this also leads me to the idea of teaching you about the activities which will be of use right now in developing the skill.

The problem we want to look at is how to quickly learn to be mindful and become more than just a beginner. If you’re with me great, if not then just remain open-minded and consider all the following as you go.image saying "quickly learn to be mindful with adult activities"

What adult activities can be done with mindfulness

Here you can figure out what activities will be best to practice to be mindful. Let’s start by looking at the most basic, these are the things that are done in our routines or habits.

Brushing you teeth, putting on your clothes, eating something, drinking something, cleaning something, damaging something, repairing something, fighting, yelling, talking, walking, running, whistling, singing, throwing, catching, sitting, standing, jumping, picking something up,

putting something down, lighting a match, a candle, a stove, setting off fireworks, watching fireworks, petting your cat, your dog, feeding your fish, training your pet, hiking, biking, camping, driving, typing, clicking, making, and baking.

*ActivityBrushing your teeth – The idea is to observe yourself and mentally notice what happens with yourself as youMindfulness Activities For Adults

pick up the brush, inspect it and get it ready for the toothpaste,

pick up the toothpaste and remove the cap, look at the area just under the cap, angle it towards the brush, squeeze a gob of it onto the brush.

Notice just how many distinct steps there are just to get toothpaste onto the brush.

You haven’t even begun to brush yet and already there are some things that most likely go unnoticed.

Rather then I tell you how you perform the next series of actions, why don’t you tell me what it consists of.

Do you have a specific order you use to brush each tooth?

Do you focus on any one area more than the others? How would you describe what it is your doing in a non-judgemental way?

Realize it or not this is what is meant by practicing mindfulness activities. You just put yourself in the present moment and watch as you perform any and every action.

Also notice what sounds the water running makes, the feeling of friction when you unscrew the cap, does it create a smell or what aroma is there already lingering.image saying "observing your actions in a non-judgemental way"

This doesn’t even have to be you doing it. You could simply be watching somebody else and after they finish describe what you saw back to them.

There are too many things for me to keep going, but I hope you realize what I mean by everything. The point is to just take a few minutes during the day to do something and then become mindful of what happens.

I will go over some more things later on, for now, I want to make sure you really understand what we are talking about here.

Mindfulness Activities For Adults

Why is it good to be mindful?

Let’s think for a moment what this means. What good would you guess could come from being more aware? From developing all of our senses to levels that go beyond what is considered average.

When you implement new changes in your daily life, it’s generally because something is lacking or something has gotten you interested enough you wanted to learn it.

Thinking about what happens when anyone meditates and gets experienced doing it. We learn that intuition is our sixth sense and if you are familiar with what it is you know that it’s our gut feeling about things.image saying "mindfulness allows new changes because something is lacking"

Another way to say it is we just have this feeling that something is correct and haven’t figured out where and why this feeling exists yet.

With a properly trained mind, you have already removed much of the negative thinking and replaced that with a positive outlook on your life, this world, and the wonderful emotions and feelings which motivates us to continue.

Mindfulness Activities For Adults

To answer that question about why is it good, understand why it’s better than you currently are. And if you are currently struggling with something or many things, then you already know and realize that change is needed right?

This tells us when something is better it has to be good. And when it’s not bad it’s also good. So you get the idea I hope.

How do you learn mindfulness

You pick something to do and you continue to do it. We covered a few ways to be mindful earlier but it actually can be done with everything.image saying "struggling with something will change by doing mindful activities"

For you to learn it, you just have to be aware of what you are doing, how you are feeling, what senses you’re using, and why you should be using your senses all of the time.

This means when you pick a time to think about what is going on, you are actually practicing being mindful. What we are specifically doing is using each of our senses to enhance that activity.

When you are looking for information about adult activities, just be aware that it’s probably something you wouldn’t want to do in front of your kids.

Mindfulness Activities For Adults

But it’s not restricted to just those activities either. Being somebody who enjoys the pleasures of the opposite sex, we can put the pieces together and figure out what these activities are.

This also means you can really put more ummphh in what goes on in the bedroom, and even teach your partner how to enjoy the moments even more.

The only thing that matters is your open to doing things that each of you enjoys doing. That is what being mindful is all about.

How can you improve your mindfulness?

This is where you will need to be a little bit riskier, and that doesn’t mean putting yourself in any danger. It just means that you become less stuck in your head and become more open to what is all around you when you are with your partner.image saying "be aware of your actions, feelings, and senses to be mindful"

Of course, you will need to be relaxed and the best way to get relaxed is to be in touch with your levels of comfort. Ease into the things if it’s the first time and practice caring about the person around you as well.

Back to a slightly more family-friendly set of activities, you can take advantage of going out to dinner. Instead of being in a hurry to grab a bite and get going to something different, treat yourselves to a night with several courses.

This will allow you both the time to enjoy each others company while sampling the sounds, the flavors, the textures, and the aromas of what the night brings in front of you.

At home, you would potentially pile on your plate a bunch of different things and just sit and eat in quiet. Maybe you start simply with tasting the flavors of a piece of meat, next you sip a bit of wine and let that slosh around to experience the aroma.

Mindfulness Activities For Adults

When you get done you take a walk under the moon and appreciate the relaxing cool night temperature.

This leads you down a path to the beach and each step sends the cold sand between your toes.

Every action leads you to feel unique sensations, share the warmth between your hands, the moisture of a kiss and how your desire flows down your body.

You could pause and listen to any sounds while smiling at each other.

Caressing each other’s arms while gazing into each other’s eyes.

All of these things are important and give you more benefits at the moment than you likely take the time to see.

Is mindfulness the same as awareness?

What do you think awareness is? Without using the word aware, how can you think about what it means? Isn’t it the same thing as using your senses to figure out everything that is going on around you?

This includes your ability to perceive and to know, to feel and to be known through personal experiences.

That works for what is happening around us, but what about on the inside? To become self-aware is to understand how healthy your body is, your emotions, your mood, and your thoughts.

Knowing what you put in your body and how beneficial that is in supplying you with the energy you need. Buring that energy to sleep the amount you need and recover for the next day’s activities.image saying "mindfulness activities will stimulate both your lives'

When looking at your own awareness you begin to understand that being mindful is just a start to understanding yourself. It fits in with everything else to complete the puzzle.

Another way of saying this is mindfulness is observing an activity and awareness is everything you are or directly know to be true. One can be acted on, the other is understood.

By improving yourself with mindfulness your awareness grows, they are both related in that way.

Review of what we have learned

You can do whatever you can fit into your life, but start somewhere simple and build that up as you go. I used the brushing teeth because most of us can identify with that experience.

Be bold in what you try, and practice doing the same thing a few times, notice any differences, notice anything new, the point is to remove all the commotion from our minds and appreciate things as they are.image saying "mindfulness activities for adults are tricky at first'

Clearly, you will still have some judgments because it’s quite hard to stop something you have been doing a long time. But you should be able to notice when the thoughts do arise.

Then it’s just a matter of watching them, letting them fly off into the distance. The more you do something the easier it becomes just to observe without the commentary.

Just like any other thing, there is no perfect way to do something. People will have different ways to do it, they will also have different issues doing it themselves.

One thing is certain you will gain a fair amount of patience when you are adjusting yourself to become better at observing.

This will also be the case when you journal about your experiences, trying to keep things just as they happen and not as we filter them.

Let me know what you think and did you figure out anything you wish to share which may help another person?

Mindfulness activities for adults will be a bit tricky in the beginning, give yourself plenty of time to adapt and don’t feel bad if you can’t see any differences right away.


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