Mind Movies Matrix – Is It A Scam Or Legit? [Review]

Mind Movies Matrix

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  • Program Has 4 Distinct Areas To Work On
  • It Takes Very Little Time To Use
  • You Learn Through Visualizations


  • You Must Use It Multiple Times Daily
  • This Offer Requires You To Watch Webinar
  • Works Best With Headphones

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Mind Movies Matrix

Natalie Ledwell & Morry Zelcovitch


Quiz followed by a Webinar where you can make the purchase near the end that includes 4 videos for repetition each morning, 4 subliminal to use often, and 4 audios to use each night.

Costs: $297 or 2 payments of $178.99

Scam or Legit? It’s up to you to change your thoughts so it’s definitely legit but you have to be willing to do everything as it’s instructed in order to benefit.Mind Movie Matrix Products

Introducing Mind Movie MatrixMind Movie Matrix One Year Money Back Guarantee

Mind movies is a program that is geared toward personal development. The idea is that you have problems in the present because of your past.

When you follow the link it takes you to a quiz that has multiple choice answers.

The first time I took the quiz I got anticipatory fear as the result which was at 29 percent compared to that of others. I was curious about what other results I would get for changing the answers I gave for the quiz.

These are the results of all possibilities:

  • Anticipatory fear – This means you go through life afraid of what the outcome of every single decision you make. The reason they give is because of your childhood imprint set from the experiences you had. An example – You face a leadership position, people are looking at you like you need to know exactly how to go from point a to point z. You start to remember your past experiences with leading others. This causes you to doubt yourself because all you think about is a failure. From that point on you start experiencing discomfort including shortness of breath, anxiety, panic, and confusion. All of this is happening automatically and the only solution is to change what your memories are.

Just one every time no matter whether I chose the best or worst answers. Even as a different gender all of them lead to the anticipatory fear.

So, I can conclude that they will teach the same exact one size fits all approach to everyone. After watching the first video you can join a free webinar.

Before you can get to the webinar you will see the first offer for $27. This is for an audio guided meditation that will help you work on your inner self.

The webinar covers who these people are. Put your success on autopilot. You must watch the entire webinar to receive one last exclusive bonus.

Mind Movie Matrix The Quiz

Mind Movie Plus Brain Wave Technology Science

As mentioned earlier this is a combination of products which will allow a significant reduction in the amount of time required to change your life.

Instead of doing meditation three times a day for 15-30 minutes each session, you can reduce it all the way down to just 3 minutes in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Not only that but there is also audio just for sleep that you can fall asleep to each night. They compare their new system to an old way to do this for free.

Instead of it taking 90 days (which I don’t know why they mentioned that part) you will start to notice results in less time. How much time does that mean? A few weeks rather than months is what I got from there pitch.

It was created by two people who have different backgrounds with personal development.

Mind Movies The Creators

Who are Natalie Ledwell and Morry Zelcovitch? – Morry is a committed scientist who studies brain waves. Hard to get in touch with but very popular somehow. They want you to believe he is a specialist with brain wave entrainment methods.

His story goes on to suggest he helped the Brazilian military develop top-secret abilities with his advanced science. He did a case study with a police cadet squad. The results of the research thrilled the conductors enough to hire him on a full-time basis.

So, as you can imagine it’s technically going to be very difficult for anyone to confirm that this is a true story. It’s pretty much his word vs what the Brazilian government would allow others to know.

Why do some find success so easily while others struggle so much? – Because you had a blank childhood. That is what we need to work on together.

Success is predetermined by what your brain was programmed to follow. This took place in childhood. Based on five people we trust most. Siblings, parents, teachers, and friends.

So, this means everyone grows up with some type of dysfunctions. Money comparisons made by your parents are programmed in your subconscious mind so you develop false ideas on what the point of money is for.

Once you have finished childhood, your mind padlocks the entry point back into your mind so you are basically stuck with what you learned as a kid.

The trick to unlocking that access is to go through guided meditations and retrain your mind to have only the information that you want it to have.

Subliminals are another way to help you trick your mind in a way to remove the padlock. It allows you to constantly flood your mind with things 

Mind Movies Matrix Morry

Brain wave entrainment – utilizes the same frequencies that music does to help you learn in a positive strategic way. It suggests it works like a well-fertilized soil instead of a depleted one.

Based on theta brain waves you can get back to a similar environment to that of a child who is mostly in theta. A child between ages 2-6 years.

Like hypnosis but deeper? Hmm, not sure I follow because hypnosis targets the same brain waves during the same phases.

For sitting through the webinar they promised two free gifts. What did I receive from staying there?

A 3-minute D-stress mind movie but just one free gift, not two.

There are products like this on the market

I have seen other offers for this brain wave entrainment concept before. When I was looking into hypnosis audios and scripts I came across a different product that worked in this same way.

That one is called, Brainwave shots and you can get a more focused approach for your individual needs. More information on this alternative coming soon.

Another one that is similar is called Zen12 Advanced Meditation which gives you the same experience without feeling rushed. 

Each audio is 12 minutes which can allow you more time to relax and focus on the affirmation, statement or nothing which will lead to a better concentration once it’s a routine.

Mind Movie Matrix First Two

To Best Utilize This Technology 

You will want to also have a set of headphones which can help you to eliminate outside noise and for certain audios needs to be a part of the process.

Just make sure they are a quality set because it would be a shame if you spent the money to get the best products only to suffer from having an inferior set of headphones.

I like Sennheiser, bose, and some more affordable ones by Samsung best. Also, make sure that you don’t try to do too many things while you listen to the audios. 

Some of these don’t actually work that well if your a writer trying to focus on your project. For those valuable posts that I write, I like to have quiet around me.

Mind Movie Matrix Second Two

In Preparation or Before Purchasing This System

You will want to figure out what your biggest desire is. I like to read Think and Grow Rich from start to finish so I am already in the zone before trying something new.

The best way to improve any part of your life is to open up a dialogue with yourself about the questions, concerns, and where you may struggle so that you can remove all excuses.

Overcome Life Obstacles is the exact method I use to explore these kinds of things so if you don’t have something that allows you to experiment or challenge yourself, I suggest you find something you like.

Mind Movie Matrix Prices

The Verdict Is In And This One Is Legit

The webinar even makes this last point as well, but it’s essential you figure out how you want to truly improve. Without getting that information ahead of time you will likely see all products as junk.

Only people who are serious about making a change in their lives should buy something like this because you need to believe in the stuff that you will be doing.

Regardless of what I or anyone else has to say about a method, it’s only going to be as powerful as you allow it to be. When you buy something and expect it to fail just like everything else you have tried it’s got to click that maybe the problem stems from your outlook.

Part of writing in a journal is to give yourself in order to follow. This won’t happen if you are too skeptical and believe that everyone is out to get you.

But that is also one thing about this program that I like. It goes over some of this same information with you before you get your hopes too high and lets you take things as they are meant.

One day at a time is how to live in the present without forcing changes to come before your ready.

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