List Of Fears With Descriptions…

Use this list of fears with descriptions to identify which ones you experience and follow the instructions to assist you in relieving yourself of them.

1) Is fear of failure something you believe? 

  • What happens when you try new things, do you worry about making mistakes? 
  • Are you concerned about doing it perfectly or do you feel like it’s impossible to get better at doing something? 
  • All of these are indications that you may have a belief that you have to do something the best or not try.

2) Is fear of success something you believe? 

  • What happens when you go to test yourself or ask others for their opinions? 
  • Do you worry that they will love it or hate it? 
  • Do you believe that you don’t have the time to acquire new skills or to practice something to get better at doing it? 
  • Do you feel that nobody will buy something you make because you are unsure of yourself how good or bad you are? 
  • All of these will show that you may be holding onto a belief that is helping you sabotage your own life. 

3) Is the fear of rejection something you hate? 

  • Does it seem like nobody else knows you the way you see yourself and that it’s making your life harder? 
  • Do you worry about doing something wrong and that other people will notice when you do? 
  • Can you express your opinions or thoughts and handle the responses that you get? 
  • If you find 100 women attractive can you go up to each of them and ask for a date without thinking your life is over if any of them say not interested? 
  • These will give you an idea that you have a fear of rejection which needs to be changed.

4) Do you think that life is unfair or that you should be receiving more than you get? 

  • Does it matter to you whether or not you are able to do something as well as anyone else? 
  • Do you need to prove to a group of people that you aren’t something that you think they think about you? 
  • These are all issues that develop when you feel inferior and may indicate that you have developed an inferiority complex.

5) Do you avoid people, places, or situations when you know that you will have to communicate? 

  • Do you worry about doing the wrong thing, saying the wrong thing or not having the time to think of something before the conversation has moved on? 
  • Can you speak loud enough so that others don’t ask you to repeat yourself or get annoyed when you go unheard or unnoticed? 
  • These can all indicate that you are shy, that you have a lack of confidence, and that you need to develop better skills. This can also mean that you have any of the other 4 things mentioned above.

6) Do you become terrified to be in front of other people? 

  • When you think about what they are doing does it consume your thoughts until you change the environment? 
  • Do you always think that people are commenting, joking, making fun or just using you as an example of how to not behave? 
  • These can indicate you have social anxiety or phobia since you only feel this when in the company of others.

7) Do you have problems with getting yourself motivated to make a change in your life? 

  • Do you hesitate often and doubt what you will say next? 
  • Do you feel that you aren’t going to do a good enough job or that you aren’t a good performer under pressure? 
  • Do you care about what happens when you aren’t involved in something or do you root for others to mess up and make mistakes because you feel better? 
  • You are in the right place because so was I and I know how to solve all of these issues. The most important thing you should learn is to start appreciating what you do well. This will mean increasing the amount of gratitude you feel about your life.

8) Do you get anxious when you think about the future or that the world has been around for ages? 

  • Do you feel that you aren’t special because what can somebody your size actually accomplish in a lifetime? 
  • Do you remember that bad things happen to good people and it’s because of that fact you became worried about your safety? 
  • Are you afraid that when you start something you will forget why you started and become even more confused about who you are supposed to be? 

9) Do you have the strangest dreams and think that you’re most likely unusual because of them? 

  • Do you ask others something about your dreams and stopped because they only tell you that you’re nuts. 
  • Do you ever wonder what the symbols in your dreams mean? 

10) Do you worry about other people more than yourself? 

  • Do you insist on knowing what everyone is doing so that you can relax your mind a bit? 
  • Do you gossip about other people’s problems, hoping that it will make you feel better about your own life? 
  • Do you ever spread lies just because somebody else didn’t include you in something you wanted to do? 

11) Do you feel like you work harder than everyone else but never gets the credit you deserve? 

  • Are you concerned that you are always right and that you don’t have the influence you should so that you can tell other people what is wrong in there lives? 
  • Do you think when you find out new information or have a new idea that everyone needs to know about it?

12) Are you worried about what happens when you die? 

  • Do you want people to never know the truth about who you really are? 
  • Can you go a day without making an announcement or sharing an image of what you are doing? 
  • Can you sit still and listen for hours as somebody else talks about their own problems? 
  • Do you think you’re the best lover and those others who aren’t dating you are missing out?

Whew that’s a lot of different questions, isn’t it? Oops, I just asked another one, I really should stop that you know? 

What Can You Do To Get Over Your Fears Now That You Have This List?

There is a lot more that can be asked. This is the best time for you to start figuring out the areas that need your immediate attention. 

The more questions you answer honestly, the more you will learn about the right or wrong responses to take. 

But everything is considered wrong if you avoid fear that won’t harm you.

Then again, everything is right at that same time because you at least learn the truth about what works for you and will decide if it’s something worth changing. 

The way a journal helps you, it’s a private method for you to have all the right conversations with yourself.

You can also gain a major advantage to take with you to any therapy session. That will help to bring hope into your life. 

There are also many other great ways to begin that will help you in making those changes. Fears are interactions that you hide from because you picked up something that became an issue.

Now you still haven’t faced it since you aren’t as willing to try things as you need to be. So, in order to do what is in your best interests, you must learn to make better decisions.

I know that you want to make positive changes to get past a lot of obstacles. After all, they prevent you and others from happiness. 

Through the research I do, I am continuing to improve my life for the better. However, I am not a therapist so remember that what works for me may not work for everyone.

This website allows me to share an extensive amount of information that I have researched, experimented with, and applied so that you can use it to replicate similar things.

Follow this link to learn more about fears.

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