Learn This Sequence If You Wish To Be More Powerful In Life!

Let’s take a few minutes to discuss how people are optimally programmed. Oh, and you will want to learn this sequence if you wish to be more powerful in life!

You are born at some point in time (remember this concept for later on).

So, what does the life of a newborn child consist of?

  • They begin life by adjusting to the environment which means developing their senses and making observations.
  • Next, that infant begins to sort through all the billions of inputs that come at them each day. 
  • As they develop further, they organize those inputs into a system of memories and experiences.
  • From that day on, they will constantly need to fill in any gaps that are not known to them.
  • So, now there is a need to learn a language where images, sounds, tastes, feelings, and such are describable to another person.
  • That gives them a way to check out if they know what is what or if things are true or false, right or wrong,  and good or bad.

With a language comes a steep learning curve where there is no possible way to learn everything. That means for the very beginning of our lives…

We might not learn exactly what we needed to learn and it will come back to impact our lives later.

This is the very same process that all of us have learned and been working on to master since our childhoods. Can you see why every person will have a unique perspective of the world?

Almost every single variable since birth has been different. Those all go onto influence the decisions of that person whenever they interact with any other part of the environment including other people.

So, what’s your life story going to say about you?

It’s your very own angle about the truth that you have lived to experience. 

Nobody can tell you that it’s right or wrong because they have lived through an experience with every variable different.

The first reason that it’s vital is that you cannot change it after having gone through it. It’s your unique experiences that make you special and interesting.

But there is a problem that we can notice from the very start of everyone’s upbringing…

They are found in the gaps that get filled in, ignored, or filled in incorrectly with false ideas.

This impacts the rest of your life because you form your belief system from experiences.

Those are where your opinions come from, they give you information to make decisions on, and they are the causes of your behaviors and actions.

So if you fail to understand why this sequence is important… you will likely stay ignorant about how you can go about making changes that will make your life better later on.

Now, do you know why making changes is so difficult or will feel so hopeless when you start to desire to make them?

You have stacked on top of your entire system years of evidence that supports what you believe in. So, some things are going to take a tremendous amount of work on your part to OVERCOME!

To Know Who You Are You Must Know The Gaps...

What do I believe that other people don’t? 

Or what have I done that nobody else has done the same way? 

What types of situations have I been in and what happened that was different from others?

Well, how would you go about comparing notes if you don’t develop a lot of various relationships? That is the only way to use your language skills to find out what is better or worse to have done.

But how much of this work is needed and how much is going to effectively help you to change exactly in the ways you wish to make those changes?

One of the best ways to go about making a life transformation is to connect with a professional who knows this process. 

Somebody like me because they have taken the time to do this for their own lives.

This is what a life coach is because they have had a strong enough reason to go back through their own lives to find the issues and to resolve those.

You will not find the perfect people because as I mentioned above… There are too many variables for you to fit in and find your identical people.

But you can learn how to find the ones that are pretty darn close to you.

The Only Way Into Real Personal Development Is...

To ask other people for help because they have likely been through the same things as you. But unless you learn first how to open up and be willing to discuss everything…

You are going to struggle forever or at least endlessly until you finally decide to do it.

Guess what all of this stuff is about? 

It’s the pursuit of quality mental health which is hardly about something that could be labeled as an insane person needing to be fixed.

There is no clear reason why people have developed that stigma for seeking professional help. 

It goes back to having an understanding that says: All fears are irrational thoughts because nobody else has them

When we look at our situations as being different rather than being unique… we develop irrational ideas about ourselves.

Now notice the way that I am writing this out. I mention that its “Ours” so that I tell you upfront that every single person has these.

So, if one of us has an issue it’s likely not to be the only one in reality. You don’t hear about everything that you need to hear about because of the sequence above.

People are told lies, people witness one-of-a-kind things, and when anyone keeps quiet…

Everyone loses.

What Can You Start Doing To Get Stronger?

The best thing you can do is to share your own experiences and issues with others. It doesn’t matter how many people don’t concern themselves with what you have to share…

There will be others who have stayed quiet even despite their own desire to change.

When enough people have come forward about something that is known as social proof. That is how you add an individual’s power to another because you find each other.

That is also the secret of accomplishing anything that you desire to do in life. Combine numbers and grow the number of people who stand with you.

But it has to start somewhere and a really great place is to make sure you learn just how much power Language has available.

The right words in the best sequence will work to recruit even the most stubborn of people. You just need to make sure you learn how to do that and it will open up the world to you.

Anyway, learn this sequence if you wish to be more powerful in life!

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