Knowing What The Future Will Command You To Do!

What should you do today to understand what tomorrow will mean? Knowing what the future will command you to do is an essential piece to life’s puzzle.

Take some time to sit in a quiet place free from distractions. Bring with you a notepad and a pen. Start by taking some deep breaths and countdown each breath with a four count. When you feel nice and relaxed, answer these questions.

  • Who you are – Who are you and why are you this way?
  • What you do – For what reasons do you wake up each day trying to get things done?
  • Who you do things for – Who will support you and by what means will you support them back?
  • What those people want or need – What do they truly need to be happy and secure with themselves?
  • What they get out of it, how they changed as a result – How will you make sure they know why you work so hard, how are you going to positively influence their lives to make not only them better off but also you better off?

Does knowing these things look hard or sound tough? – Hopefully, your answer is no because these are the questions you need to be able to understand in order to motivate yourself to achieve more rather than to just expect more from yourself.

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Why Does The Future Matter So Much Today?

After all, shouldn’t you just make sure you are happy? Wouldn’t it be more pleasant if you only took steps that improved Woman With Futuristic Characteristics


What happens when you can influence others to do what is best for themselves? When will it actually impact your life and how much you can get done to improve yourself?

We could go on and on with many more questions like these but it’s only going to lead to more thinking. What needs to happen is for us to start doing things after we have found our own answers? 

That way we can set forth and make changes possible.

By the way, if you can fully explain to yourself what those first five or so questions are for, you will know what your life purpose is all about.

So, it’s no big deal or anything but wouldn’t that set your mind at ease knowing that you have a much better understanding of your own purpose.

Doesn’t that alone solve the mystery for what your life is meant to be about?

Based on a simple understanding of gaining joy from providing a personal service or product that helps other people do the same for themselves.

Did anything happen with your thinking when you read providing a personal service or product that helps others? This is who you are. Somebody who can help other people when they need help.

For what reason do you wake up each morning knowing that you have something you need to get done? To help somebody who isn’t capable of helping themselves before you offer them support.

Those two questions got answered very quickly and without much effort. But what about somebody who isn’t interested in helping another person out?

The future doesn’t look good for anyone that feels these ways because when you lack any resources, you must gain them from another source external from yourself.

Think About What The Future Would Be Like If Nobody Cared About Another Person

Seem like a far fetched idea or a very likely outcome with the way the world seems to think right now? Is a command something you truly understand or does your mind think only of something enormous?

Like a command from a superior or one from a higher power. An obligation that is unavoidable. You are unable to resist this command because it’s coming from an authority figure.

Who will support you and by what means will you support them back? Are you specializing in some kind of knowledge that you get excited to talk about with another person?

Do you make plans far ahead of an event so that you will be certain to attend it without any chances of missing out? Just because you are an entirely unique person doesn’t mean there aren’t any like minded people out there that enjoy this same thing.

What do these people need or want in which you can provide help? By joining different communities that already exist or that you can create you have the ability to find this information out.

But, remember you are one of these people so you should already have a general idea of what they may need. It’s up to you to go out and survey them in order to find the top ways to improve their lives.

Take some time to figure out what they need to feel happier and secure in their lives that way you get to experiment right alongside them.

Seem like something that is still too hard or looks too complicated? The world that we live in is already divided into small groups for practically everything imaginable.

People who make generalizations about the world are typically wrong in what they believe. You can easily change this if you’re willing to lead the way out of this confusion.

But it’s up to you to understand how to develop yourself as a leader.

A Dark Figure Leading The Way For Others

A Leader Is A Person Who Takes The First Step Into The Unknown

What is your story that will tell the world who you are? Without a story, you will not be able to convince anyone else why you matter. Unless you know what makes you the special person that you know you are it won’t catch on with anyone else.

How are you going to make sure other people know what you do and how you will be able to help them to benefit?

Guess what will enable you to tell your story to the world? A skill called marketing because in it’s simplicity you learn how to be heard, become believed, be understood, be seen and be listened to.

Prior to learning about marketing, it will even be more helpful if you are able to fully understand yourself and that includes any strengths or weaknesses you have.

I have shared my story with you before about why I came to learn how to operate this website. My message is very simple which is my intent to help other people figure out what they can do to make themselves better.

By overcoming life obstacles and solving problems as they come up, you will know exactly what it means to feel successful.

One Step At A Time In Small Increments

Before I wrap this blog post up I wanted to leave you with a way to achieve all your dreams. There are many people out there that make lots of bold promises.

They may or may not be telling you the truth. It’s one of the biggest reasons that you need to figure out who you are, what you do, what you do it for, who you help and who will help you, and how to tell if you are accomplishing your goals.

That’s the purpose of personal development, to learn how to make good use of your time, to set up the right goals, to plan out how you will accomplish those goals, and then how to evaluate the outcome to tell if it’s the best one.

Many people will try to teach you that they have the best way to do it all. But many people won’t reveal to you the things that I will such as my own beliefs, values, interests, and behaviors so that you can see what I am doing that works well.

This site is my own case study about myself and my life. Do like me and start your own journal or blog so that you can track every step that you take in the pursuit of your dreams.

Thanks for reading this blog post and be sure to ask me anything you like about what I have said here today. Knowing what the future will command you to do is finding your life purpose and following it through to the end.

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