Incredible Strategy For Making Money Online!

Learning How To Think About Making Money

How Much Money Should You Try To Make Per Hour?

The number one concern which makes up all other problems stems around the money you can earn in your lifetime. 

But it’s not a matter of making X amount of dollars in Y amount of years. 

It’s about earning at a pace that you will be capable of enjoying and maintaining until you decide to make a change.

Knowing that every person is capable of earning an amount equal to their own skills, how much effort and willingness will it take to earn what you want?

Also, how does timing factor into when you can earn and whether or not you continue to rely on the same skills for a set duration of time?

Looking at the basic problem which states that most people want to improve their money situation.

What does this tell us about their mindsets and whether they will be capable of doing the work necessary to learn and perform the required skills? 

Two things really, 

  1. At some point they have a desire to put forth more effort but where does it start and end?
  2. The other point is what number will make a person more willing to sacrifice? 

Obviously there is still a third and that is how much money are they used to making (Gross income) and how much money are they really wanting to spend (Net Income)?

*On a scale of difficulty where effort is concerned, we can rate it based on hours expected to be worked for $100. 

That means to make $100,000 you will be working 1000 hours or more in a year. 

The going rates will be based on $10 an hour for the simplest jobs and $1000 an hour for the most complex. 

100 hours will be the quickest rate you will earn $100,000 and at 1000 hours you will be making one million. 

At the minimum or least amount of effort, it will take you 10,000 hours to earn $100,000 and 100,000 hours to earn one million. 

So which skill set will be worth your time to learn so that you can earn money the quickest? 

A go-getter mindset will require you to learn for an extended period of time let’s say 2 years spending 70 percent of your total time learning to perform the most in-demand skills there are. 

This means if you can create content that equals a minimum of $1000 per piece you could earn $100,000 at 100 pieces. 

So if you did 1000 posts you could earn one million dollars where all things stay consistent. 

Based on what we know about the market somethings may earn nothing and others may earn 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x or more than expected. 

But how does this translate into the right mindset in order to stick to a process of creating quality content?

*With all the details in the italicized part, where does a person start and how do they get prepared for the long term strategy?

Let’s assume that you can make one piece of content per hour. That means you could do this in as little as 100 hours of work if you know what to do.

Now, there are going to be other things that come into play here because nobody works 100 hours without taking any breaks.

To even imagine doing so would quite literally lead to fatigue and the content would certainly not be at the highest level of value.

So, we must learn to adjust for these other factors so when we design our best strategies, we don’t miscalculate anything that would harm our mindset.

  1. You have to work on what you believe is possible or else you will be living in an imagined state of awareness.
  2. You must have some idea of how much that is possible for you to learn in a 16-hour time frame.
  3. You must have encouragement along the way from yourself as well as from others.
  4. You must see progress being made or the effort will diminish.
  5. You must convince yourself that it’s possible and that it’s going to become a reality for you at a distant point in the future.
  6. You must understand yourself which includes emotions, reactions, responses, weaknesses, strengths, distractions, thoughts, beliefs, values, morals, principles, and guidelines so that you can make the best choices.
  7. You must follow a strict schedule or else anything gained could be lost or retracted and mean it needs to be repeated.
  8. You must not believe in the lies that other people spread around like it’s a truth.
  9. You must prove everything to yourself by means of doing your own experiments.
  10. You must make use of an advisor or mentor to eliminate any excess time from being wasted.
  11. You must develop the attitude of allowing nothing else to take you away from the desire that you start out having.
  12. You must not allow your body, mind or spirit to be taken for granted so you can maintain and increase your faith and hope.
  13. You must be willing to fail at certain things and recover very quickly from making these mistakes.
  14. You must not guess as far as your experiments, solutions, or beliefs are concerned because being inaccurate can blow up in your face.
  15. You must not exceed your daily tolerance for optimal work, this will not be favorable for you, so don’t do it.

After you are certain of those fifteen rules, it’s up to you to memorize and create further directions for your subconscious mind to obey. 

This may not be as simple as just reading it over and over a few times.

Be prepared to implement them into your daily routine for the next two-plus years, being persistent, patient, and developing consistency is essential.

Follow your dreams and be able to learn one specific area which is in demand and will remain popular for the next several years. 

Beware of trends that will only last a few months because unless you are super quick they will only bring distractions.

Where to go after you have the mindset prepared?

Address any issues you have right now as a part of the learning process. Solve any on-going problems before you attempt to move forward.

This will vary by the person because each of us has lived quite differently over the past however many years you have lived.

Learn what to believe in if that is something that you don’t understand yet for yourself. 

Examples of the right beliefs are to put yourself first at all times, that way you will be able to give back to others, in full afterward.

Understand which situations will arise that will determine the best choices to make. 

There is a reason I mentioned guidelines and it’s because they will be your plan Bs for whenever you need an automatic solution.

Humans don’t have an instruction booklet that shows us the perfect way to live or the best ways to behave. 

Most rules and teachings are merely suggestions which may not work well in each individual case.

To be at your optimal level at all times you must do the experiments and answer the questions yourself to write the booklet about yourself and live to follow it from then on.

Do not accept things as truth without at least asking or challenging it the first time you encounter it. 

This is what turns people into idiots and makes them susceptible to become manipulated by others.

When you want to be the one in control, (and you should want this), it’s going to require you to have self-respect. 

That also means that you will be the one person who leads your own decisions and who stops allowing another person to be in any form of control over you.

This does not mean you refuse to listen to the police or the government, it means that you will challenge what they tell you to do in your own way without resisting the information you have been given.

Non-violent and non-hurtful ways to respond are essential to being true to a positive way of living. 

One thing to mention is that Gandhi was incorrect to starve himself for a protest. It caused harm to himself which is not acceptable at any time.

Do not sacrifice your body, mind, or soul to make a statement toward what somebody else is doing. 

He may have had a very good reason but it still didn’t have to be as extreme as it was to make the point.

Most likely this will not come up because you are going to be working on making yourself the optimized version, which means it’s not likely to be a political matter.

Reason through your beliefs and why you are who you are than decide on the things you want to accomplish because a direction is essential before you can start moving.

Stop, think, and reflect often because you must learn to communicate with yourself at all times. The only way to become unstoppable is to be at peace with yourself.

This means you have to resolve any and all inner conflicts that exist already, will come up in the future and will be there right now interfering with your inner harmony.

Leave nothing up to chance because the process is lengthy but easy once you figure it out one time. 

To do this requires you to solve your own problems and I have written many posts of this very subject under root problems.

Set up your plans to become this invincible being

​To cover this topic I must give you an example based on a story you will want to emulate. 

This will help you shape the images your mind can use to see things as you want them to be in the future.

Most of us have had the thought – what if life is just a dream that somebody else is experiencing and that I am merely a character in. 

How would you go about proving that your life is as real as you need it to be so that you do what is right for your own needs?

First, you honestly have no valid reason to prove that this is the case, I have heard of people using their near-death experiences to see the light and lead a life where they can do anything.

This can happen to you too if you truly want to imagine this world being a dream that you can control. 

Who cares where life comes from when you can learn that you truly are going to overcome your own obstacles.

Dreams may come to an end at any time and there isn’t any way of knowing that you will see it to it’s ending. 

Doesn’t this make you want to do everything that is on your mind to do?

When you know that it’s a scripted life and your problems just add a little bit to the drama, It will all resolve when it’s supposed to. 

Now don’t mistake this fantasy for that of being an immortal, stupidity is very real even in our dreams.

Whenever you need to do something that isn’t possible, you will use your own imagination to dream it up and that happens by teaching yourself a new skill.

The truth about superhuman powers coming from thoughts...

A dream is simply a form of thinking which is represented using symbolism. 

This happens because you are never truly asleep as you will learn when you understand your subconscious mind’s abilities.

Because you are always present and aware of what is happening, you don’t lose any time to sleep as you believe right now. 

That is because you have likely heard of Subliminals and hypnosis, but may not fully understand the use of them.

Which isn’t something to fret about because it’s a pretty simple explanation. 

You distract what you know as your conscious mind and the part of you that is skeptical, logical, rational, and unimaginative.

This is something that every human being alive today can practice using to their own advantages. 

Fear prevents people from learning the truths, but fear is simply an emotion just like sadness, anger, and joy.

By understanding the reasons that your subconscious mind is sending you these messages, you will gain further understanding of the actions that lead you in the right and wrong directions.

Don’t assume everyone is happy for the same reason and don’t assume everyone is sad for the same reason. 

These may appear to be similar because our minds are designed to be that way to share information.

The thing about your emotions is that they are unique to you the same as you have a fingerprint and leave an impression on objects. 

So when you try to understand yourself based on what somebody else is telling you about their life, you are taking things into consideration that don’t truly work.

The truth about working with an expert isn’t that they will be able to do the work for you. It’s not up to them to understand you that much, it’s your role to do that.

They will simply allow you to move in a pace and direction best suited for you to follow a similar path that they have either done or read enough about others doing, to take an educated guess at.

When you achieve the information you are looking for it’s stored in your mind and you can continue moving forward. 

When you don’t gather that correctly, it will stall your momentum and then asking for help is the only solution for you.

Understanding information is one of the superpowers you have and it’s at a certain level before you become better at using it. 

The same thing will happen with making observations, asking questions, trusting sources, developing predictions, and eventually choosing the ultimate plans for yourself.

What many people misunderstand about themselves is that they can only learn to do something to a point or a limit. 

Within your mind, you are going to find that there isn’t a limited amount of space.

You can level up a skill until it’s possible to become the best or the only one to be capable of doing it. 

This is what you see with Olympians and world record holders.

They have certainly done enough to lead the way in obtaining the record at any given time but all things will be broken over time. 

That has been proven ever since life as we know it began.

Your thoughts are unlimited as is your potential to become whatever you can dream about becoming. 

You don’t have to limit anything about yourself to follow exactly what somebody else has done.

This belief, all by itself, is a super precious idea that you can take on if you know how to learn. 

The limitations which you have learned about come because of the information available.

That means until somebody understands a resource better than currently, it’s up in the air for anyone to become the first. 

You can be the first to make anything happen and convince others to believe you just by knowing more about it than is known.

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