Importance Of Belief Systems – 10 Incredible Tips

Importance Of Belief Systems

Your entire life depends on what you believe and what you haven’t learned yet. But all too often these things are taken for granted and instead of knowing the importance of belief systems, you find people repeating the dumbest things.

I want to make sure you fully understand how you benefit from a system of beliefs that will help you discover the truth about who you are. This isn’t a difficult journey to make when you find out certain key bits of information.

In this post, I will cover the ten incredible tips that will allow you change into the person you really need to become. I hope that you appreciate just how valuable this information is.

This can be the difference between you becoming a millionaire or staying stuck in a dead end job you hate. Of course, there are no guarantees in life and that you will need to make sure you do everything to the best of your ability to make things happen for you.

As you may or may not know, I have had my share of ups and downs in life. Most of them were because I failed to understand these very tips I am going to be sharing with you.

When you see how the world that you live in isn’t that big of a deal, you can adjust the way you look at things to take the most important steps possible to become incredibly successful.

This isn’t going to be a make money online topic, but it’s certainly going to include things that you can use to your advantage that most other people don’t understand.

So if your ready let’s get started and open up your mind to what the truth is about the world all around you.

10 incredible tips you must have in your belief systems

Importance Of Belief Systems

It’s that powerful, that I say you must have these things because if you don’t, then you will continue to stay just like everyone else. That means you will be settling for things that are way below your true potential and that will continue to make you feel unworthy.

1) Believe that everyone else is wrong! – Right off the bat, it’s very important that you understand that so many people out there listen to what is being told to them without ever looking for the truth themselves.

Why do you do this and how is this happening so often? Let’s first take a look at the people who raised you, and notice all the different things that they don’t know about.

Does it strike you as odd that you have believed them without ever challenging the reasons to why they think they are right? When you ask something and get told because I said so this means that you have probably been lied to.

What does this mean for your current belief system? Do you think that there may just be a few things that you continue to believe that isn’t in your best interest to actually hold onto?

Now think about who it was that taught them to you, did they happen to know everything from their own experience or did they most likely also just go with the popular opinions?

See the point here is that unless you have gotten your own hands dirty and looked something up, done something firsthand, or even watched somebody else prove that it’s true.

You’re only left with a possibility of it being true or false. The fact that no human being is perfect should immediately make you wonder who has gotten something wrong, who hasn’t noticed a mistake, and who else believed something based on a lie or a mistake.

Also, do you fully understand what a theory is? It’s an educated guess at best that is believed by one person at first. It then goes into circulation where other people decide it’s relevancy.

This of course never makes it a fact, or makes it completely rational and you are stuck having to decide as well what you think based on what other people think without looking at the same evidence as it happened.

Your perception needs to change

Now to answer the question about why does this matter? Because beliefs are just really opinions that other people have and that you get taught. So you may not be fully trained to understand something or even given the chance to challenge anything.

Why on earth can you assume it’s relevant in your life? If everyone on this planet has a different set of values, a different set of beliefs and different dreams or thoughts on what success means, then how can you really make sure it’s meant for you to believe?

Remember that unless you challenge the beliefs of others, you may be believing in something that is false or that isn’t meaningful at all to you.

Importance Of Belief Systems2) 3 ways that you learn something quickly – What I am talking about here are the three methods that our brains use to immediately accept something as true whether it’s real or not.

This means that you don’t have to think about it or that it doesn’t matter how logical it is. You simply believe it because it doesn’t have to go through your conscious thoughts to be a belief.

a) From a trusted source like a parent, teacher, mentor, religious leader, or anyone else you have put on a pedestal.

b) Through the process of hypnosis.

c) When your conscious mind is distracted

How is this possible you may wonder? Because your conscious mind isn’t the real boss of you. It’s merely a servant that you possess which can assist you by making rational or logical decisions.

Everything else that happens is the result of what your subconscious mind allows you to do. This means that when you refuse to listen to your emotions, your sub mind can get pissed off at you,

When that happens you start to feel things like anger, sadness, frustration, jealousy, tired, confused, anxious, or depressed. Wow right, that means that by doing the wrong things I am hurting myself based on what my sub mind is trying to tell me.

Now I am confused about what I can actually do to keep this from happening? That will be covered later on, for now, I just want you to understand the role of these things.

Importance Of Belief Systems3) The danger of self-fulfilling prophecy – Because your beliefs are very important to what you actually do when you believe the wrong things or listen to the wrong people you will end up doing quite a lot of damage to yourself as a consequence.

This shouldn’t be handled lightly because the more that it happens the bigger the hole that you dig yourself to climb out of. You know what happens when people say they hit “rock bottom?”

That means they have gone in the completely wrong direction and are so far away from where they have dreamt of ending up. This is the place you end up when you have zero hope left and will have to make a choice whether you kill yourself or change everything.

I thought I hit rock bottom once and didn’t bother to listen to what my sub mind was saying. This meant I continued to make matters worse until I fell even further down beneath what I had thought rock bottom was.

Drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, and other crap will help you fall further faster than anything else. All that stuff really does is trick you into believing you are happy. They stimulate some pleasure in your brain that feels great until it doesn’t.

What the self-fulfilling prophecy really means is that you believe that you’re not worthy. That you are actually worthless so that everything you do isn’t gonna make a difference what so ever.

Stop settling for less then your true potential

You have stumbled upon a trap where nothing can get better until you figure out why you feel worthless. But there are these distractions which I wrote above that make you believe you are living true to yourself because it feels really good.

Anyway the more you believe that you are worthless, the more you end up doing that proves it. All of a sudden you wake up one morning with no money, no place to live, nobody around you who loves you and start to think OMG.

What have I done to myself all these years? This all started with something that happened to you long ago because these are rooted in your beliefs from childhood. Figuring out the truth is the only thing that can save you because you have nothing left to hope for.

Importance Of Belief Systems4) False beliefs happen in every area of your life – This means that you have them in your relationships, about your career, about your health, about your family, friends, possessions, about your education, about your understanding of the world, about yourself, and about religion.

Because nobody is immune these can be tiny little things that grow from the most reliable sources that you have.

Once a seed gets planted and goes unnoticed it will grow up every time you get reminded of it.

Or to say it another way these seeds get planted by a thought, a suggestion, something you have read or watched, and for every reinforced encounter you have, it becomes more painful or powerful.

Your fears start out as these tiny seeds, the places you don’t want to go, the people you don’t want to be around.

5) Research everything yourself and answer your own questions – It’s fine if you want to get help to figure out where you can get started but understand that somebody else is just giving you evidence that they think is right.

They can’t always prove why things are the way that they say they are and it’s best if you figure out the path that brings your own evidence. That way you will be able to prove it to yourself every time you need to.

Keep your notebooks close by, keep a journal, create a website or several, and write down all your thoughts, ideas, examples, proof, and everything else you think is important.

Your conscious mind isn't as powerful as you think

The best way to live your life is the way that proves to yourself you can do anything. Remember that people don’t like to leave their comfort zones, that people get influenced by money, that people don’t tell the truth.

Why on earth would you want to go through life believing people that are like this? You’re only as capable as your abilities allow you to be and if you aren’t sure how to do your own research then start to learn how.

I will let you know a secret, I create each of the posts that I do because it’s one more way for me to reinforce the things I want to keep strong. For a belief to be kept you will need to work on making it stronger every chance you have.

Importance Of Belief Systems

6) Train yourself for your goals – For anyone that doesn’t already make practice a part of their routine, you need to start doing it for everything that you value.

This means that you have to do things often, you have to practice things over and over, and you have to track your progress all the time.

Here is a question for you, do you happen to know what your life purpose is? Do you have a list of things you feel passionate about or do you just let things happen and hope for the best?

Here is some bad news for you if you don’t plan for things, you will not achieve your dreams if you don’t take the proper steps to know what they are. When you rely on somebody else to give you motivation or to influence what you decide to do it’s not that helpful.

You have to stop doubting yourself and know you can succeed

Do you know why? Because it’s helpful to that other person’s goals, it’s them making progress to get closer to the things they want to achieve. And it’s also possible that it’s a complete waste of time for you if you don’t know why you want to copy what they are doing.

Here is another piece of bad news, you can’t just take the steps that somebody else has taken because things are always changing and this also means that you will have different risks, different costs, and different obstacles.

Everything you decide to do needs to come from your sub mind and that happens when you have the right set of beliefs that you can build super strong.

Importance Of Belief Systems

7) Seeds I mentioned earlier – These are the things that you will hear other people saying about life, about you, about themselves, about religion, about money, about the planet, about animals, about politics, about every single thing you can think about.

These are both good or bad depending on what they are but when they infiltrate your mind and become your false beliefs they are most dangerous.

Unfortunately, this can occur from the most trusted sources and include businesses, mentors, coaches, gurus, popes, political leaders, religious leaders, and everything else that you know will never be perfect.

When you believe you can, you will succeed

I hope you don’t start to become terrified of these things because they are actually pretty simple to stop. Whenever you hear something that you don’t know for certain is true, do research on it.

Just don’t let it stick in your thoughts because it will likely be reinforced by anyone who doesn’t know what a seed is or who isn’t working on their own belief systems.

They are certainly nothing to be fearful of and when you get more experienced at identifying them you will know they aren’t that big of a challenge.

Use the CBT process that I mentioned in another post and you will have all the tools you need to work through a false belief or a seed.

Importance Of Belief Systems

8) Believe in yourself no matter what – This one shouldn’t be that difficult to understand and I thought about including it earlier. Instead, I will mention it here because when you start to realize that you are really the only person you can trust it may lead you to think the wrong things.

What I mean here is that of course, you want to teach yourself to be self-supporting, self-sufficient, and to do everything that is most important to your life purpose and goals.

But this doesn’t mean that you should only trust yourself, in fact, there will be plenty of other people that follow these same guidelines in their own lives.

Do your own research and prove things that you believe

The trick is to learn how to find the like-minded people that you can benefit from knowing and to limit your exposure to other types of people who are unable to help you as you make progress.

What this doesn’t mean is that you will turn your back on your current friends or family and only look exclusively for like-minded people. It just means that you will want to keep things in mind before you blindly take somebody else’s word.

By believing in yourself stronger than everything else it will allow you to consistently maintain your motivation and not get sidetracked by other distracting situations.

Importance Of Belief Systems

9) 4 ways that beliefs affect your behavior – This one is really kinda it’s own thing but I think it’s really important to include here because it can impact your life in some major ways.

  1. Beliefs can limit your potential – This means that when you are not that serious about what you believe you can damage every aspect of your life by not looking for the harmful ones. Why? Because false beliefs can make you indecisive or prevent you from taking the actions you need to take. Let’s say that a kid is taught that they won’t be able to do everything that wants to do in their life. When that child grows up and is forced to accept a job they may pick one because they understand that it’s impossible to get everything you want. So this job limits the time they have to spend with their family. Had they not believed this harmful advice, they could have found a great job that didn’t make them choose one or the other.
  2. Your beliefs restrict what information you hear – Plain and simple here because when you don’t have the same beliefs there are going to be times you likely won’t even listen to somebody else’s arguments. Your internal filter will just refuse to let that information exist in your mind. This is one challenge you will need to understand because having an open mind sometimes isn’t enough to actually listen to other people effectively. This is why persuading somebody can be very difficult and lead to frustrations, even when you have done all the work and make the better case you get told to go take a hike.
  3. Your beliefs are your reality – Part of that reality is that you believe things that aren’t real or that come from your own imagination. This can be tricky because the sub-mind doesn’t distinguish a movie from what has really occurred in your life. Anytime you build a routine around watching things or reading things that aren’t helpful you take the risk of not knowing if it really happened or not. This is no different for you than from anyone else so it’s another big challenge when you are trying to figure out what will be best for your plans.
  4. Build your self-confidence as high as you can – This one should be pretty obvious because what happens is that you will have a choice to believe what somebody else is trying to persuade you to do or to figure out that you already know what is best and persuade them. It’s likely going to be easier to persuade others when you are the more confident and the person who is the quickest to be able to show proof of why you’re this way. Also, when you have more confidence it’s much simpler to convince yourself that you are right about things.

Importance Of Belief Systems

10) Beliefs give you control of your life – I have written a few posts already about control that you can read whenever you get the chance. What I am referring to here is that without having the right set up, you will not be able to plan things accordingly.

Not only that but you will keep scratching your head every time that you have a new question because you haven’t learned just how important it is to know things.

Your assignment is to start looking at your life now and then make a list of everything that you want and another list of everything you don’t want.

This is the first step you need to take after admitting to yourself that you need to change what you believe in. Don’t expect this to be a quick list because you will want to follow the tips I give you.

Once you have gotten that list done, come back here and look for my next post about what you need to do with those lists. I hope you now realize the importance of belief systems and that these 10 incredible tips are going to be a game changer in your life.

For any questions, comments, or thoughts please leave them below and let me know how things are going or if you need anything that I haven’t written yet.

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How are things going with you? My name is Eric and I am owner and operator of Overcome Life Obstacles. My main goal with this website is to provide answers to anyone who was like me and got lost or stuck in their lives. While you are here I wanted to make sure you check out my click herewhich is where I got my start in affiliate marketing as well as with self-improvement.

4 thoughts on “Importance Of Belief Systems – 10 Incredible Tips”

  1. I am glad you found the tips useful and hope that you continue to challenge things before you start to believe anything that somebody says. This is the most important reason to go back over your belief system every so often. That will allow you to double check and see that everything is how it will help you the most. Thanks for your comment and I appreciate you taking the time to let me know this.

  2. Eric
    You have given me a lot to think about with these tips. I have never been in the mindset of believing that I could only do what others said I could do. I have made my own trail for most of my life. The people that bring you up (mostly parents) have the greatest influence on how you live your life. I left home at 17 and never looked back, boy did my 20’s suck. I have used several of your tips in my life to get where I am today, thanks for the information to help me on my way.

  3. Yes, and unfortunately it’s why so many people struggle to become something other than their false beliefs. Not knowing what it means to live a life that isn’t somebody else’s dream. Or that gives them a chance to actually find out what will mean happiness and fulfillment. The most important part of each of us is to is to understand why we believe what we do. And design belief systems to lead us to develop into the person we wanted to become as young children. Thanks for your comment and let me know if you need anything to help understand yours.

  4. It is so true that we strongly believe, without doubt, those things that the people closest to us tell us. A couple of huge examples would be about religion and of course politics. I was raised with firm beliefs, to a particular way such as Christian and to a certain political party. I was told how to vote, what to think, etc. Now that I am older, I take the time to do my research like you say, and come to my own conclusion. When I think about it, I think my family’s family was raised to think a certain way. No one ever questions why we should think the way we do LOL.

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