I Believe I Can Change For The Better! – The Complete Walk-Through

I Believe I Can Change For The Better! This is going to be the start of something truly amazing.

What was or what is making you want to make a change in the way you live your life?  

I was stuck myself and unsure of what needed to happen. That was my initial reason for creating this website. The first title of the site was overcoming my shyness, but to me, that was too specific for the purpose I had.

When I started to think about what overcoming my shyness truly meant to me it was about doing things in spite of considering myself a cautious person. The solution to shyness for me was to look into what it really was all about.

That meant I had to find out what having the courage or becoming brave meant. When I started to learn even more about how to gain in that area it was apparent that everything I was already doing was a part of the lessons I needed to be learning.

What that became was how to solve my problems so I decided to learn more about what that means. The process I discovered I named, overcome life obstacles because that was what I had been avoiding that I believed created my shyness and awkwardness.

So that is what this site is all about, overcoming life obstacles so that I can be everything which I was lacking before.

Understand Your Cores And Skills

Core Values

1) Money Made By Helping People Solve Problems

2) Happiness Gained By Keeping The Promises That I Make To Myself

3) Knowledge And Learning To Do Things That Will Increase My Value

4) Gratitude For The Lessons I Have Learned, The Skills I Have Gained, And The Tools I Now Know How To Use

5) Willingness To Keep Trying Things Which Lead To The Best Solutions

Core Beliefs

1) I believe that I am capable of doing anything that I put my mind into doing.

2) I believe I will not fail as long as I am willing to keep trying.

3) I believe that I am very intelligent and can do more things well than poorly.

4) I believe helping others is the solution to helping myself gain happiness.

5) I believe that trial and error is necessary for me to grow my skills into strengths.


1) I learn things quickly

2) I can write well enough

3) I can train myself to do things better

4) I can overcome any adversity

5) I can teach others by examples


1) Connecting With Others

2) Patience

3) Focus

4) Organization

5) Asking for help

What are your wants? Dreams? Strong Desires?

In order to come up with life goals, you will first need to identify all the things you truly want out of life. To do this you will need to work things into categories.

An example is to think in terms of career, personal life, home life, family life, friendships, health, mental health, skills, and anything else you want to break life down into.

Here are some of the ones that I came up with:

1) I want to make a lot of money, or at least enough so that I don’t have to worry about buying the things that I will enjoy and that will train me to be the person I so badly wish to become.

That’s a good start but it’s pretty vague because a lot of money could be different amounts. There will certainly need to be more research done to figure out what a comfortable level of income will be.

In order to start setting a realistic goal like a thousand dollars a month or build my site up to a point that it’s making 100 dollars a week to start out.

Reason: I know that money will open the door to the possibility for me to achieve the life that I dream of.

How do I know this? – Money will help me change my lifestyle and empower me to take the right actions or make the right choices that take me from dreaming to doing. Or to say this another way, Money allows me to continue learning better skills, allows me to learn more important information, and will give me the tools I desire to learn to accomplish more in life.

Are there any other ways to achieve this without more money? – In the beginning, there is only one way to grow the skills necessary for the levels that are required. That is to practice and develop my strengths to a master level of performance.

Once you are confident that your skills are up to par, you will need to test them out to be certain that your belief in your skill is actually the truth. When you know for a fact that they are, you can exchange your work for assistance from other people as a barter.

Ultimately to gain the most control over your progress you will need to perform work for money.

2) I want to have a place to live that isn’t occupied by other people so I can have privacy and not feel worried that somebody will overhear or interrupt what I am working on doing.

Reason: To be in complete control over any distractions, it’s essential to have a place that is not swarming with them. Right now there are many distractions that I can control but that isn’t the case with a shared residence.

How Do I Know This? – Experience has shown me time and again that I stop working when I am interrupted by a person entering or passing through the room I am working in. I dislike the feeling that somebody is eavesdropping, looking over my shoulder, or judging me based on what I am in the process of doing.

Are there any other ways to achieve this without having your own place? – I have tried many times to deal with these problems and it’s my belief that it will just be the easiest way to remove the problem by changing my residence.

Maybe through more tolerance, hypnosis, and planning, I could eventually become comfortable enough doing things that it won’t affect me anymore. But there is also a need here to experience and enjoy more freedom so it’s best to solve this problem this way instead.

3) I want to make a website that helps other people who have struggled with the same kind of life or problems that I have had to work to overcome.

Reason: Throughout my life, I have been in search of a purpose and to understand the reason I have been through all of the struggles that I have had.

How do I know this? – It’s my belief now that it was something that was building me to be able to withstand a great deal of pain so that I would know exactly how each thing feels.

That experience has shown me just how powerful and capable that all human beings truly are. So because of that I know it’s just a matter of trying your best before you become capable of making the transformations yourself to improve the situations that cause you to suffer unnecessarily.

Are there any other ways to achieve this? – Yes besides working on the website overcome life obstacles it’s my plan to create courses, books, tutorials and more that will assist in the learning process.

4) I would like to gain the skills to work for myself and not need to work for another person unless it’s a service where I set the price up front.

Reason: I have been learning a lot of wonderful ways to become an entrepreneur and because of this information I have realized that working for somebody else is just a complete waste of time.

How do I know this? – I have been the witness to many people who are stuck living paycheck to paycheck without any hope left of a life that is different. This to me seems like the worst possible way to spend the little time that we have in our life. I was an alcoholic for over 15 years and that was another way that I have already wasted too much time.

Moving forward I no longer have the time to spend starting from square one and it’s simply a matter of time before my health takes a turn for the worst. In the case that it does turn bad quickly I need to be able to go after things that are a bigger risk with a bigger payoff than an hourly wage can offer me.

Are there any other ways to achieve this? – None that I have found which work so it’s better to grow into an expert and help people so that I can hope to become an influencer who empowers other people to transform their own lives by my example.

5) I want the freedom to know that I won’t be expected to be somebody different than who I am. That means I have my own unique identity which is something I have struggled to figure out since before I can remember.

Reason: I have spent the last 39 years behaving and acting like somebody else. It’s time that I learn the truth about myself and discover all the things that I am truly capable of doing.

How do I know this? – When life has been full of suffering and misery, the only way to change yourself is to go back through each part and figure out what is useful and what isn’t. Any problems that have existed for any amount of time must be found and eliminated so that I can know that there isn’t anything to fear.

It’s through this process of finding the correct evidence that I will be able to unleash the best version of myself which I know that I am more than capable of doing.

Are there any other ways to achieve this? – Nope, it’s a long term strategy that must be worked on like it’s a choice between life or death. For me, it’s true that without a transformation I will no doubt end up back in the shambles that I found myself while I was drinking heavily.

6) I want to have fun things to do and not have to feel like I am wasting my time when I want to play a video game, watch a show on tv, or do something that isn’t for a specific purpose besides enjoying time by myself.

Reason: Life is about having fun doing something that you love to do. When it’s not working out to be what you had expected as a young child, there is a definite problem within that is preventing you from the life of your dreams.

How do I know this? – I have spent a lot of time trying to have fun without having a purpose. It doesn’t last nor does it work well because life isn’t all about having fun and then dying. Life is about a search for answers that when you are able to discover the truth you will gain an enormous amount of excitement from.

This happens because you convince yourself that you can be exactly what you dreamt of becoming when you were uninfluenced by the false beliefs of a society that is completely misguided.

Are there any other ways to achieve this? – It is my opinion that you will not have fun unless you are convinced that you have found a purpose. Whatever that maybe it’s going to bring you excitement because you will not be able to do it without having fun.

The part that gets confusing is that many people are taught to believe in a process that is clearly broken. We get an education that doesn’t cater to the individual until it’s too late to stop what you’re already doing.

Only the bravest humans are able to open their minds and discover what they are really meant to do, and it’s more important that you know how to discover this in your life than it is to listen to the opinions of other people.

7) I want to be understood to the point where I don’t need to explain why I want to go home sooner than anyone else, why it’s not fun to be surrounded by people every waking hour and that I am going to slowly change.

Reason: I feel that what I say gets overlooked by many people who are closed minded. Call it a pet peeve but I generally do not like to waste my energy just to hear myself talk.

How do I know this? – I have tried to reach out before and to do things the way that other people expect to have things done. It’s obvious to me that it doesn’t work and to anyone who can conduct a simple poll or quiz.

This really has a lot more to do with being seen as an important and unique individual who has a right to behave in any way that they see fit. As long as it’s not breaking any laws or anything that is considered taboo and morally wrong to do so.

Being understood as a human being should be a basic right that everyone has in their lives.

Are there any other ways to achieve this? – It’s the same thing no matter how many different ways you want to look at it.

8) I want to stop feeling like I am living on eggshells and have a real purpose, a set of guidelines to follow, and a routine that I control either to follow or change because the time works best for me.

Reason: Call it cowardice or call it anything else I know that I need to be able to handle my own problems as they come up and to stop trying to avoid the things that have stood in my way for too long.

How do I know this? – Past experiences have shown me that avoiding things only causes them to continue to do more damage to you on the inside. One problem that was small at one time, (like a student loan) can grow and build interest over time to become a gigantic amount of debt that lingers over your head.

Are there any other ways to achieve this? – It doesn’t matter as long as you can learn to face your problems and to start becoming better at handling each situation that you will find yourself in. Confidence in your skills, courage to face your life obstacles, and compassion to understand how you impact the lives of others will make you a better person.

In the end, you need to understand yourself enough so that you can plan to lead a fulfilling life which will allow you to die without a single regret. That to me is the ultimate way to experience life through helping others and being able to ask for help yourself when it’s necessary.

What would you like to avoid from happening or from happening again?

1) I dislike being afraid to do things like a “Normal” person. I define normal as being able to act confidently, courageously, and keep my reactions controlled. Uncertainty, Fear of the Unknown, Rejection

Reason: I don’t like being afraid, it’s not a good way to go through life wondering if something will work out or not.

How do I know this? – Because I have been hiding from my problems for most of my life thinking that they will be unable to harm me if I don’t acknowledge them.

Are there any other ways to achieve this? – It’s only possible to do it the one way. That means gaining the information that is necessary to make the best decisions instead of looking for ways to escape.

2) I dislike not having any money and the feeling of being broke or stuck in a place where It’s difficult to obtain, earn, go out, experience, learn, and have fun.

Reason: When I feel that I am unable to experience life on my own terms it makes me feel bad about myself.

How do I know this? – This has been the way my life has gone since I was a child. The feeling that I was not capable of getting each thing that I wanted and being told that it’s not going to happen when I try.

Are there any other ways to achieve this? – Yeah, most are illegal and will harm other people. Or it involves beating the odds against winning a massive amount of money from the lottery or different source.

3) I dislike feeling bad, feeling mad, feeling confused, feeling frustrated, feeling ashamed, feeling guilty, and feeling unloved.

Reason: Negative feelings are brought on because they are meant to make a change happen.

4) I hate depression

Reason: Depression happens when you experience too many disappointments, failures, mistakes and start to become hopeless that things will change in the future.

5) I hate anxiety

Reason: Anxiety is the way your mind sends you a signal after you have ignored its other messages. It’s like experiencing a punishment while another punishment is already happening since you refused to listen to the correct advice.

6) I hate not understanding something or feeling like I am not deserving of the same things as I see others getting.

Reason: I start to think that things will not happen for me because I am not intelligent enough or that I have missed the point of the information that was showing me how to make things happen.

7) I want to stop the lack of sleep, the smoking, the coffee obsession, the craving for a drink of alcohol.

Reason: Bad habits are things I wish to change about myself but there are doubts that I can make the changes which are needed.

8) I want to avoid the hurt and pain of feeling unaccepted by people.

Reason: I am trying to live to please other people instead of trying to please myself only.

9) I want to avoid being alone and feeling lonely.

Reason: I fear being rejected by a woman for not being exactly what they were looking for in a mate.

10) I want to avoid feeling like I am worthless, feeling like a failure, feeling like I am not good enough or wanting to die.

Reason: I am afraid that I will fail to figure out how to love myself. This plagues my thoughts because of the previous things mentioned above.

What would it mean to you to solve or realize your dreams?

I don’t honestly have the words to describe how I would feel when I am actually capable of crossing those things off my lists. Right now it seems like a false reality to believe that I could change into the very thing I desire being.

Just thinking about having a new life where I am not isolated and being able to have the money to experience what this world is really all about seems like something you only find on television.

I know that it’s possible and that I will get everything that I want because I am strong, I am brave, and I will not give up until I die or get what I want!

What are your goals or the things you can learn today that will change your life?

What is important to you? Which new skills do you want to get? Which achievements would make you happier? Do you have any unfulfilled dreams which you are now ready to accomplish? Do you want to move ahead to the next stage in your career? Do you want to get a better job?

The first step is to define goals that are really important to you. It can be something related to your career, but also something that will enrich or improve your personal life (like lose weight, start a new hobby/activity or learn a new language).

1) Learn to make graphics

2) Learn to make videos

3) Find affiliate products that will be useful to use in gaining these new skills or living a better life.

4) Write reviews, create an ebook, make videos that promote those products.

5) Read lot’s of other blog posts, learn more, take more actions.

6) Do a few things each week that are first time experiences.

7) Ask for help a few times each week or ask questions for others to answer.

8) Create quizzes or take quizzes to track progress.

9) Write more often, find new topics, expand on original articles.

10) Start pinning things to Pinterest.

Pick one and start working on it so that you can master it. Look to see if there is something you can do right away that will help in many other aspects of your life and give you more confidence, more skills, and more courage.

For motivation look at the way, it will feel when you can brag to yourself about mastering that one goal. How much better off will you be when you start to work on the next goal?

Create a time to get it done by so that you don’t waste time and that will encourage you to work hard each day to get better.

What opportunities or threats will be in the path of your goal?

Do you have any bad habits like procrastination, complaining, starting and stopping frequently that will make you miss the deadline or lead to some sort of self-sabotage?

What motivates you the most?

Do you have a tendency to believe in healing yourself to achieve the feelings you desire? Do you believe that money is the truest reward for your hard work? Or is there another factor that will get you to keep working towards your goals that is quite different than what you had expected?

Looking at the values, what truly excites you the most? Money, happiness, knowledge, gratitude or a desire to keep improving yourself? Typically it will include all of these things because you want to be certain you are going to end up with each value you know you deserve.

But in what amount and what way will you know it’s enough? Earning a few dollars certainly will feel good but is there a specific number you wish to reach?

Being happy is something that occurs all the time but doesn’t last forever, when do you believe it will be enough to stick?

Knowledge is something that grows or dwindles as time goes by and therefore is either going to be something specific or having a certain skill set that’s proven to work.

Gratitude is one of those things you either practice or you don’t, but do you know how often you will be thankful or is there something you want to be specifically thankful to have experienced?

Improving yourself is possible as long as you keep identifying the shortcomings or weaknesses. But there must be a way to figure out what you want to be capable of improving to be certain you will achieve this.

When do you know you have achieved the very things you are looking for?

Imagine meeting a genie who would grant you one wish today and it could be anything. The only requirement that is asked of you is to give this some real thought before you come back with an answer.

What would you ask the genie for above all other things?

Some choices to ponder are:

  • Immortality – You would be able to live until the end of the world or until you have had enough of what life is all about. You control your health and get to decide if you get sick, if you contract any diseases, and if you want to have any surgeries done. ( You won’t be able to control how you age, what you look like as you age, how well your body and organs function if, at all, you also don’t get to control the pain you experience or the pleasure.)
  • A Large Sum Of Money – You can certainly wish to be a billionaire or to obtain a giant sum of money all at one time. There is no limit to how much but it has to come from somewhere and isn’t just created especially for you. That means whatever the amount you ask for is removed from what is available for anyone else to earn.
  • Unlimited knowledge – You will be the sole owner of the universes knowledge base, there isn’t a single thing you won’t be able to answer. With that huge amount of information comes a huge burden since you are able to solve any problem that has been searched for and is still unknown.
  • Peace and Harmony – With your single wish you could end all pain, misery, suffering, war, crime, bullying, and harm in the universe. When people no longer have any problems everyone will be left in a constant state of indifference. There is no more struggle, there is no more passion.
  • Rule the World – You have the possibility that you could be in control of the earth and all of its human inhabitants. People will obey you without questioning whether you are doing something good or bad. What you won’t have is enough knowledge to understand everyone’s needs and there will be massive amounts of suffering, starvation, illnesses, diseases, and conflicts which rise up that you must decide on how to handle.
  • Time Travel – You could wish for a jump into the future or a move into the past to anytime you like. The only requirement is that the earth must exist but that will be an unknown factor for you. You aren’t able to take anything with you and when you arrive you will be naked with your appearance altered to fit in with the time change.
  • Trade lives with anyone – The person who you exchange with will not know of what has happened but they will be taken to the exact time you made this request. Once you do this you will be transformed into a baby on the day that they were born seconds before it happens. This means you will need to grow up in their place but they will immediately be you at the time you made this choice one second after.

I hope that you get the idea that things may be wished for that don’t exactly turn out to be problem free. Those are merely examples to get you to think about what you would choose if you got only one wish.

You will be granted that one wish so it has to be something you have a true burning desire to become. Otherwise, you will likely be stuck in a situation that you have no idea how to handle.

This is the type of mindset you must learn to understand so that your values, beliefs, and desires are your opportunity to determine something tremendous.

Once you know what that one thing is, you will start to tear it down to see how it would be possible to become. Before that point comes, you must know that this motivation will come because you desire it.

How do you set the burning desire to achieve it?

In order to really learn how to get that wish into your vision, you must take advantage of the weakness of your mind. That is repetition and it’s useful to flood yourself with the images of the stuff you truly desire.

I am not just talking about going into a store or window shopping for something new, I am talking about making it your obsession. That means you plan each activity so that you set reminders to do it multiple times each and every day.

A vision board is one thing you can use, a slideshow is another. I prefer making short videos that cover several different things that I need to soak up like a sponge, this means you will be able to program it into your mind and it’s going to happen sooner than later.

To do this you write down the description, you search for an image or create one that stands for that description, you promise yourself you will be doing this for a time period of at least 90 days, you create your videos, slideshows, reminders, and then put them in areas you will use often.

How To Create The Sense Of Urgency To Gain It?

You can create a sense of urgency for any of the steps you want to take for anything you desire. To do this you must make a challenge that will seem difficult enough that it may fail.

When you have that lingering thought that it’s possible you will miss your opportunity to achieve it, you can then create the consequence that will happen when you fail or when you succeed.

Combine Burning Desire and Sense of Urgency to achieve all your Dreams!

Step one – Brainstorm what it is you want

Step two – Write a very detailed description of that desire

Step three – Create or find an image/symbol that will represent it

Step four – Understand your reasons for wanting to gain it

Step five – Make it difficult so that you decide to work on it often

Step six – Set a deadline so that you must not miss that exact specification or it’s gone for good

Step seven – Motivate yourself even more by including other people into your challenge

Step eight – Increase your skills at every chance you get to make the steps easier to reach it

Step nine – Ask anyone you know that can help you to do so

Step ten – Offer other incentives to assist you with this goal

Step eleven – Be certain you allow yourself time to reduce your stress levels and practice relaxation so that you can focus

Step thirteen – Repeat for anything you want to desire more than you do right now.

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How are things going with you? My name is Eric and I am owner and operator of Overcome Life Obstacles. My main goal with this website is to provide answers to anyone who was like me and got lost or stuck in their lives. While you are here I wanted to make sure you check out my click herewhich is where I got my start in affiliate marketing as well as with self-improvement.

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