Hypnotherapy for social anxiety, social phobia and shyness

Let’s just say curiosity got me into trying this new approach to social anxiety. There is just something incredibly Hypnotherapy For Social Anxiety, Social Phobia, And Shyness

fascinating when I think about hypnosis or the subconscious mind.

The relaxation of meditation plus the focused affirmation type suggestions gives me hope that I can find some amount of usefulness with it.

Hypnotherapy for social anxiety, social phobia, and shyness not only causes me to get excited but it also gives me a chance to gain in the areas of self-confidence and self-esteem all at the same time.

Keep in mind this is new so there is no guarantee that it will work for everyone.

In this article, my goal is to take a look at what it actually involves and answer any questions about how long it could take to start seeing results.

HypnoTherapy does it work for social anxiety?

90-95{002cebbb9982bb452b7f35ba8a1ec40e802a4e49a9f04bce8c9af9df955e9923} of our mind consists of our subconsciousness, this means by trying varying methods of teaching our subconscious we can see changes right away.

There are people who are far better candidates and get hypnotized quickly, so this will involve patience to start working on anyone who isn’t highly suggestible.

You can gain an advantage by learning to meditate and by listening to audio self-hypnosis tapes beforehand.  Get familiar with how to relax your mind and body so that you won’t be fighting against the idea the entire duration.

The recommended times for listening to audio files is morning right after waking up and night right before bed. These are the best times for your brain to visualize.image saying "Get familiar with how to relax your mind and body"

Also, it’s very helpful if you learn how to meditate so you can calm your inner voice prior to starting the hypnosis audio. Makes the time seem to fly by when you are not talking to yourself the entire time.

Another helpful tip is that you must have an open mind before doing this. There is nothing that can be achieved when you think of it as stupid or that it won’t work.

We all know that self-fulfilling mumbo jumbo we repeat to ourselves is just another way to complain about something. When you complain your mind is incapable of going against your self-talk.

This is why I recommend you also take the time to start to form your own belief system. The more you know yourself ahead of time the better anyway.

There is absolutely a series of questions you need to go over either by journaling or by discussing with a therapist. Certainly, you won’t understand how far you get or what progress you make if you are just half-assing it.image saying "helpful tip is that you must have an open mind before doing this"

How long does hypnotherapy for social anxiety take?

This will depend on you and how much progress or lack of progress you make. From the courses I have looked at, they are set up for 6 weeks to eighteen months.

Obviously, it will depend on many factors as well, including:

  • Sessions of one-on-one counseling
  • The effort you actually put in (1-3x per day)
  • Your level of suggestion
  • How much work you do beforehand
  • What environment you are in
  • Strong or weak desire to change
  • Underlying mental illnesses
  • Expectations you have

Just to name a few of them and give you an idea of things. The audio versions can be 20-30mins and the one on one session 30 mins to an hour.

People will have mixed ideas about how many times to do this or when to do it. If you stick to a routine and really let yourself accept it as a method which can work, you’ll get the very most out it.Hypnotherapy For Social Anxiety, Social Phobia, And Shyness

What is the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a state of consciousness and our ability to change it easily or not. While hypnotherapy is a session with a therapist who guides you through and teaches you self-hypnosis.

After that, you factor in the therapist and that person’s level of training and you will start to see things completely different. Even the rapport between you and the person who guides you matters.

For the purpose of this article let’s just say it’s the actual involvement a therapist has in the process will determine the difference.

Hypnotists can be anyone and a hypnotherapist must have proper amounts of training and hours involved in that training.

Be sure to check the qualifications before you sign up for either program.image saying "stick to a routine and accept hypnosis works for social anxiety"

Exposure therapy and how that impacts us

Sometime during this process, you are gonna want to test the results and to do this you will need to be exposed to your fears. Extreme fears will likely be the hardest to convince yourself into facing.

That is where hypnosis makes the biggest impact. Instead of just visualizing your fear and yourself face to face, you will likely be shown a real image of it right after a session.

This will help you to gradually see that it is nothing worth the fear and anxiety you previously had.

This is also where things can go horribly wrong since you start with a weak image and work your way into an actual face to face real life situation.

People who don’t have the right involvement are likely to do more damage to themselves then to be helped. Be sure you are actually getting better and that is something only you can answer.image saying "hypnotherapy is a session with a therapist who guides you"

What you need to know about hypnotherapy, hypnosis, meditation, and visualizations

My last point is to make sure you understand what each of these is. Visualizing is where you create the image in your Hypnotherapy For Social Anxiety, Social Phobia, And Shyness

mind and with your eyes closed can see it, smell it, follow it’s movements in detail.

But it takes practice to start to gain the most detail in your visualizations. Don’t worry if you are unable to see things in great detail right away.

This helps your mind understand it and focus on letting you go after it. Meditation is about relaxation and getting yourself in a highly relaxed state of mind and body.

During meditation, you are able to be open to suggestions same as hypnosis but it’s your voice that is being heard. There are also guided meditations that will run in the background and be from another person.

Hypnosis is the minds state and it’s called a trance where you are highly susceptive to hearing and listening to suggestions. Not to get too technical but awareness is the beta state of trance.

Alpha is where you go into hypnosis and for deeper trances or stage type hypnosis it’s borderline with theta. Theta means your body is asleep and your mind is able to alternate between sleep and awareness.

Unlike meditation where your normal state of suggestion is just elevated a bit. Hypnotherapy is when you are committed to going through the entire process of understanding your fears and what is holding you back.

This can be done with regression which is where you are taken back to a past experience or experiences. This can only be done with a therapist who must have the proper training.

Reviewing what we have learned about hypnotherapy and hypnosis

All four of these are very helpful in understanding and improving ourselves.

Hypnotherapy for social anxiety, social phobia and shyness is new and will work differently for everyone. The best thing you can do is be open to it and be ready for changes to be made.image saying "self hypnosis and hypnotherapy will remove fear and anxiety"

Don’t try to fool yourself into saying it will work for you if you don’t fully believe that is the case. It’s recommended that you leave your expectations in your past and look forward to your achievements.

This will mean that instead of expecting immediate results you go into everything knowing you will be successful and it will happen only if you spend the time and energy to make it happen.


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