Hypnosis Downloads – 5 Benefits That Change Lives

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Have you considered the benefits you can gain from including self-hypnosis into your daily routine?

I have and am so glad that I stopped trying to find reasons that it wouldn’t work for me.

Let me share a story with you about my journey and discovery.Woman In Trance State

For the longest time, I had wanted to try hypnosis and was aware of the hypnosis downloads that are online.

As tempted as I could get I kept telling myself it wouldn’t work.

As usual, my mind kept thinking of an experience I had in college where a stage hypnotist came and put on a show.

I wanted to be among the people chosen and went along with everything that man suggested.

Well, like a lot of people in the audience, I was disappointed that I was unable to enter a deep enough trance state.

Instead of being one of the chosen I felt like the world was simply against me because even wanting to be hypnotized still wasn’t meant for me.

Fast forward almost twenty years and having lost hope about certain things working to improve my life, I stumbled upon a site named Hypnosis Live.

I did what a lot of people do, downloaded the freebie and started listening to it thinking that I would be able to tell if it was working or not right away.

Anyways, so after a few tries of listening to the audio, I stopped because I was also new to meditation and I felt like that was the best way to go.

Recently after seeing how wonderful I was doing with meditation, I remembered that audio I still had on my computer. So I decided this time I would schedule it as a part of my daily routine.

Setting up my computer to alert me every night 30 minutes before bed, I began to listen to it again. This time I had made sure I would gain the benefits I so badly wanted.Changing your mindset will make a huge difference

What I did prior to starting back up was to research everything I found on trances, self-hypnosis, creative thinking, open-mindedness, hypnotherapy, even going over the similarities between the mind during meditation and self-hypnosis.

This increased my confidence to a point that I knew there would only be a ten percent chance of it not working. Why am I telling you this?

I want to share with everyone how much growth I gained in a couple of short months by using both meditation and hypnosis to overhaul my life in ways that I am glad I gave it a second chance.

Hypnosis Downloads

How can you benefit from hypnosis downloads?

This is going to be hard to believe because it’s amazing what you can train your mind to do once you start to work on it. I had my doubts that it would ever be possible to remove the cravings I had for alcohol.

The more I learned about myself, the easier it got to focus on things that had nothing to do with drinking.

There is no reason for me to go back over that again here. That’s the past and I am grateful I found a way to eliminate it from my life. Today what matters is knowing what the benefits are when you are open-minded.

Just going from a mindset of I can’t do anything, to one that says I am capable of everything, is a strange thing to do when you have spent decades assuming that it’s pointless to try.

I never imagined that the wants or dreams I had would be possible to achieve. You hear stories of amazing things happening to other people. But not for you, because nobody has lived your life or knows your family, right?

Which ironically is the way that will mess you up from taking the needed actions. Having that type of mindset limits you and prevents you from finding the best solutions which are out there.Don't just assume something has no value

The research and the experiments that I started to do on myself when I began this site are life-changing. I will share the why’s later near the end, but right now I want to share the benefits gained by learning to practice self-hypnosis.

Five benefits gained from self-hypnosis

#1) You’ll experience a new desire – When you realize that it’s up to you to make a change, you make hypnosis possible because you stop looking for flaws. I learned with mindfulness meditation that so many of my thoughts came from the way I looked for solutions.

Instead of being open to something new, I was only open to it until I could pick it apart. I was exceptional at finding everything wrong with most products. This leads me to be more willing to consider things I used to assume were junk.

My desire for change became the strongest feeling I had and it gave me the chance to discover amazing ways to help myself even more. Once I found the value in something I also acquired the motivation to keep doing it long enough for it to work.

Hypnosis Downloads

#2) You gain hope and lose despair – I didn’t fully understand what hope meant or was. To me hope was the same thing as making a wish, I would hope for a magical cure to my problem. What I would get is proof that the universe hated me since sitting back wishing for things didn’t make them happen.

That’s not what hope is, it’s not a wish, it’s an action you take. I started to see how being grateful for the things I had opened my mind more to things that brought hope. New ideas that meant I needed to play the main part in it.

Changing from sitting around wishing, to moving toward my purpose gave me hope. I was able to use my achievements to find more strength and motivation. When this became a routine, I saw the universe responding by allowing me to make quicker progress.

Instead of wishing for my life to just end, I know had reasons to jump up and out of bed. The feelings of despair began to be silent, and I was able to hear a new voice encouraging me to keep going.Self-hypnosis change how quickly I was able to make progress

#3) A way to connect the dots – Before I started to experience a new way of living I just tried to do certain things a few times expecting lackluster results. When I changed my purpose and started seeing things as they really are, I learned that there are lots of steps to each part of the solution.

I didn’t need to guess what would work and what wouldn’t anymore because I started to notice how one thing complimented the next. I mention meditation and hypnosis working well in combination. Neither one of them alone did a lot for me without that desire to change, which came from me wanting to know myself.

By connecting the dots in your life, you will begin to see things working and your capabilities increasing the more you allow yourself to try. When one thing works okay, and the next one is the same, try doing them both together and see if your results don’t both double up.

The more I strung together the more amazed I kept getting. Journal, gratitude, positive thinking, meditation, self-hypnosis, and more. All of them are important but alone they won’t give you the same benefits that you will experience when you are using them together.

Hypnosis Downloads

#4) Learning what you’re passionate about –  It’s easy to think you have found what you’re passionate about, and it’s easy to be tricked by your mind. This is the same process as learning from mistakes, you have to try many different ways to solve your problem until a lightbulb goes on above your head.

I had a completely different website when I first started working online. That one got boring really quickly but taught me the lessons that became my knowledge. From my understanding of why that site was boring, I started working in a different area, that leads me to yet another before I found the purpose that got me to be passionate about this site.

Free Hypnosis Download

Self-hypnosis, when I got started, was the same thing. It wasn’t until I took it seriously that it worked and I could feel it. Know what you want and then find the self-hypnosis product that will be right for you. After you do that your life will be full of passion and the happiness you want will become possible.

It’s always a great idea to create a plan before you just jump into something. When I was trying to do random things, I got less than desirable results. When I began to take things seriously and scheduled myself to do them often, I saw much better results then I had even expected.

Even if you can’t be passionate when you first start out, make sure you leave yourself room to grow and find your passion. That way you can come up with the right plan for you and it will make things go far better than a random approach.

Hypnosis Downloads

#5) An Identity that feels right – For me, this one is a monumental one, because if you have spent almost three decades trying to understand yourself and it never made sense. Then you will understand how frustrated I had gotten.

When everything you do leads you to feel stuck, bored, and uncertain why there is no joy, things look bleak. I know how it feels when you just want to say enough is enough and need to find one reason to keep trying. I describe the feelings that started to change me as “goosebump” feelings because I only get them once in a great while.

To me, that happens when something you are doing or saying hits you where you can’t describe the impact. Once I was able to accept myself for the person I knew I was, self-hypnosis allowed me to gain confidence, skills, and make the changes that I knew were needed.Finding your passion is important but so is the journey to discover it

There are a lot of different audios and downloads available and most will do a decent job. What I found that really makes the biggest impact is trust. The main reason I recommend the hypnosis live audios is because I came across all the right information that gave me goosebumps.

That didn’t happen with any of the others, they all just seemed like yeah, these are other options. It told me there had to be something special and unique here and that lead me to believe in them even more. Part of discovering your identity is finding the right feelings when you are doing things.

Nobody is going to keep doing something that feels like it’s not for them. I encourage you to try things and make sure it feels right for you as well. The last thing I want for you is to encourage something that will give you any resentments.

Hypnosis Downloads

Hypnosis downloads fit like a piece of the puzzle

Before I continue there was a point that I didn’t know how great I was going to start feeling, there was a point that I still was a little bit hesitant to write this kind of a post.

I needed to be sure that the way I started to feel was a result of the additional step I was taking. I stopped listening to the audio for a month and kept doing everything else.

Now it would be a lie to say I stopped improving. After all, the first pieces of the puzzle came from blogging, journaling, writing creatively, learning to ask myself questions daily, being grateful, and being self-aware with mindfulness meditations.

I was also doing more research, working on e-books, taking lot’s of notes and just spending more time being social. But once the self-hypnosis audio was removed it’s like I could tell how slow my pace had gotten.Finding things that feel right will help you discover who you are

Perhaps it was more about the timing of the stoppage then about what I stopped doing. But the fact is it got slower, and when I obtained a new download, things picked right back up again and I felt the progress was back the way I wanted it.

You can try it any way you want but I just needed to let you know about my experiences. I will still recommend above everything else that you get started on a journal and go through all the get to know yourself questions you can think about.

That for me was the only way I was able to see my flawed thinking and track just how often I was being self-destroying. You can choose to meditate, do yoga, sit in silence, or just track your thoughts more often and start to change them from negatives to positives.

Hypnosis Downloads

Self-hypnosis is that X-factor

For me, it was the thing that sped up my progress and started making a snail-like process go twice as fast. Go through all my blogs and see what all I have actually done, that way you know that when I say you will save time it means you really will save time.

Give each task the time it needs to see results and that means 21-264 days. Use a schedule, build good habits, and train your mind to start helping you instead of harming you.

Fear is one thing that self-hypnosis can help you get passed, but there is any number of other things that it will also help you with.

Just be sure to track your progress and take the time to ask yourself where you really want to see the results first. That will determine what you will start with.Give everything new a chance before you dismiss it completely

I pick areas that I can make stronger so that I don’t just have weaknesses that are struggling to become strengths. Anyways, get yourself signed up to this site and give these hypnosis downloads a try for yourself.

There is a freebie you can pick once you go to the site and they will give a money back guarantee up to five different audios, that way you can get one that will help you the most.

Be sure to ask questions before you start, that is after all the best way to figure out where your biggest problem area lies. Don’t be impatient, make sure you give things the needed time and effort so that you don’t sabotage yourself.

Why does everything actually work out the way that I have said? It’s due to that mindset you are changing when you can wake up and tell yourself today is the day I will aim for greatness.

Get You Free Hypnosis Download Here


You set things up to happen that way. When you look at hypnosis downloads that same way, the chance for results goes up exponentially. Just remind yourself that everything is meant to work for you and is there to help you out when you allow it.

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How are things going with you? My name is Eric and I am owner and operator of Overcome Life Obstacles. My main goal with this website is to provide answers to anyone who was like me and got lost or stuck in their lives. While you are here I wanted to make sure you check out my click herewhich is where I got my start in affiliate marketing as well as with self-improvement.

6 thoughts on “Hypnosis Downloads – 5 Benefits That Change Lives”

  1. Dear Eric,
    This is a fascinating subject. I have never tried this but always wonder how it worked. It sounds like you have received many benefits from it. I will try the free site and see how it goes. After that I will check in. This site was well written and organized, I only hope my site comes out as well as yours. Great job.

  2. When you can learn to relax and slow your mind down so that your thoughts aren’t coming and going rapidly, you will eventually learn to be able to focus yourself on other areas. It’s one reason to continue to learn more about hypnosis, the truth is everyone has it in them to do it but some people just are better at resisting themselves than others.

    Try doing a few sessions and see how things go, if you are unable to follow what the audios are covering it’s okay and it’s normal. At first, everything is a gentle learning experience and you will find yourself being more comfortable as you practice. I will write more about this subject as the blog develops, for now, I just didn’t want anyone to miss out on the chance to start and discover it for themselves.

    That is really the key to doing self-hypnosis because building your relaxation levels will help you learn to just observe yourself and make it a normal everyday type of thing. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us and invite you to do so anytime. Also, let me know how you are progressing.

  3. I have always been interested in hypnosis. I read an article a ways back that went over how you can do self-hypnosis. I am a huge thinker, and I like everything in order, in place….yeah I am a bit OCD. So mind never stops running and I have a hard time relaxing. Not to mention the so many obstacles that just get in the way…keep running thru my head. Anyway, back to the article. I followed some of the suggestions, granted I don’t get to the point where I am hypnotizing myself, BUT I get relaxed, my brain stops working over time and I can just do things like sit in a sauna now without watching the time slowly tick by. So, this will be my next step. I will look into your suggestions and see what might help me. Thanks so much!

  4. I notice things right away now but initially, you should be prepared for 30 days minimum before trying a different one. When used in combination with meditation you will likely see things improving much quicker, but it will depend on the specific goal you have in mind. Things like quit-smoking or breaking other bad habits will obviously be more difficult and should be taken into account.

    One side note is to also keep track of your progress and write anything down that you experience. Let your mind understand what you are looking for ahead of time. The more you can put down on paper or electronically the easier it will be to compare it later on. Let me know which one you get and how it goes. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving this comment and please keep coming back, John.

  5. Eric,
    Self Hypnosis sounds very interesting. I think I will try the freebie and see how it works for me. Looks like if you use this program, it can only help. How long before you see results from this program.

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