How To Visualize Effectively And Get What You Want!

How To Visualize Effectively And Get What You Want!

I want to let you in on a little secret about your mind, which is something that you already do but may not notice. How to visualize effectively and get what you want is the trick you must learn to succeed.

What it is, will sound so simple you may start to wonder why nobody bothered to teach you this before. When you want something you already create an image of it in your mind.

As soon as you start to think, your mind brings up an image of whatever it is you are wanting. This is how you know to go and find it. Before you can have the thought, something has to be triggered like your stomach growling.

A quick scan of your memories will bring up the best choice or a craving for something you like. When you learn to develop more memories of all types of foods, your mind will be able to choose from a lot more options.

This means you will be looking for the best match to achieve your goal. In this case, it’s a goal of making your stomach happy by eating something. There is more to it than just picking from random memories about what you like.

Your mood can play a role in this because you may be feeling like something healthy and not just something that tastes good. In order for you to retrieve the right image, you must learn to be specific and know all the details.

Obviously, there is a better way to use this to your advantage because it’s possible to create these images for everything you desire. Not just for food but for money, skills, languages, and anything else you can imagine.

Did you know that when you do this now, it’s all about the details that you aren’t using? The easiest way to get your mind on the same page as you is to learn to get very specific with what you want.

That means you will need to make an effort to learn and visualize your goals, your dreams, and your problems in high definition. The more precise you are with the details the better it will work for you when you also put in enough practice.

Hopefully, something immediately will pop into your mind right now about a goal you have. This means that when you obsess about something by choice, you will be able to prioritize it in your mind and go after getting it.

But how many details is enough? How many times should you practice? How big can you go before it won’t work? These are the types of questions I will answer for you in this post.

How To Visualize Effectively And Get What You Want!

Visualize the stuff on your lists

How To Visualize Effectively And Get What You Want!

For those of you who have been following along, you will already have a few lists created based on the things you want and the things you want to avoid.

Using both lists to create a third list with your life goals allows you to start writing down the details about how to get them. The key is to start seeing yourself in the right mindset so that you can work with high energy and motivation.

To do this you must be aware of your emotions and the right kind of positive moods you will need to be experiencing as it happens. Obviously, this means you need to understand yourself and how you can relax enough to not lose your focus.

This means you will be able to meditate and clear your mind from everything in order to see your thoughts. This also allows you to experience the exact mood you will be in when you are working toward your goals.

How To Visualize Effectively And Get What You Want!

Before going any further let’s make sure you understand how to meditate. To do it effectively you will want to practice it daily for a minimum of 10 minutes each time. You will be able to set aside that 10 minutes in the morning right after you wake up, in the afternoon when done with lunch, or in the evening ten minutes before bedtime.

The reason these are the best times has to do with your sleep schedule. In the morning after waking up it’s really easy to start fresh without all the thoughts of the day.

After lunch works because you won’t be annoyed by hunger or thirst and it’s generally a time where you will be in a good mood. Before bed, because it’s right before you normally sleep and you should be used to not worrying too much in order to sleep.

When you are able to clear the thoughts enough to relax, let’s just assume you need five minutes to get yourself relaxed. Then you will be able to visualize a life goal you have, but keep in mind to visualize something is to see it in detail.

The difference between doing it sloppy and doing it effectively is to think of the process and each specific part. You don’t just want to see yourself going through the motions, you want to create that experience just like you would see it on the big screen at the movies.

To read more about meditation and how to relax just follow the link to another post I wrote. Here is what you need to realize, when you do this for the first ten, twenty, thirty or more times you may not think you’re doing anything right.

But that is completely how you start to learn, and it’s not a reason to be concerned. It took me a month of practice just to get the relaxation I was expecting and the visualization is something which will become better with more practice.

Visualizing is not the same as a daydream

How To Visualize Effectively And Get What You Want!

When you catch yourself lost in a fantasy world full of whatever you usually experience this isn’t helping you achieve anything. It’s just you in a lack of focus about what is going on in your current environment.

Visualization techniques are practiced along with meditation because you basically force yourself to practice doing them for a specific purpose. That means instead of a mindset where you don’t care, you are doing this because you want your mind to experience the exact process.

Look at it as if you will get what you want but only if you’re able to commit to a routine and practice it seriously for extended time periods or until you achieve the result you’re after.

You will be making the sacrifice of ten minutes for X amount of times in order to gain something very specific. It’s worth the price because it will boost you to new levels in whatever you want.

Seriously anything you can see yourself doing and believe that it will be possible is something you will reach when you do it enough times.

Hypnosis can assist you to become better with visualizations

How To Visualize Effectively And Get What You Want!

Based on how suggestions reach your subconscious mind quickly, you will start to believe you are fantastic when it comes to visualizations. Obviously, it also means that you need to believe in hypnosis and practice doing that before it will work, but when you start increasing your ability with it things will become much easier to do.

Even if you are not sure about hypnosis you can easily convince yourself that it will work well for you when you understand how to search for evidence. That just means taking the time to find testimonials from people thrilled by the results they have already experienced.

I have written a post about the benefits of hypnosis that you can read more about here. But it’s really all about your belief system and the reasons you know what you believe in is the truth.

One of the key reasons that people struggle is because they listen to the dumb suggestions they hear in their daily lives.

That can only be resolved when you learn how to set up your own belief system which will work for you and not against you.

Details and what you need to do for each step

How To Visualize Effectively And Get What You Want!

Now, back to the questions from the beginning. How much can you expect from the details you are using? Or how many details does it require to work well?

To answer that question you will want to write down every single thing you can after you work the goal backward and know the steps to gain it. I talk about goal setting in this article and how you can create smart goals.

Each step you need to take will be the details for that specific event or outcome to happen. Don’t leave anything out but make sure you stay positive when you are describing it.

You want to avoid negative things because the sooner you can eliminate everything bad the better your mind will work to create a clear path for you to take.

How many times should you expect to practice before you achieve any results? It’s going to vary quite a bit based on the number of steps it takes to reach each of your goals.

I wish I could state a specific number that will be when it will happen, but it’s not the way things work. Just remember the bigger you aim the longer it will take to reach a result.

So you can keep yourself in the mindset to practice more, when you understand the value it will have for you when you do achieve it. The more value it has, the bigger your motivation will need to be.

To gain more motivation you want to learn how you gain hope and the benefits of having faith in yourself and your mind. To be clear, you may only have one big dream to go after.

That will mean you need to break it down into many reachable steps in order to eventually achieve each one. And when you do get to that big one you will fully understand how wonderful it is to use.

How to visualize effectively and get what you want, practice by repeating the specific details of each step you need to take. When you are able to learn the process it will become super simple to use to reach as much as you want to reach.

For any questions or comments please write them below and let me know if this is helpful.


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  1. What are the details which will make it a successful launch? Those are the things you need to focus on and visualize. The steps that you can do to get out and gain the courage, the motivation to keep on promoting it and the strength to listen to any feedback that will make it a better product.

  2. This is so true. A lot of coaches will tell this to athletes as well….to visualize the win, the routine, the basket, etc. Visualizing is powerful and I need to start doing this more. Especially now when I have a new product ready to hit the market. So I am going to visualize it being successful and everything that goes with that!

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