How To Stop Being A Coward? 13 Ways To Change

How To Stop Being A Coward?

When you hear the word coward what exactly does that mean to you? For many, it’s a shameful label that gets placed on people who are afraid to take any risks. Or to avoid doing something heroically that would put you in danger.

One of my own problems was that I needed to learn how to stop being a coward? Not because I considered myself one, but because of the way I was living was one of the many descriptions you will find when you look up that word.

So, the biggest part of this is to learn what it means to you, what it means to the rest of us, and then to find out what to do instead or in the place of cowardice.

It’s pretty easy to find out the opposite because that is to learn about courage. That is all most sources will tell you because unless you can understand the person who is not courageous, you will not know the specific solution to stop it.

Now, of course, those people are more likely to be cowards and unable to solve their own problems. That is another reason they couldn’t help you unlike myself who really does know the solution.

Not only do I know of the solution, but I practice doing it on a daily basis. Want proof? You’re already reading part of that just by being inside this post. One of the many reasons I encourage other people to start a journal and a blog is so they can do what I did to overcome some of my fears.

This means that when you put information out in front of uncertainty you are demonstrating a degree of courage, unlike those people who are not doing it. To go even further, I take risks each and every day now to challenge something specific that I was not able to do before.

It goes well beyond just understanding that you need to face your fears because even that says next to nothing to help you. What I intend to show you in this post is exactly what you need to do to solve your problem about acting like a coward.

What is a coward and what isn’t

How To Stop Being A Coward?

There are lot’s of different situations that come up in the course of a day, a week, a month, a year, and so forth.

How you handle yourself is one factor in whether you can be labeled as one or not.

What are the other factors?

These include your thoughts, your emotions, your tone of voice, your body language, your gestures, your language and your actions in the seconds after you have a thought.

Did you know that it actually takes more energy and effort to be a coward then is required to be confident?

The reason I mention confidence is that it’s a part of courage.

You will not be able to handle yourself in a cool, calm, and confident way unless you actually are confident.

Now you can learn everything there is to know about confidence and still be a coward.

The facts don’t change because you didn’t change anything about your thinking as a result.

I know I am supposed to be confident but I still am afraid isn’t likely to get your body to move towards danger.

Here are some things that you want to actually do to change your behavior:

  • Prepare yourself by doing exciting and dangerous activities. There is no substitute for going skydiving and putting yourself through that experience unless you learn to visualize doing it in your mind.
  • Know courageous people so that you can learn how they talk and behave. What do you think will change if you continue to isolate yourself or avoid talking to people? Nothing!
  • Plan for things so that you can instinctively know what your body will do when you think about the danger. Take self-defense classes, learn how to fire a handgun correctly and carry one, learn to practice self-discipline by pushing yourself to the limits of annoyances, test your skills so that you don’t doubt yourself, and practice mindfulness so you know about your surroundings.
  • Learn everything about yourself so you challenge your fears on a daily basis. It doesn’t do any good just to know what fears you have, it’s not going to change unless you can tell them to fuck off.
  • Do that same thing to other people who are cowards – tell them to fix themselves or fuck off because fears are contagious like all emotions. It’s why I encourage people to make friends with anyone that usually scares them at first.
  • Understand what makes you feel inferior, makes you feel anxious or nervous, and what you tell yourself you would never try because it’s not you. Whether you do the activity or not depends on your need to do it. Meaning that if it’s not something that will come up in the course of your lifetime it’s okay to have a few reservations.
  • Learn everything that is needed to achieve your life goals, this will include strengths and weaknesses so that you can find out more about where you avoid going.
  • Stop lying to yourself about things, you are either capable or incapable but at least you know where you stand on it.
  • Stop believing that life is unfair or that you just aren’t as lucky as other people. This means you understand that you are responsible for everything that happens in your life regardless.
  • When you don’t know something write it down and go figure out the answer. Cowards also tend to be lazy people who expect others to do everything for them. Don’t sit back and expect somebody else to be the hero or they will make you look more like a coward.
  • Learn how to take calculated risks so that when you face danger you are certain to win! The biggest fool there is tries to beat something alone that you will kill you when you face it. This leads to the next one which is:
  • Asking for help so that you get the correct answers. Don’t think that you can do everything yourself or that you even have to. Everybody looks for other people to help them, and that’s what makes our world so great!
  • Age is a meaningless number because it’s an excuse for avoidance. There are actually a lot of these excuses that many of you depend on using. Learn when you make an excuse to ask yourself why that is so you can fix your behavior and stop doing it!

How To Stop Being A Coward?

These are just the drop in the bucket to get you started. When you become less of a coward you will start to gain everything you dream of in your life.

One of the biggest obstacles that anyone faces have to do with what they say to themselves about who they are. Stop labeling yourself and learn how to appreciate the things you do well, the things you wish to learn and the things you have already achieved.

No matter what fear you may have, there is a viable solution to removing it, no matter what you currently believe. Don’t be afraid to ask me a question or to get help from somebody when you are unsure of the answer.

The sooner you learn to stop avoiding things, the easier it will become to be brave. Above all don’t be a fool who is afraid of the future, that is the one place you need not fear going.

I will show you how to spit in the face of death so that you no longer even fear to die. Be sure to come back for that one, and remember that how to stop being a coward starts when you start solving your problems.


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How are things going with you? My name is Eric and I am owner and operator of Overcome Life Obstacles. My main goal with this website is to provide answers to anyone who was like me and got lost or stuck in their lives. While you are here I wanted to make sure you check out my click herewhich is where I got my start in affiliate marketing as well as with self-improvement.

2 thoughts on “How To Stop Being A Coward? 13 Ways To Change”

  1. The main take away here is that when you avoid taking on your problems as they come up you will not be as brave as you may think. I am not a fan of the word coward because it implies that you are running away from things at the drop of a hat. But the definition is that you simply don’t leave your comfort zone and because of that you will also develop more fears and phobias the more you avoid those issues. Lack of confidence is one method you need to learn about to start building your courage up to levels high enough because that is the feeling you have you know you are capable of performing the tasks that you want to do. So it’s pretty simple really, gain the skills you need, strengthen those skills, believe that you are very capable of handling any situation that comes up because you have the right skills, then go out and start working through your challenges one by one so that you see progress and your courage levels will skyrocket.

  2. I can’t say if I am a coward or not. I am normally a pretty confident person. When I am talking to people, have to address an issue, give them advice, that sort of thing….I am a huge coward. I don’t like having those types of conversations. Maybe it has to do with my self confidence? Could that play a factor?

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