How To Have A Healthy Mind – 11 Ways To Change

Anxiety, Depression, and Death await anyone who doesn’t take action! A surprising amount of people avoid doing easy How To Have A Healthy Mind

steps to get their thoughts under control.

Neurotic thinking has both High and Low and is designed to be an eye opener for young and old. The purpose is to think about how this can happen and what we need to do to get things back to healthy levels.

How to have a healthy mind knowing that everyone worries and sometimes there is a benefit to the amount we worry. Whether it’s fear-based or brought on by some other emotion, there are lessons to be learned from both examples.

What is an unhealthy Mind and how does neuroticism impact us?

There really are only two ways to describe a person who is neurotic, since everyone is to some degree. That is either high or low, but there are benefits that come by knowing where your stand.

People who worry are at different points on the scale, and most would assume that you want to be low on that scale. However, this isn’t true because there are positive extremes for both.

High neurotics are perceived as worriers about everything and low neurotics only worry about some things. The goal, in reality, is to find a sweet spot in the middle which is neither High nor Low.

But Why?  And How?image that says "how to have a healthy mind doesn't mean we are complication free"

I have put together a list of things to consider when you’re making the transition from one extreme toward the other. This will be the virtue vs vice scale because it really tells us how open a person is to a new experience.

This matters because high neurotics hate new things, while low neurotics love new things. Being middle ground means you worry about only the right things and not about the rest.

Knowing what things are healthy worries and what things are unhealthy will shape our minds towards the middle.

11 steps to change a neurotic mind

  1. Memorize mantras and quotes so that you can change negative thoughts into positive thoughts as soon as you have them.
  2. Practice being mindful because that is the ability to live in the present moment.
  3. Avoid other high neurotic people or other low neurotic people. This is due to the fact high and low are contagious.
  4. Gain the ability to change your moods from bad to good in a moments notice. People who stay in bad moods tend to suffer more than those who snap outta them quickly.
  5. When you think of something bad teach yourself to immediately think of the opposite which is good. Picture it in your mind. When you start to see more good than bad it’s gonna reduce your stress levels.How To Have A Healthy Mind
  6. Attach music to the good things you do. Nothing energizes and takes away unnecessary stress as well as an upbeat sound. If you can play a song that you love it encourages you to smile it’s better then something depressing.
  7. Concentrate on your breathing and any physical feeling so that you can become entranced. The ability to feel what is happening to your mind and body will adjust your outlook on the situation keeping you in the present.
  8. Vision boards that show your successes will encourage you every time you see them. This way you can almost always see what your hard work has led to. Place them anywhere you go to often so it’s near you all the time you need them.
  9. When you start to get a negative thought picture that being destroyed in your mind. Then picture a positive thought growing and becoming stronger. By doing this as a routine you gain strength and lose doubt.
  10. Finding the sweet spots in highs and lows for everything you do.
  11. Willingness to make changes. Identify what your strong and weak at and for each thing try to find a middle ground. i.e. Worrying vs fearlessness middle ground is confidence.

image that says "21 days is minimum required before something becomes a good habit"

Rewarding your self for positive growth

As you notice yourself expanding your goals and accomplishing things, make sure you make a big enough deal about it. A good way to reward the mind is to give it some extra rest or something like a piece of chocolate.

This also works well when your writing if you stimulate your mind a bit more when you finish a post. There will always be things which are particularly hard for you and your emotions.

Having a reward system ready to go will increase the chance that your effort pays off and sticks. You will also notice that memorizing quotes gets easier as you keep reading them and reward yourself when you finish.image that says "you will never find a perfect person or understand perfection"

Health problems Involved with High Neurotics

High neuroses lead to depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. But it also leads to unhealthy habits such as alcohol abuse, smoking, drugs, caffeine, sitting idle, overeating and not getting the nutrients we all need for a healthy being.

People who worry more tend to stay awake or become insomniacs. This should be obvious why it will lead to health issues.

If you have found yourself to be highly neurotic make sure you establish a routine and follow through on it.

Because people who suffer from this don’t like to take action, it’s far more important to push your self to do things which are not ideal.

The brain will always try to keep us comfortable because it’s so much easier than trying to keep up with your goals for improvement.

Be wary of self-sabotage and be quick to talk yourself into things practice the 11 steps over and over until you have adjusted.How To Have A Healthy Mind

Mind, Body, and Emotional Help

It goes beyond the idea of taking small steps especially if you have been stuck for decades in the wrong state of mind.

Get people in your life that not only support you as friends but also who keep you on track with a change of habits.

21-days is the minimum number of days to do something before it ever has a chance to become a good habit.

Write things down and set reminders for everything you need to be doing during each of the days.

Don’t try and do everything all at once because it’s likely to lead to overwhelming resentments.image that says "high neurotics hate new things, low neurotics love them"

There is nothing at all wrong with finding a therapist to help you figure out your weakness.

I encourage everyone to find people who have experience overcoming bad habits.

The more friends who can offer you advice or at least listen to your problems the easier it will be to stay motivated.

Prepare for situations with family

There are some things which can’t be undone, for example having a mother that was a high neurotic.

If this is the case and you need to distance yourself from her as much as possible.

A family is both a blessing and a curse, sometimes we have to remember that they aren’t perfect people either. You will never find a perfect person or understand perfection anyways.

There are myths involved with self-esteem and self-confidence, people are not always better off even if they appear to be on the outside.image that says "our brains always try to comfort us because it's easiest"

I hope you have learned something and are starting to get excited about all things being possible in your life. For any questions or comments please write them below.

How to have a healthy mind doesn’t mean things will be complication free. It’s best to figure out everything you can about where you are weakest so you start working on the most critical parts first.


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6 thoughts on “How To Have A Healthy Mind – 11 Ways To Change”

  1. There is a huge difference between a willingness to change and a passing thought. Many times you will find you like something one minute and are willing, but the next your mind has stepped in and convinced you otherwise. When you get to that crossroad, you will need to jump on this and start as soon as you can so that you not able to back out so easily.

    It’s great to want to have a healthy mind but if you don’t jump on that willingness to do so, you will likely stay stuck the way you already are. I appreciate your comment and hope you continue to share with us.

  2. I love these steps. Out of them all, my favorite is the last one, willingness. Without willingness to change, no one else can help some one suffering from anything that doesn’t bring any good. But when one is determined to change, it’s just a matter of time. When negativities around start to consume my well being, I either resort to a good laugh with friends or go to the beach. Helps me find my way back to positivity and good vibes.

  3. I will stick to mediation, and I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Feel free to do so anytime.

  4. Great post! This issue is huge in our day and age. Coupled with guilt, anxiety and negative thinking can destroy relationships, harm or health. I’ve learned from friends and acquaintances that there’s a kind of spiral effect, and strategies are definitely required to help us break away form habitual thinking patterns. Some good tips here – I’m off to meditate, or maybe just have a beer and look at the ocean. Whatever works!

  5. You mentioned well-balanced life and I agree that it’s a great way to touch on everything you need to be doing in your life. One reason that having a schedule is important to me, too often without it I simply spend too much time doing one thing and not enough on others.

    I appreciate your comment and welcome you to do so anytime.

  6. A very healthy and interesting post. Life is a like a traditional weighing scale, If a person is well balancing his life then he will always have a healthy mind and these 11 points are really helpful for those who are having difficulties in balancing it..

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