How To Design A Funnel That You Can Count On!

How to design a funnel that you can count on!

An Introduction To Funnels
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Step one is to follow this training until it sinks in what to do!

Next, you will want to come up with the right kind of sales pitch so that you spread your own level of enthusiasm. To do that, you might have to practice a little in the beginning.

Be sure you create a page on your website that you can immediately send people to. It’s vital that they see your evidence so that they know completely what you know.

On that page do three things…

1) Mention how they are going to make money with the WA System because it is truly as simple and easy as it gets!

2) Share with them that they only need to do 3 things to start earning some of this available money (create a chart that shows the information for each commission earned from WA).

3) Close them with the idea that this is the reason that so many people are experiencing life changing success. It’s all due to the fact that WA is a complete system that gives you all the tools, training, and evidence you need to promote affiliate products and services to make thousands.

It’s not possible to get any more simplistic because up to this word I have only written 224 of them.

Here Are Some Crucial Numbers!

Wealthy Affiliate offers a two level system for it’s affiliates and members. The first one is the starter membership that costs nothing so that everyone can get started for nothing.

The second level is the premium membership which doubles the earning potential of anyone who upgrades. The reason for the two level system is to keep things from getting compicated.

It’s enough to have to worry about your website and there is just no reason to stack a complex payment system where no one will understand.

Here is a starter membership chart:

The Starter Membership Commissions

Here Is a premium membership chart:

The Wealth Affiliate Premium Commissions

Here is a chart with both levels shown:

Wealthy Affiliate Commissions Chart For Both

As you can see, it’s really a huge benefit for you to upgrade to the premium membership as soon as you’re able to. Not only does it double your earning potential but it unlocks everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

So, remember that link from the very beginning… Well, in order to watch it you will need to be a premium member and it just so happens to explain how to create simple funnels that automate your work.

In Order For You To Create A Successful Funnel…

It needs to consist of a few pieces. A 3 step funnel is the simplest one to design because you always start with the end result.

For our case with Wealthy Affiliate… It really helps if you know what the benefits are. That is due to the fact that anyone who signs up can make their lives more exciting.

Here is a list of benefits from my perspective:

  • Website Builder
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Security
  • Website Support
  • Keyword Tool (Jaaxy)
  • Up-To-Date Training (it gets a makeover all the time to keep up with the current trends).
  • A Live Chat and Help Feature
  • A Set Of Forums Called Classrooms.
  • An Affiliate Program Designed For Ease Of Use
  • Monthly Recurring Commissions
  • A Credit System Where Some Have Cash Value and Others are used as a currency inside Wealthy Affilate for lot’s of things such as the purchase of domains.
  • Member Created Training Which Can Be Published Anytime Day Or Night.
  • A Blogging System so that you can network inside of the community with like-minded Individuals.
  • Live Weekly Webinars From An Expert Who Has Been Making Money Online For Almost Two Decades…
  • So much more that words can’t describe alone… You simply need to join to see how well the community supports one another.

Just based off a couple of those benefits… You can design or come up with a wide assortment of things to include in your funnels.

But remember that often it’s simplicity that wins and it will also require less work on your part to set them up.

This Is All You Have To Do To Earn Money With WA…

Take a minute to sign up with a real email… You are going to want to keep certain emails that I can tell you from experience will be useful later on.

Next, you will want to go through each of the trainings carefully while taking notes. I suggest going through it one time and trying to come up with any questions.

That way you can create your own FAQ for writing a review of WA based on your actual experience.

Since the review is important it will be your first one so be sure to cut yourself some slack and think of it as your opportunity to study how WA works.

The more you learn about WA the better equipped you will be when it comes to promoting things via word of mouth… Most people who join see the value of the platform so be sure to pay attention.

The Training Lessons Themselves Are Keys To Your Success…

Each and every one of them gives you a potential piece of content for your own website… Pay attention to how well Kyle has structured this entire system.

When you can learn from an expert who makes millions online… You start to absorb things much easier…

Now, there is so much in that one video… but keep it mind that it’s just one of hundreds that Jay has made for this platform.

Each and every one of them is also a potential way for you to create something just as good if not better.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you so much more than just a way to create a business… It’s an ongoing education about what works and what doesn’t…

So, join asap and start taking notes, building your network and remember to watch, listen, and replicate what works.

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This has been a quick look at how to design a funnel that you can count on. Be sure to ask any questions down below that you can think of and sign up…

The sooner you join… the sooner you can start to earn your own stack of money…


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