How To Create A To-Do List You Will Actually Follow!

How To Create A To-Do List You Will Actually Follow!

One of my biggest problems has to do with procrastination, I just have a tendency to put things off in the moment and do something else too often.

How to create a to-do list you will actually follow is a set of guidelines to help make sure you gain consistency. Just a quick note about why consistency is essential for getting things done

It’s already been established that to be successful in your life you need to use all the advantages you can. This means doing the things that other people put off or refuse to learn to do that will make them better.

Part of this means you need to follow through with the plans you make regardless of how you’re feeling when it’s time to do them. So, I thought about all the reasons that I put things off and came up with a set of “distractions’ that I am going to use as rewards.

I want you to do this with me so that you can follow along and see how things work out. I have gone ahead and researched how many things should be on the to-do list and five top priorities are the consensus.

This is where my first problem comes into play, what the heck do I think is the most important action to take each day, and why? Looking at seven days and what comes up the most is writing, followed by editing, images, learning, and practice.

What happens when I decide that writing, editing, and images are actually just one thing? I publish an article three days a week and that just so happens to include those three steps.

Sometimes it’s just the editing and adding of images and not about any writing. My mind starts to see other issues getting in the way of things because all of a sudden my to-do list is starting to sound like an already done list.

This happens four days a week because knowing that I can likely do all of that in just an hour or so will create all kinds of free time that I am trying to avoid.

How can I change the way I think to do something regardless of what has already been part of my life? I have already set up this practice into my weekly to-do list and that means I have time to do other things.

Well shit, part of my thinking is wrong and that needs to be changed so that I don’t keep wasting the time I have. That will mean I am in desperate need for other things to start doing.

Encourage Yourself To Make A To-Do With New Things

How To Create A To-Do List You Will Actually Follow!

This immediately tells me I need to focus on learning new things, practicing skills I already know and wish to do better. Right away I think about video creation, researching new products, looking at problems other people are having, reading what other bloggers are writing, and of course practicing my writing, editing, and image utilization.

Looking at my new to do list I discover doing some of those things already as well but this time I learn that I do them less often and not as consistently as I need to.

Hmm, but what about people who have a job and need to do certain things every day without the ability to change it up? Well, this is going to be a decision you are making about your free time and not your responsibilities for others.

I do this site as both a job and in my free time which is why it works so well for me. I really do encourage everyone to start their own blogs because with the right amount of knowledge anyone can turn a website into a money making the endeavor.

Also, it’s an easy way to make a to-do list and capitalize on what free time you already have. Remember that it’s more about creating consistency in your everyday life than it is about the final outcome.

When you are able to build up consistency you are going to become more valuable in everything else you do. This relates well because you are essentially creating good habits and changing from things that waste time and precious resources.

Another question/problem that is bound to come up is how much time should I commit to doing each thing? Early on I would suggest a minimum of fifteen minutes to half an hour because you will want to give it a real effort and not just watch the clock to say you did it.

Some of the things I will set aside to do maybe an hour or even two as long as there are breaks in between any long blocks of time. The last thing you need to do is to start resenting the fact you have no time for fun.

This means that all you will need to start is about 90 minutes of free time so you can do a few activities take a break and spend another half hour to finish strong.

Over time you will switch all of the tasks you are doing up with other things that you want to try and eventually it will show you what you prefer which will make it even easier to commit to.

What doubts, worries or hesitations will a to do list bring about?

How To Create A To-Do List You Will Actually Follow!

Sometimes you will become ill and not actually be able to do something like exercise. What can be done about a situation such as that? I have a great solution for when you are sick and that is to practice visualizing the activities for the allotted time.

That way you still get the benefits of doing it without having to leave your bed. Of course, it will be up to you to make sure it’s actually done with the best of your ability, and this will become necessary because you can build up your self-respect by following through with that promise.

What about getting into an accident or becoming late and missing the time slotted for actions? In those types of situations you will spend as much time as you can to make it up at your earliest convenience, but as a bare minimum do something so that you get to keep your promise to yourself.

In cases that are bizarre just use your best judgments, knowing that these are for your benefits will hopefully keep you wanting to continue taking the necessary steps to achieve them each time.

When you fall off or become doubtful that it’s working you will need to understand your reasons behind starting them. One of the many benefits of using a journal is so you can explore any possibilities.

Everyone has some doubts, worries, and hesitations but what truly will make you stand out from the crowd is knowing what is going to drive you toward success.

Lacking the information in that regards will make it impossible to start in the first place. So do your best to pinpoint each reason you have for making a to-do list.

I remind myself often that I don’t want to relapse and end up back in my old behavior. For me, it will possibly lead to my death or damaging another person’s life which I do not want to do.

An Excellent Benefit Of A To Do List Is That “You Decide”

How To Create A To-Do List You Will Actually Follow!

You alone are in control and that is why it’s so useful to help you see what kind of power you consist of. It’s also going to show you where you are weakest at and allow you to grow in those areas.

All of this has more to do with pursuing your dreams and finding a life purpose that will transform you and the level of happiness you experience.

When all is said and done you are the only person that can impact your moods and honestly things won’t change unless you truly desire them to change.

For me, this is going to help me get things done which I know need to be done and to eliminate the need for distractions to continue filling my mind with troubling thoughts.

Anyone else can use the same motivations and reassure themselves that the only difficult part is to get yourself started. Afterwards, you get better at doing each thing and it’s when any rewards you set up will happen.

So make trade-offs that will keep you going forward and if you have less time do fewer priorities. But make sure you do something and keep doing it daily so that you eventually get to see results and that will build your confidence to do other things later on.

One secret I wanna bring up is that I started writing journal entries where I asked myself a question and while elaborating on it I figure out it may also work as a blog post.

You can also figure out other uses for things you start to do that you didn’t know before you started. This happens when you are willing to keep an open mind and commit to being consistent in things.

Talking yourself into doing it will be easier than you think

How To Create A To-Do List You Will Actually Follow!

Knowing your reasons is wonderful in its own way, but so is understanding how it’s going to make you a better person. Whenever you feel like it’s a struggle to keep going show yourself the images of what you want in the end.

Hopefully, you know what I am talking about because I mentioned visualizations earlier. But in case you don’t quite have that information let me share with you what I mean.

You can do a search or browse and find anything you want as a motivator. The one thing about any image is that you know the description or are able to write one for it.

That will lead you to a solid snapshot in your mind which you can bring from your memory to refresh the desire you have to obtain it. You can use a vision board and place those images where ever you will see them often.

By keeping the things you desire close to you it will remind you of your reasons and will benefit you in digging deep for the endurance to continue going for it.

You can also use a symbol of an object that means a lot to you, get it tattooed, make a ring of it, a necklace, a drawing you keep in your pocket or any other creative way you figure out to have it with you at all times.

Doing that will make sure you always have what you want to be represented in a way to be useful. Make a story about that object which you can share with your friends, family, strangers or anyone that may help you reach your goals.

This is easy, this is simple, and this is how you gain motivation when you feel like you have none. Don’t underestimate the power that your dreams have in your life because as soon as you do they will be gone for good.

Remember what you have read here

A to-do list isn’t just something you casually come up with to use once and get rid of, it’s more powerful than you think. The real point of one is to allow you to learn to do other useful skills that you don’t already make a priority to do.

This will improve your life and give you more fire in the belly to pursue bigger dreams. When you can see any results it will reinforce the effort you are willing to invest in yourself.

Over time it will blossom into a magnificent symbol of your true desires and your need to become more. That is how you figure out what kind of passion you are meant to pursue as your life’s purpose and it’s simplified all from just what you didn’t think about before.

For any comments or questions please share those below and I hope you have enjoyed this look at how to create a to-do list that you will actually follow!

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