How To Control What Others Do!

How can you take control of what another person does? Or influence what they see and hear?

Well, in how to control what others do, we will be covering a couple of key things.

  • The first one examines the questions.
  • The second one will cover the perspective of the issues.
  • And the third one takes a look at the skill you will want to develop.

With these three things in mind… We can begin by setting up the mindset.

Don’t be too hard on yourself is what most people tell us…

But the problem is that we don’t hear ourselves as they do. So, we need to be assertive and ask them… Can you give me any examples?

I am serious… When you don’t seek evidence for a problem… You can only be kept inside your own little world and that means…

I never knew what I believed about control until this happened! 

Which was when I started to seek the best answers to what was preventing my life from getting better.

But before you go running around asking other people to point out your behaviors… Ask yourself some getting to know yourself questions such as these:

Questions about yourself:

Do you think you are confident, clever, pretty, ugly? All of these things relate to your perspective…

Are you good at your job, a good parent, an interesting and loveable partner? You can learn to do anything!

Do you see judgment and criticism in yourself? The opposite of criticism is self-understanding…

Do you think you are better than everyone else? Guess what… It’s likely that everyone could pick out your faults, flaws, and weaknesses…

Do you feel worthy of love and happiness?

You absolutely should, since the entire purpose of life is to find people to love.

That is only possible when you understand who you are and then love yourself first.

Questions about others:

Do you think others are luckier than you? Helpful hint, there is no such thing as luck… Persistence destroys that concept.

Does everyone else always have it easier than you? Tip: It’s their job to make things appear easier then they are.

Are they smarter than you? Goal: What do you do that they don’t even know about…

Questions about the world:

Do you use words like ‘everyone’ and ‘no-one?’ Understand how these are positives and negatives… Then find the truths.

Do you see the world as just a mass of people or recognize the variety that exists? The keyword here is to recognize the value in each person, business, and situation.

Do you see only the ugliness or the beauty in the world? People see flaws because they have low self-worth. People see beauty when they learn to love all aspects of life.

Do you see the good actions of people alongside any bad ones? Realistic views of life or also known as duality.

The reason that you want to be so nosey into what other people witness is that it’s a fantastic skill to develop.

Learn To Be An Investigator And Your Entire World Gets Much Better!

I believe that science is for (blank)…?

I know that other people are really great because (of blank)…?

I can tell that there is a lot more to learn because (blank, blank, and blank)…?

An assumption is a belief that we hold onto that doesn’t really connect to any evidence.

Perhaps you witness an authority figure doing something that seems fun.

You overhear their words and that sticks inside of your mind as truth.

When you don’t search for what it really means…

You continue to allow for it to interfere

or guide you forever or until you change it with intent.

Once you understand how your beliefs are easily formed…

The next step is to learn how they grow stronger and weaker. Well, that is going to lead you straight into the world of evidence which is also known as research.

Finding the best of the best sources to prove the information you know… Is going to help you with every single aspect of your life.

Not only does it supercharge your abilities… It makes it possible to overcome any adversity you face.

Investigate EveryThing Because Nobody Else Can Do IT For You!

Well, I should probably rephrase that to say… Nobody else will do it for you for free. Since this is a process that involves knowing what each system is for…

It requires some due diligence and patience to locate everything… After that, it’s going to take persistence to organize your findings, prioritize things, and place a value on each piece of info.

Nothing that anyone else does…Is ever as simple and easy as they tell you it is!

Each and every person alive, who has ever lived, and ever will live achieves great things without struggling for their fair share…

Who Is The Best Source Of Information For Each Life Area?

This should be a challenge that you take on because the goal is to identify your values and then find people who have those same things in common with you.

After you have located the people, make lists so that you can attempt to gain relationships with people that are just like them.

Usually, each influencer will have several followers that aren’t gaining enough attention to feel included. This is where they are vulnerable and you can swoop in to see if it’s a good fit.

Of course, you need to actually have found your values before you try this… Otherwise, you will encounter lots of people and start to think about what should happen next…

Only to find out you didn’t think about it ahead of time.

That’s typically a big reason why you can make it through short conversations and feel as if nothing special is going to come of it.

So, knowing what you value helps you to start listing where you stand on different issues.

That is also a good thing to have in the bag of tricks because eventually your values will wear down and you will need other things to step in.

From those beliefs… You base your opinions, and then you take a stance to pursue.

Well, this is typically where people get confused because they haven’t taken the time to study what that cause means as far as taking action will be.

Realize that anything you investigate now gives you the advantage.

That means you will know much more about each issue you have already faced.

When you present that information to others… It changes the way they see you.

As You Can See, We Have Ran The Gauntlet...

Values help to find beliefs that bring up decisions to make.

Once you have to pick one or the other… You can find various people who side with what you do and that leads to someplace unknown.

It’s when the two of you will begin to exchange information to see where you both stand… It’s also known as a starting point.

From each starting position… You decide on a journey to go on… Which creates an adventure that builds excitement and fun.

As long as you both have established some boundaries also known as rules…

You will continue to challenge each other to become better versions of yourself and that can be where you start a business, a community, or even an agency.

With a goal of helping yourselves and others find out what will make the biggest differences…

It’s a fantastic method of trial and error you begin that removes your false beliefs one at a time.

Without those in your way, you are free to inspire others

And that is how you will ultimately control what others do!

Up next – An Introduction To Starting An Online Business…

That will be your platform to expand your reach and tell your adversity story.

Anyway… More will be revealed in the next several posts.

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