How To Calm Your Mind With Hypnosis – 9 Reasons

How To Calm Your Mind With Hypnosis

Sometimes in life, you will notice a tremendous amount of anxiety which gets worse the closer an event gets. This is a very common challenge when you don’t realize that you are conditioning it in yourself.

How to calm your mind with hypnosis will take a look at what you can do about this challenge and how you will be able to easily overcome it.

Think about all that you have in life that needs to get done? Does it ever occur to you that part of the issue is that you are looking at things incorrectly?

To figure out how often this actually happens, take a look at the last thing you were afraid of doing.

What was it that made you so anxious or nervous?

Was there any particular reason that you didn’t think you had the necessary skills to accomplish it?

You should already have a solid foundation of skills set up which you are doing well at.

What typically causes those feelings is when you fail to notice that you have been seeing things from the wrong point of view.

Obviously, this needs to be worked on and there is a simple solution to how to get this to change.

9 Wonderful reasons you need hypnosis

Before you start to get into the reasons, I want to share a story about how things will start to change for the better. Remember that there are several parts involved when you are dealing with a mindset.

These can include your memory, experiences, and how you imagine things will happen. Also known as your ability to predict, and can be good or bad but won’t be known until they actually happen.

Because this is all in your head, it’s important to realize how you play a part in what will happen as a result.

Here is a story about Tim whose boss has asked him to deliver a speech for the investors on a project that Tim manages. Normally this isn’t a big deal because Tim has given several speeches, but recently Tim had been involved in an accident.

There is noticeable scarring on Tims’ face and neck area because there was a fire and Tim acted heroically when he went back into a burning house to grab two children.

Despite all of this selflessness on his part, it’s left him feeling anxious about his appearance. Every day is a battle for him to get dressed because he doesn’t feel the same as he used to.

The confidence which was once there has been burned away in Tims mind. Knowing that he is struggling, he begins to doubt his ability to give the speech and to present everything in an energetic and understandable manner.

In the week leading up to the date of the speech, Tim’s mind is going crazy by playing how bad things will go over and over. Tim is exhausted and looking for an excuse just so he won’t have to give this speech.

How To Calm Your Mind With Hypnosis

What do you think Tim should do in order to get this type of thinking under control?

  1. Tim needs to look at the situation from a different perspective. He isn’t going to be doing himself any favors while he maintains a mindset about everything going badly. Instead, he needs to focus on something that isn’t going to torture his mind leading up to the speech. To change this mindset he needs to spend more time on the speech and to stop thinking about his appearance as an issue. Turning off the internal noise will quickly get him back on track.
  2. In order to gain back his lost confidence, Tim needs to understand that his feelings aren’t important, right now. He knows how to do this and that it’s just a matter of looking at how to give the speech that matters. The investors don’t care what he looks like, they only need to hear what the plan is about going forward and it’s Tims job to present that information. Changing the way he sees himself from victim to hero.
  3. For this speech to be the most effective, Tim needs to change his mind from thinking about himself and to focus solely on the objective. This is something the company needs him to do and it’s going to be great as long as he gives it his best. Strengthen his concentration to perform the necessary task.
  4. Just like Tim, you will want to keep an open mind and become calm in any situation that presents itself. Allowing himself to see the positives instead of the negatives.
  5. Hypnosis will help him to relax and he will be able to visualize it going well even though it’s still uncertain what will actually happen. By practicing this speech ahead of time and seeing things going well, he will reduce the anxiety and bring on a sense of calmness. This allows the focus to change from his issue to what the action is that’s needed. By doing that he will connect the feelings he has when he’s relaxed to the actual event.
  6. Imagination will play a key role because instead of developing a sense of false hope, he can put himself into a comfortable mindset. Taking a few minutes each day to visualize a previous speech that went very well, he can paint that exact picture for the very time and place of this new speech. He gets to practice giving the speech and allows his subconscious mind to believe it’s gone well before he ever does it.
  7. Instead of developing a state of mind where he is sabotaging himself and being uncomfortable, he can now stand up and deliver a speech more confidently than ever before. This removes his doubts and provides more courage.
  8. Hypnosis will create the chance for Tim to develop a trance-like state. Going into the future and then coming back certain that nothing will go poorly because he has already given the speech in his mind and performed well. This allows him to win over the audience with ease.
  9. The benefit that happens when Tim is done, is he gets to strengthen his beliefs to a much higher level now then he has ever had before. Believing that he is the best at what he does will eliminate any insecurity he may have.

Retrain your mind to work positively for you

How To Calm Your Mind With Hypnosis

After looking at the 9 reasons you now have to figure out a way to include this in your life. One of the biggest factors people have when deciding to try hypnosis is due to the fact they just haven’t heard the truth about how great it is.

There is a reason that Hollywood depicts hypnosis in a scary way it’s because they know how strong it is about changing peoples lives. They really don’t want the average person to practice it because it would lead to lower numbers at the box office.

Not to mention that if they portrayed it in a positive and life-changing manner, people would find the movies about it quite boring. There isn’t a dangling watch you need to focus on or a way that you can become stuck in a trance.

There is absolutely no way for a person to do things that they don’t want to because you are present in your mind the entire time. This isn’t brainwashing, but it’s useful in changing the way your subconscious mind works.

That is because you connect with your true beliefs and values and become more aware of what it is you really want to achieve in your life.

Knowing is only a part of the process, you will want to write down goals, have things that become important, and understand the bigger picture so that you can develop a plan to fully utilize hypnosis.

What I like to do for myself is to practice listening to an audio before bedtime. The reason is that it can even help you enjoy your dreams and make them more effective in restoring energy overnight.

You can also do it first thing in the morning or anytime you feel like it to achieve results. The one caution I have about practicing it is that you need to believe it will work for you.

Skeptical people will have a much harder time in allowing themselves to relax and to become calm enough to enter a trance. All that really means is you become focused on the person’s voice you are listening too so that outside noises, your body, and your thoughts are out of your consciousness.

It’s really quite enjoyable and refreshing to practice self-hypnosis and there one other thing I want to mention. All guided meditation is really hypnosis and that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis because it’s all dependent on you being able to control your focus.

How to calm your mind with hypnosis is a great post that will give you a lot of valuable information to share with everyone you know. Also, you will be grateful you came across this post when you begin to practice hypnosis in your daily life as well.

For any questions or comments please ask them below or let me know through email. Let’s all reap the benefits of this wonderful tool and become the best that we can.

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